Daily Inspiration: January 16. Our Physical Experience is a Reflection of Our Internal Condition

The ego is always having you look for an outside target to judge, blame and criticize. When “you” do, understand that it is not the truth in you, but the ego and its programs who are in control of your mind and thinking. When you blame the outer world, the ego is programming you to believe that the outer world has power over you. Thinking that the outer world has power over you increases anxiety, stress and the need to defend yourself. This way of thinking also reduces your sense of safety, peace and control. Imagine yourself against eight billion people, not a very secure environment, right? Now imagine yourself at one with those eight billion people, all brothers and sisters, knowing that you all come from the same Source, and that Source is Perfect Love. Believing this, what would you have to fear? What if Love and It’s expressions was all you saw in others and they in you? What need for concern, stress or anxiety, would you again need to feel? What if being all One, you knew that everyone’s truth only desired what was best for you? These awakened beings, knowing that we are all One, would logically only want what is in your best interest, because it would be also in their best interest. All that is stopping us from seeing the world in this manner is our lack of faith in the sacred nature of the journey that each one of us has co-created with an all-loving God. When you start trusting in God’s plan, which is also your highest-will plan, instead of trusting in the ego’s plan for your life, peace results. Yes we are all One, but at the same time, each one of us has a very specific, necessary and unique part to play. Trust this truth as true, and as you do, your judgments of self and others will begin to dissolve away before your light and understanding.

In reality, the outer world is simply a reflection of our internal condition. If our minds are chaotic and stressed out, the outer world will appear chaotic and stressful. Equally so, the more peace we have within our minds, the more peaceful our world will appear to be. In either case, nothing truly changes in the outer world. What changes is our perception of it, our internal interpretation, condition and dialogue. Regardless of how the world and those in it choose to grow and express themselves, if we are constantly supporting a state of peace within our minds, the world and those in it, will be seen and experienced through a more peaceful lens. Thus, the true power to experience a peaceful life resides within us, not outside of us. Imagine, the relief you will feel, when you finally realize, that how you experience this world, is not up to seven plus billion people ‘out there’, it’s up to you. After all is said and done, it is you who is responsible for the thoughts you think and thus for your level of peace. Only we can control what is within us, our internal condition and dialogue, and thus our level of peace. Let us no longer go on an endless journey trying to change everyone around us, just so that we can feel more peaceful and joyful. Instead, let us go within, correct our thinking, and see how we can begin to take greater personal responsibility for how we are viewing and interpreting our experience. Let us consciously realign our internal dialogue with God’s Love, and allow our loving nature to lead the way. We will know when we are allowing Love to lead us, because the energies of forgiveness, compassion, peace and joy will become our constant companions, and begin to reflect and embrace, everyone and all.

Today, as often as you can, remind yourself that it is you who has the power to see and relate to this world as you choose to. Remember that it is you, and only you, who holds the key to your peace of mind – through the thoughts you think and entertain. When the ego demands you judge, blame, and criticize self or another, and thus lose your peace of mind, instead stop and recall, where the ego’s mindset has taken you before. Remember, that the ego simply wants us to give our power away to it. Today, take back control of your thinking by saying to yourself: “Above all of the ego’s demands, today my goal is to take personal responsibility for my own thoughts, and thus for the way I see and define this world. I trust that I am in God’s caring hands, and that His Will, will be done. I trust in the sacred and perfect nature of the journey that God and I have co-created. I trust in the perfect and sacred nature of the journey that He has co-created with all others. I now know what is happening in each and every moment, is always, in some way, shape or form, serving the highest good. I now know that when I align my internal dialogue, my mind with God, and trust Him completely, stress and anxiety dissolves, and the state of peace results. Today, I acknowledge and support that Love created me lovingly, and so my truth is Love and only Love. If my truth is Love, and we are all One, then when I am seeing the truth in others, I am only seeing and reacting to their loving essence and nature. Understanding this, I rest at peace, assured because God is perfect, and only creates perfectly. Now that my internal dialogue is aligned with Love, I know that each one of my brothers’ and sisters’ seven plus billion journeys, are all as they should be, all forever serving the higher good.

