Daily Inspiration: December 7. Valuing Free Will Over Our Past Programming

We are Love’s creation. Thus love is who we are. Everything other than Love is simply a fairy tale that we been programmed to see and believe as real. Anything that we believe about ourself or others that is not loving in nature is not true. In every moment, free will offers us the opportunity to choose between a fiction or non-fiction story. In any moment, we can choose between the ego’s delusional fear-based mindset or be in alignment with the mind of God. Being aligned with the ego does not make us bad or not spiritual. It simply shows us that we are asleep to our true nature. All of our suffering and emotional pain comes from believing the ego’s falsehoods as truth. It is our beliefs we need to shift, not the outer world. We need to go from a fear-based mindset to a love-based mindset.

Today, when a thought about the past challenges your peace of mind and joy, use it, but not to put yourself or others down. Instead, let it help you see that you are out of alignment with the mindset you truly want. Then gently change your mind and align and choose from your loving nature. This helps remind you that it is you who has control over your thoughts, and that your thoughts do not have control over you. Today, let us practice through free will returning back to our loving nature. Let us do so by forgiving our misperceptions, the past and future, and returning to the eternal now. Say to yourself: “The past and future can not bother or hurt me unless I choose to focus on them and thus drag them into the present. The past is forever gone, and the future will never be. Nothing can affect me without my permission. The present moment is God’s eternal gift to me. It was gifted to me to create the life I want. In the now thanks to free I will choose to support only those thoughts that help me create the life I want.”

The ego will insist that letting go of and forgiving the past is a very hard thing to do. But ask yourself: Is the carrying of my judgmental thoughts and the burdens of the past that I lug around every day not a harder task than choosing to forgive? Today, when the ego’s past programming tries to convince that you or another is unworthy of forgiveness remind yourself: “We are all God’s children, all forever worthy of His mercy and grace. Today I will use my free will to deny the ego and choose in alignment with the mind go God. When I choose forgiveness over judgment, I choose peace of mind over pain. Today, it is I who take personal responsibility for all the thoughts I think and entertain. By taking responsibility for my thoughts I end the blame I had place on others. In doing so I take back control of my own thoughts. I now only choose compassionate, forgiving, joyful and peaceful thoughts that help me return to the now, the present moment, to my true Home. Now, in charge of my own thoughts the ego can no longer think for me. As the ego can no longer think for me it begins to lose its power over me. Now I know it was I who through my continual judgments imprison myself and others within my own mind. Now I know it is I who through free will can choose forgiveness and thus set myself and all others forever free.” Today, in the present moment we see what a life freed from the burdens of the past and the worries about the future feels like. You, as God’s child are forever worthy of the peace and joy that is God’s inheritance. Today, let us use our free will to once again choose to align with Love and humbly represent God’s mercy and grace on Earth.

Unchaining yourself from your past judgements future worries will not be a one time thing. Its been a lifetime of programming and it will take time and practice to deprogram from the system. Be gentle with yourself. Learn to appreciate your daily victories over the ego’s deceptions. Do not despair, things will get better and easier along the way. Be strong and resolute. Know that God is on your side. Know that he will use all your experiences, the good and the bad for good. Each moment and interaction will help slowly awaken the truth in you. Such a life long program may not be resolved by stopping your judgmental thinking 5 or 6 times. It may take 50 or 60 times a day or week, or even 500 or 600 times a month. It may more than likely last your whole life. But as you practice your peaceful times will extend and your painful times will diminish. Every time you choose forgiveness and release your brothers and sisters you’ll take another step in fulfilling your function as the light of the world. Each time you forgive instead of judge you teach people that peace can in any moment be chosen over pain. After you have forgiven learn to offer your brother and sister your gratitude for their participation in your lesson plan. Then pray for their healing, peace of mind, joy, health and well-being. Pray that they achieve everything they want in life. Pray that God Himself protects them and helps them grow, heal and awaken. In doing so being all One you are reminding yourself that you too are worthy of such blessings. We are all God’s children. Yes, some may forgotten their true nature. Today we will serve them by gently reminding them that God’s mercy and grace are always thanks to free will just a simple choice away.

Today, if a judgmental thought tries to pollute your mind, stop, breathe deeply, and recall that you have free will. You can forgive instead. Using your free will releases you from your attachments to your past programs that have never brought joy to your heart and peace to your mind. No longer allow your past programs to hide the present moment’s gifts from you. In every moment, free will offers you the opportunity to choose love over fear, mercy over judgment, and thus peace of mind over pain. Today, practice using your free will to align with the love, mercy and peace of God. You, as God’s child are forever worthy of God’s love, mercy and peace. And we are all God’s children, all forever worthy of Love’s inheritance. Today, very simply offer everyone what you would like to experience yourself.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (6)

I really want to do as you suggest in this post but my brother is dangerously ill & I’m really struggling to control my mind. I am so stressed & afraid that I need to focus on the present moment, forgiveness & love. I’m really trying very hard but in the next moment all my resolve dissolves away. I am very weak it seems.

Thank you Fiona for your comment.

I am sorry for your brother’s situation.

If you truly desire peace, then there is no need to complain when you are being given by the Universe so many opportunities to practice peace.

If you want to get better at something, then you need to practice that something, and that is what you brother’s gift to you is, the opportunity to keep on practicing peace, forgiveness, love, and a trust in God’s plan over and over and over again until you realized how much these energies are aligned with the truth in you, how much these energies are you.

You, as God’s creation, are forever worthy of peace, forgiveness, love, and trust, be grateful to your brother for helping you practice and rediscover that this what you in reality deserve, and who in truth you are, have always been, and will always be.

Peace. JBC

James, why would God the Father make my brother suffer so horribly just so that I can practice peace? What you say isn’t really making sense to me. I’m sorry.

Your brother co-created his journey with God, I do not know your brother, I have no idea why he, unconscious of it as he may be, has chosen this path. All I know is, that in the end, good will come from it.

Once we, in the end, figure out All the reasons why things happened the way they did, we will understand, and we will accept it and find peace. Yet, we do not have to wait till the end of our journeys to figure out why things happened the way they did. We do not have to wait to the end of our journeys to find peace now. We can start trusting God now, and by doing so start receiving peace now.

Peace. JBC

Thank you James. There is so much that I don’t understand but I keep trying. In truth there is nothing else I can do. Peace to you.

If you want to try something a little more concrete to try to assist you, try the following:

1 – Take all the hurtful, painful, sad, angry thoughts that are flowing through your mind, and one by one, start writing them on paper. For example “I am mad at God for my brothers illness, and this mad thought is making me feel…”

2 – After you have taken one difficult thought from your mind to the paper, and written everything that that thought made you feel, then start thinking, figuring out, researching how you can heal yourself and that thought. For example maybe youtube or google “I am mad at God, what can I do about it.” Start putting down on paper every piece of advice that seems helpful and makes you feel even a little bit better.

3 – Every day work on implementing the tools that your research has taught you. Every day just take a little extra time to work on healing yourself. The more you work on your own healing the more peace you will begin to experience.

4 – Learn the techniques, become a teacher, practitioner, or just very well versed in what you have learned, so that you may one day help all those who will be going through what you went through.


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