Daily Inspiration: February 25. Slowly Dissolving Anger from Your Life

God is Love and All. As the daughters and sons of Love, we express Love in two main ways, we either offer love, or we call out for love. The call for love is in essence a call for help and healing. When we are offering love we are in alignment with the energies of  peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion and understanding. When we are calling out for love we are judgmental of self or others, angry, resentful, fearful or hateful. The way we remain aligned with our true nature is to answer someone’s offer of love, with love, and answer someone call for love, with love. Do this and peace of mind and joy result. Do not do this and confusion and chaos results. It is in the states of confusion and chaos where judgments and anger arise and begin to rule over you. Know this, no one who is truly a representative of Love, would ever judge or become angry with you. Sure, even they may, every now and then along the way, forget their loving nature, but more often than not, they will represent only love to you. Knowing that they are One with you, they will desire you to be at peace and joyful. They will be respectful of your free will. Non-judgment and peace will radiate from them. As you awaken to this same possibility in you, because we are all One, you will desire this same blessing for all. Anger is a symbol of a call for love. Anger is not your true Home, peace is. Anger is not who in truth you are, Love is. When you are in the state of anger you are lost, confused and buying into the ego’s foreign mindset as yours. This is still no excuse for you to judge yourself or others as guilty, wrong or bad. Instead recall, that God being Love and All, that He uses all for good. Your temporal lack of self-awareness can and will be overcome, because deep down inside you know that the state of anger is not your true nature or Home. Anger is not who you desire to be, express, share or represent.

When we do not answer a call for love with love, confusion and chaos in the forms of self-judgment, guilt and shame result. This occurs not to punish us, but to help us better see and understand what thoughts, emotions and behaviors, are separating us from our loving nature. This confusion and chaos, in the forms of anger, resentment, fear and hate, are not here to punish you, but are being offered as opportunities to help you heal your own misperceptions. When we understand this, gratitude becomes our response, not only to the offers of love, but also to all the calls for love. Today, when we are experiencing the state of peace, let us understand this as being in our right mind. We are simply offering others who in truth we are. When we are not in the state of peace, aligned with anger, let us not despair nor put ourselves down. Let us simply use such an emotion to help us feel and realize how unlike and unaligned anger is to the truth in us. Such expressions show us that we are aligning with the ego’s mindset, and are somewhere we truly do not belong. No matter how right the ego swears to you that you are for being angry, because Love is your true nature, you will never feel right or at peace choosing anger. Today, let us practice catching ourselves when we are somewhere within our mind and thinking, that we do not belong. The quicker we can catch ourselves, the sooner we can change directions, and thus the less pain and suffering we will experience. Even when you find yourself aligned with anger, do not despair. Simply recall that peace is your birthright and your true Home. Peace, being who in truth you are, is your true destination.  

Today, if someone “makes us” angry, let us recognize that it is not their actions that are doing so, for their actions are simply calls for help and healing. It is only our reaction to their action, our forgetting that anger is just a call for help and healing, that is causing and fueling our internal struggle. This is good news, for the power to change our thinking and thus our lives, resides within us. The Universe, God, Love, will offer us innumerable opportunities to correct our thinking. As long as we fail to recognize their actions and our reactions to their actions, as calls for love, as calls for help and healing, they will continue to show up in our experience. Those types of individuals or situations may come and go, but they will continue to appear and be offered to us, over and over again, in order to help us awaken to what is really going on. If a call for help and healing remains unanswered, unhealed, then know that a loving universe will always answer and continue to try to help us heal. Those who are most closely aligned with the ability to shine a light onto our illusions, and bring them into physical form, will hear our calls for help and healing. They will volunteer to bring to us, once again, the opportunity to heal areas within our minds that remain unhealed. In the end, all the universe is really doing when you are experiencing anger, is answering your call for love, by providing the perfect person to reflect to you, what is within you, that is in need of healing. They, the ones the ego insisted were the cause of your pain, are actually, through their participation in your experience, giving you the opportunity to heal. They are in essence your salvation from a polluted set of false concepts, programs and mindset, that were never yours to carry.

Today, let us use the times anger tries to haunt us, to instead focus on our own healing. Today, let us feel how unlike anger is to the eternal loving truth within. Anger is not us, Love is. Anger is simply a false concept and program that we have been taught to believe as real. Anger is simply a reflection of an unhealed or unawake part of our mind. God is Love and All, thus anger is simply a call for love, a call from our soul for help and healing. The Universe is loving and kind, and hears and answers all our calls. Those who seem to “make us” angry are those who the Universe has sent to reflect our internal conflict and condition. It is because of their presence in our lives that we now have the opportunity to heal. Remember this next time the ego demands anger. Remember that they are in your life because they have volunteered to help you heal. Remember this, and instead of your judgment and anger, offer them your forgiveness and gratitude for their service to you.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (4)

You say those who arouse anger and other negative feelings in us come and go until we learn to respond with love? Would this, for example, be Hitler, and now Trump?

Thank you R.O. for being open to the message.

What anger and other negative emotions does to the body is put pressure on the adrenal glands, which then floods the body with stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. Studies have linked anger to such things as loneliness, chronic anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and sleep disorders.

An angry person, could be Trump or someone who is angry at Trump, is only poisoning themselves through their own thoughts. Only you can choose what thoughts you think, and so in reality, there is no one “out there” to blame.

So say someone like Trump or someone who is angry with Trump, both are in reality just calling out for help and healing. The universe will answer that call. Individuals or situations will come into your life so that you can experience anger long and hard enough for you to see that this emotion is not something you want in your life. After you begin to awaken and love yourself more, you realize how unlike anger is to you, and what a waste time, energy, emotion and health that it is. It is then, when you start loving yourself more, that you will start to deal with others with forgiveness instead of anger, and with compassion instead of condemnation.

Now, you can still disagree with others, even oppose others, but you do so with forgiveness, compassion, peace and understanding standing by your side and supporting your efforts. Understanding that each one of us is our Creator’s creation, and that we are all One, thus what we ever think and wish for others, we will feel and experience within ourselves.

Energies and emotions, such as forgiveness, compassion, peace and understanding help heal and strengthen us. Energies and emotions like anger, resentment or hate, poison and weaken us. It is only you, who can in the end, after all is said and done, decide what thoughts you will think, and thus what kind of life you will experience.

Peace. JBC

Such an amazing, thoughful reminder about ourselves & to always remember when “annoyed with”, “angry @”, or disliking of someone, whether their attitude or behaviors..Most often I have found @ those times when I reflect it’s either bcuz it’s not going my way, or as I percieved, expected, wanted it to, or simply bcuz the other party is acting in a way familiar to me..it’s helpful in allowing me to see how I don’t want to be, do, act or give others that “impression” of me! Look in the mirror when upset @ another, you’ll be surprised who or what you recognize!

Thank you Lorelei for your kind words and for being a part of our community.

We are all One. “Others” simply help reflect our internal condition.

When we become upset, this is simply a sign, a signal of forgetfulness, that we have forgotten who we truly are. Let us offer others and ourselves gratitude, not judgment for being part of a process that is helping us remember who in truth we are.

Peace. JBC

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