Today, let us recall that how we see, define and experience the outer world always begins as a thought within our mind. Understanding this, now if we are not at peace, we no longer blame anything or anyone outside of us. Instead, we now take personal responsibility for our own thoughts, thinking, and thus the condition of our state of mind. A lack of peace is now a sign to us that the ego and its past programs are in control of our thinking. Now we know that because God is Love and All, the ego, placing itself in opposition to God, is nothing. When we place our faith in nothing, then confusion, fear and chaos result. When we place our faith in the Divine, peace results. Today, let us allow the state of peace to become a sign to us that we are back in control of our own mind and thinking. The state of peace comes about from the understanding that our journeys are a sacred co-creation with God, and thus always serving the higher good. Trusting fully in God, we rest assured and at peace, knowing that all will always be all right. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Good Morning James, this piece really resonated with me. I subscribe to a website called Mercy for Animals. I try to carefully let others know how animals are treated before the are eaten, and all the steps in between. The treatment of animals that go to slaughter especially are upsetting to me! It’s disheartening!! I read the news online and see atrocities on children (especially difficult), women, men and animals. Please help me to understand why I feel too much compassion, that I break down, cry and feel sad. I wish I could do more to help others. Everyday I volunteer to pick up leftover food and take it to various shelters. When folks are asking for money, I offer to buy them food (sandwich, soup, fruit and a coffee/tea). I don’t have much, but I care about others (including animals) and their well being. During the cold we’ve had in Ontario, I put out black seed oil sunflower seeds and bird food for the animals that frequent the parkette next to me! I could say it all boils down to me not liking the mistreatment of animals and people. Or if I see an animal hit on the road. I will stop and move it to the side of the grass. I have only found a few dead animals (likely hit by vehicles). But I can’t stand the thought of others just running them over, and over, again! I have respect for ALL living things! I totally get that our thoughts create our reality!! So when these things upset me, I can ask, “What I am thinking right now?” But how can I stop from feeling these feelings? So what is it about me and my beliefs that causes me this grief? What I am not getting? Why do I feel sorrow, pain and sadness for all the things I mention above? Any comments are greatly appreciated!
Warm Regards

Georgina, thank you for your question. Let us remember that this life is but a blink in Eternity’s eyes. Let us remember that each one of our journeys is a sacred co-creation with God, and so do what brings you peace, but also know that we have all come down here, both human and animal, with a basic knowledge of what we were going to experience. Peace results when you are trusting in the journey that they have co-created with God. A lack of peace results when you are trusting in what you ego says that their journeys should look like. Yes, if ending slaughter houses is what you feel passionate about, then work towards that effort, but do so with purpose and passion leading your way, not anger and sadness. Your journey and exactly how much you are helping is always perfect for you, for God is Love and All, and so every step along your path is perfect. When you trust this, peace results. When you question the journey that you have co-created with the Source of the Universe, confusion, sadness, pain and inner conflict result. If you find a dead animal on the street, do not be sad, instead rejoice for they are now in Heaven, a place a million times more love filled then Earth. Grief results from a lack of trust in God. Grief is a way the Universe is calling out to you asking you to trust God more. Anytime that you find yourself in sorrow, simply know that you are trusting in the way that the ego has programmed you to see the world, instead of trusting in God. And so now, each time that the ego is trying to convince you of sorrow, pain, and sadness, do not put yourself down for this way of thinking, instead be grateful, thank the Universe that It is giving you the opportunity to trust in God more, and thus to experience greater peace of mind and joy. Remember, you are God’s child, you are forever worthy of His inheritance, and His inheritance is Love, and all of Love’s expressions, such as peace of mind and joy. Peace. JBC

I wish that my health is as simple as this. I am 65 and a Reiki Practioner. I have had 3 surgeries on my left knee for a knee replacement. I will be going in for my 4th surgery next week. After that I will need my right knee worked on I had/have no cartilage in either knee, and walking was so painful it brought tears to my eyes. I constantly feel guilty that I can not keep myself healthy and happy. I pray that my surgery goes well, the doctor has told me I will “max” out at 4 surgeries I try to keep my mind away from the final alternative. I really need a way of being safe and spiritually stable when a depression is so easy to fall into with my health playing tricks on me, Any serious ideas will be explored.
Thank you,

Thank you Jacque for being a part of our community. When it comes to helping you reduce pain, my recommendation would be to go to Robert Morse N.D. you tube channel, listen to what he has to say on health and healing, and make your own choice of what to do. I would imagine he would put you on a 6 month diet of fruits, berries and melons, with some herbs to help get rid of the inflammation in your body from lifestyle and all those surgeries. This type of diet should help ‘naturally’ alleviate a lot of the pain you are feeling. Peace. JBC

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since it’s inception and what you
say in You have Chosen to Remember appears to be aligned with the Course. I call
these Universal Truth. I know what my purpose is and try daily to be a ” living
example” of these truths.

Thank you Tina for being a part of this community. Yes, ACIM is one of my favorite books, so you will find a lot of aligned thoughts. Enjoy your journey. Peace. JBC

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