Daily Inspiration: December 20. Awakening Changes Darkness into Light

We, those who once walked in darkness, who judged others and ourselves for it, thanks to the gift of time, can now look back and better understand the totality of our journey as the gift that it was, is and will be. By looking back, we realize that The Light, the choice to align with Love, even in our darkest moments, had always been available to us. Now, with this knowledge in hand, when we look at our current challenges we are comforted, knowing that in any seemingly dark or difficult time, the decision to instead focus on and choose The Light, is always available to us and ours to make. What expression other than comfort and gratitude, could we have, when we recall that The Light is always, in every moment, available to us? Imagine, the peace that you would begin to feel and experience, knowing Love’s Light as always a simple choice away. Now, no matter how crazy and chaotic this world appears to be, no matter how difficult your challenges may seem, you know that The Light and its reflections, such as those of peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness and love, are always right there, within your heart and mind, simply awaiting your request for relief. You, as God’s creation, are forever worthy of the relief, that a conscious alignment with the Mind of God brings. The choice to be relieved of your confusion, of the chaos of the ego’s mindset and world, is always yours to make.  No longer despair, and know that as a child of The Light, it is the clarity and peace of The Light, that is your true desire and destination. The Light, being God and All, is your true nature and essence, who you have come here to be and share. You need not compare yourself to others, for the way that you reflect your light will be unique to you. Be at peace with your unique expression, knowing that as God’s creation, He has co-designed it with you, and with the purpose of helping this world awaken from the ego’s dream.

The awakening and awakened being understands that in every situation or interaction, the choice for The Light exists, and because it does, it makes no sense to focus on and choose the darkness. The awakening and awakened being has recalled that The Light is his truth, his eternal loving essence and nature, and because this light resides within him, it goes wherever he is. When those who are asleep in the darkness, judge him while they sleep, he is not affected by them or their judgments, because he realizes that they are simply dreams that they are dreaming. The awakening and awaken being, has no need to judge nor defense himself against the darkness nor its dreams. The darkness is no longer some monster ready to devour him, but very simply, a sleeping child, God’s beautiful creation, lost, confused and looking for his way back home, back to The Light. No matter how many dark dreams you may have dreamt, nor what you did within those dreams, once you awaken, you will always do so in your Father’s Loving arms. You will awaken in God’s arms, because you have in truth never left His loving embrace. You have simply, for a moment, closed your eyes. In that moment, you have dreamt that you were someone other than love, and somewhere apart from All. Do not despair, you could never be anything other than the Love that God created you to be. Despair nor fear no longer, it is ok and safe to awaken. God’s love and mercy are forever true, and so you will always and only awaken, to what is forever loving, merciful and true. Today, as you choose with Love, you will begin to experience the Heaven on Earth that God created for you to enjoy and share.

Today, as a symbol of our awakening, let us begin to bless and be thankful for everything that we had been programmed by the ego to judge and condemn. Let us remember that, thanks to free will,  in the end, it is always our choice to judge or to forgive, to be in pain or at peace. Today, let us recall that it was only because we experienced the darkness for so long that we finally got tired of its results. We have all slept long enough. There comes a time in everyone’s dream when they get tired of sleeping, and desire to awaken. Rejoice, for if you are reading this now, then that time is now. We are creations of The Light, here to be the light, and light the way for others. Now, when we look back at our life’s journey, we see and reinterpret all those seeming dark moments, and their combined effects on us as actual gifts that we were presenting to ourselves. These times were in our experience, simply to help us realize, that it is aligned with The Light where we truly desire to be and belong. It is when we understand the gifts that reside within the darkness, their true purpose, that we begin to offer gratitude for them instead of judgment, and receive from them peace instead of pain. When we understand darkness’ true purpose, what once bonded and blinded us, has now set us free to truly see all moments as the gifts that they are. Today, our sight is restored. Where we once saw only darkness, we now see the possibility for light. Where we once experienced confusion and suffering, we now experience clarity and healing. Today, let us not acknowledge others’ darkness by judging them,.Instead, let us simply see them as dreaming, and choose to love them, simply because they are Love’s creations.

Today, if darkened thoughts appear before us, let us simply realize that they are symbols of a part of our mind and belief system that remains asleep to its true nature. Let us recall that being creations of The Light, that the choice to align with The Light, in every moment, is available to us. Now, once again aligned with The Light, let us offer whatever expression of The Light that the moment and those in it are calling for. Let us not doubt ourselves, we are all designed to bring light into the darkness. Today, when darkness tries to enter our light, let us not condemn it, but instead see it as simply a call for help and healing. We are here to help our brothers and sisters heal, to awaken the light in them. Through our example, let us offer them a reminder of The Light in them, and that this light is available to them, even when they are finding it too dark to see.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Plz guide me to awaken that light within me . how can I experience being in God’s arms.

Thank you Ratnapriya for being a member of our community.

Practice aligning every thought with the love that God created you to be and you will be representing God, Love on Earth.

Love has numerous expressions such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy. Anytime you share such expressions you are sharing God with others.

Today, when the world demands judgment, offer forgiveness instead. When it calls you to condemn, offer compassion instead. When it insists you must stress out and worry, practice using such instances to develop a deeper trust in God.

The more that youR conscious mind is dedicated to Love, the more that your unconscious mind will seek to be love, to be one with our all-loving Source. Then keep on being only Love until only Love is all you ever think of, see and share.

Peace. JBC

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