Daily Inspiration: February 8. The Practice of Trust

Today, let us practice as often as we can, placing this day in God’s hands. In doing so, we trust things will turn out exactly as they are supposed to. In doing so, we trust that every single moment is occurring with our best interest in mind. All occurring for our good, growth, healing and awakening. Let us set aside everything we’ve been programmed to worry about. Let us set aside every way we think this world and those in it should think, say and do, and instead without hesitation, fully trust that His Will, is being done. In doing so, we find true and everlasting peace and rest. Are you not worthy of peace and rest? Imagine, if all that truly separated you from peace and rest, was a simple choice. Imagine, if that choice was as simple as, to trust God or not. Today, use your free will to trust in God instead of the ego’s confusion and chaos, and finally rest at peace. You will know when you have fully placed your day in God’s hands, because peace results. When peace is not an expression of your experience, do not judge yourself as bad, not worthy or less spiritual. Instead, see it as a symbol, that you have not yet truly and fully place your day in God’s hands. Then, let this symbol, the lack of peace, become a sort of wake up call, to dismiss the ego’s mindset and to put your trust in God, in His plan for you. The more you practice doing so, the more you reinforce your trust in Him, the more peace you will experience. The beauty and simplicity of such efforts are that this peace, thanks to the gift of free will, is always just a simple choice away. What emotion other than gratitude could we experience, if we fully understood, that no matter how difficult our day appears to be, that peace is always, but a simple choice away? Today, awaken to this understanding and accept the state of peace as your natural state of mind and true Home.

Today, let us set aside every judgment of our brother’s or sister’s journeys, understanding that they will complete them in the best way they currently know how. By doing so, we free ourselves from having to carry the heavy burden of our judgments. Let us recall, that because they have co-created their journeys with God, they are fulfilling their missions exactly as they are supposed to, and being all One, so too are we. Today, let us suspend our incessant relationship to time. We do the best we physically can, but now trust that we will always arrive at God’s exact holy appointed time. Today, let us trust that everything that occurs to us is a gift of growth. That everything assist us, in one form or another, to reach a higher level of consciousness. Today, let us recall that when we trust in the sacred nature of time, it is we who are comforted and guided to a place of peace. When we consciously place our trust in God, above the ego’s learned judgment-centered response, where once chaos, conflict and confusion reigned, now peace of mind, gratitude and joy, lead the way. Imagine, how beautiful and comforting, a life where peace of mind, gratitude and joy, lead the way. The possibility of such a life, no matter how we have lived our lives till now, thanks to free will, is available to everyone, all the time. Simply practice letting go and forgiving the past, and returning to and trusting the everlasting present moment, where the peace of God forever resides. Today, consciously aligned with the mind of God, and let go of any other thoughts that are not seeming to support the everlasting truth in you.

Today, let us remember that when we place our day fully in the hands of God, everything, regardless of how much we have been programmed to believe otherwise, will go our way. If we experience stress, we trust that it is occurring in order to help us learn how to deal with such a situation in a more peaceful manner. If we experience anger, we trust that it is occurring in order to help us learn how to deal with such a situation in a more forgiving manner. If we experience sadness, we trust that it is occurring in order to help us learn how to deal with such a situation in a more joyful manner. If we experience any level of worry or anxiousness, we trust that this is occurring in order to help us develop a stronger trust in God’s plan for us. When we experience any of the ego’s delusions, we calmly recall, that they are here to help us become an example to others, and that our illusions can be overcome and let go. Today, when a stress-filled, anxious, or worrying thought, tries to enter your mind, say to yourself: “I am in control of my thoughts, my thoughts are not in control of me. I have thought such thoughts, because I am trusting in my ego’s plan for my life instead of God’s plan. I now consciously take back control of my thinking, and thus of my life. I now place all thoughts that do not bring me peace, in God’s hands. By trusting in my Creator’s plan for me, I place my time, focus and energy, on thoughts that align me with the state of peace. Now, consciously aware, within the present moment, aligned with my true Source, the state of peace results. Thanks to my new understanding, gratitude becomes my response to God, to everything, everyone, and all. Thank you God. Amen.”

Today, let us practice using those moments where we feel stressed out, anxious, worried or mad, not to put ourselves or others down, but instead as a call to action, to develop a greater trust in God. The more opportunities that we have to do so, the greater trust we will learn to develop in God’s plan for our lives. The more we trust in God’s plan, the more peace of mind and joy we will experience. Now, we see and understand such situations as merely the Universe asking us to develop a greater trust in God and thus achieve a greater level of peace of mind and joy. By doing so, we become a brighter light, that helps those lost and stuck  in the ego’s judgment-centered mindset release themselves from a world that they no longer want. Now we know, that those individuals involved in such situations, are the people who helped us become more closely aligned with our Source, and thus shine our light brighter so that those who are lost can begin to find their way back Home to the state of peace.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

I am beginning to see my physical challenges as a tool to return to love. There may be no “answers” to my challenges but they are a reminder that God is the only thing that is real. Other than meditation, are there other daily practices to help us align with our true source? Thank you.

Thank you Dale for being a member of our community.

Each Daily Inspiration, if you focus on it throughout the day, is in reality a tool that helps you more closely align with your All-Loving Source.

Here are some tools:

Forgiveness- Anytime your ego wants to judge self or other, yet instead you override the ego and forgive, you align with the Mind of God.

Trust – Anytime your ego want you to stress out and worry, yet you override the ego, and choose instead to fully trust God with your life, you align with the Mind of God.

Compassion – Anytime the ego just wants you not to care about or deal with those who are hurting, suffering or in emotional pain, yet the Truth within you ask that you help them in any small way that you can, you align with the Mind of God.

Gratitude – when you start to offer gratitude to everyone in your experience, and to all your experiences, in essence saying that you trust in God’s plans for your life, you are aligning with the Mind of God.

Physical challenges- depending on what they are, if you learn about all day water only Fasting, and dedicate as much as that day to prayer, kindness, love, joy and compassion, you are aligning with the Mind of God.

Eating – If when you eat, you eat only God made food, mainly fruits and vegetables, some nuts and seeds, instead of man made process foods, you are aligning with the Mind of God.

As you see, the opportunities to align with our True Source are endless, become every day, more and more an example of this endlessness, and you will be aligning, with our True Source.

Peace. JBC

Thank you James. I liked your page a few years ago but then left FB. I can really appreciate your messages now. No more snoozing for me.

Thank you Yvette for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Peace. JBC

JBC- I absolutely LOVE reading your messages each day to start my day. I really wish you would go back to doing them on video, because I would love to listen to them, as I drive to work as well!!! Thank you for sharing your heart, truth and Love with your daily messages!! ST

Thank you Sharon for your comment and for being open to the message.

I think it is going to take me a good year to get the 365 daily messages to where, at this stage, I like them to be. Once I do, I will have more time for videos.

I’m glad and honored that you find them of use.

Peace. JBC

Extremely blessed by this reading as I struggle with managing certain situations of life.

Thank you Jenny for your comment.

You have co-created your journey with God, and God is Perfect Love. When you align with this memory, with the understanding that each step of your journey, no matter how the ego has programmed you to see it, is sacred and for your good, growth, healing and awakening, peace results.

Peace. JBC

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