Daily Inspiration: December 13. Become the Expression of what You Desire to Experience

Today, let us practice paying closer attention to the thoughts we are thinking, that are providing the fuel source for the expression of our experience. Let us begin to notice which thoughts and way of thinking are helping us achieve our desire outcome, and begin to support them more with our time, focus and energy. But, let us also pay very close attention, to what thoughts and way of thinking, we are currently supporting, that is blocking or impeding, our desired outcomes. Remember and be glad, that the fuel that is blocking and impeding your desired outcome resides within you, and thus that you have the power to undo what you have done. Look inward and begin to weed out thoughts, that you are now self-aware enough to know, are not supporting you nor the life you want. Let us ask ourselves: What bounce in our step has bitterness ever brought us? When has our personal scale of justice ever been truly balanced by judging and punishing self or others? What agony in our life has ever been alleviated through anger? How much better has, condemning and thinking negatively about another, ever made you feel or sleep? When has bringing to someone’s life any level of emotional pain ever brought you any type of peace of mind and joy? How much longer must we continue to choose and thus become the delivery device for thoughts of pain over peace, judgment over joy, and anger over forgiveness? When will enough, finally be enough? Today, let us start making sure, that “enough is finally enough.” Today, let us stand strong, steady and resolute, in choosing thoughts of love, forgiveness, peace, joy and compassion, as our constant companions. Today, regardless of how “normal,” “natural,” or “right” the ego insists that we are to judge and condemn another, love, forgiveness, peace, joy and compassion, will become our go to response, what we offer to others, and thus what will become the expression of our experience.

Love is who we in truth are, because Love is our Creator. Anytime we are choosing thoughts that seem to be in opposition to Love, we are choosing to represent who we are not, and thus a lack of fulfillment will be felt. We only choose unloving thoughts when we are allowing the ego and its past programming to think for us. Let us no longer use this type of thinking to keep putting ourselves or others down, instead let us learn to use such thinking, to trigger in us, the desire to start consciously aligning with those thoughts we now know will help bring about the life we want. Most of us, be it on an unconscious level, are creating the expression of what we desire to experience. Many times we think that just because something is defined by the ego as bad, sad, lonely, hard or stressful, that we do not want to experience it. But because our journeys are a sacred co-creation with God, every single step along the way, no matter how challenging it may seem to be, is something that we have asked to experience, in order to help release us from supporting thoughts and beliefs that we no longer want. Why would we not want to experience, something that seemed hard to go through, if our highest-self understands, that it will help us reach the goal we truly want?  If our journey, and every step along it, is designed by The Designer for our greatest good, to help us grow, heal and awaken, then because we are all One, so too is everyone’s else journey as equally helpful and useful to them. Knowing this, why would we ever again want to judge our journey or other people’s journeys? If judgment is no longer of use, then other thoughts that are based on judgment, such as those of anger, anxiousness, stress, hate, resentment and revenge, would also no longer be needed. Imagine, taking out such thoughts, energies and emotions, out of our experience, what would the expression of our life begin to look like?

If Love is our Creator, would it not seem logical that loving thoughts would be our greatest creation tool? If we desire to create like our Creator, and experience Love flowing through us and throughout our day, then let us practice letting go of, and no longer supporting, thinking or using unloving thoughts. Then, let us use that time, to instead support loving thoughts. Love being God and All, is all that is truly real, and thus all that we in truth desire to create through. Love, has numerous expressions, such as those of forgiveness, compassion, peace and joy, and so when we are, in our own unique ways, creating though them, we are accomplishing our mission on this planet. Today, if we find ourselves thinking thoughts that are not aligned with Love, let us remember that thanks to free will, we can return to sanity and thus back to peace of mind and joy. Let us do so by remembering, that it is not the outer environment that dictates the expression our experience, but how we choose to think about it that does. Because our thoughts color the expression of our experience, it is we, not the outer world who hold the key to our peace of mind and joy. Today, let us remember this and take personal responsibility for how we respond to our brothers and sisters, and to this world. If we desire a more loving, forgiving, peaceful, joyful and compassionate world, then it is we, through our thinking, who must birth such a world. What do we truly have to lose, when we make the conscious decision, to think and thus support only loving thoughts, such as those of forgiveness over judgment, compassion over condemnation, and peace over pain? Only the love in us is real, and thus we have nothing real to lose, and everything real to gain.

Today, let us recall that the expression of our experience does not result from what we see, but from how we choose to see it. The thoughts that you are choosing to think about your experience are what color your experience. Thus, if you do not like the world you see, then allow the changing of such a world to begin within you, through the thoughts that you support with your time, focus and energy. You are Love’s creation and are here to create, in your own unique way, through love. When you are creating through Love and its numerous expressions, such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, then you will feel a sense of fulfillment, because in essence, you are doing what you came here to do. Then, let us also be sure to use another of Love’s expressions, gratitude, and thank our brothers and sisters for providing, through their interactions with us, that spark that triggered in us, the memory that we can, in every moment, choose our thoughts, reactions, and thus the expression of our experience.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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I appreciate this!

Love to read your words.

Thank you Stacy for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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