Daily Inspiration: January 17. Trying To Be Who You Are Not Is Hard

Negative, hurtful and judgmental thoughts, words and actions are not who we are. They are not representative of our eternal loving essence and nature. Yet the ego has programmed us to believe that there are times when negativity, judgment and anger are proper responses, when forgiveness should not be offered, and when our well of compassion should run dry. Yet, because the Love in us is eternal, the truth in us, our well, can never run dry. Why is it that we feel bad or guilty when we are negative, hurtful, judgmental or angry, even when the ego insists that it is perfectly ok and normal to feel and act in this manner? It tells us that our act of judgment is an act of wisdom. Yet how wise is it if the advice we follow only makes us feel bad, sad, shame, guilt, separate and alone?

What good is the ego’s advice if it only brings us more suffering and pain? Why would anyone in their right mind continue to follow advice that is offering them nothing they want? When we are following the ego’s so-called advice, we are being who we are not. Today, let us make a conscious decision to no longer support, nor reinforce, who we are not. The less we support and reinforce who we are not, the sooner we can begin to figure out who in truth we are. Today, let us not judge nor punish ourselves when we are being who we are not. Instead, let us as quickly as possible realize what we are doing, and then have the discipline and courage to correct our behavior. When our behavior aligns with who in truth we are, Love becomes the directional device we use to help guide us to our true destination, the state of peace.

Today, if we find ourselves buying into the ego’s lies as true, and being someone we are not, let us not judge ourselves for this. Instead, let us see such situations as opportunities that are offering us a clearer picture and understanding of the ego’s lies. By being able to better recognize the ego’s lies, we can begin to take steps away from its mindset. Understanding this, there is no need to judge yourself, for the more times we experience the ego’s mindset, the quicker we can begin to recognize that it is in no way aligned with who we are or what we want. The ego is self-destructive in nature, and so the more we use it, the more we will realize its useless nature. Herein lies its gift to us. This is how God can use even the ego’s lies for good, to help awaken us to our true nature. By learning what we do not want to express, we get a clearer picture of who we desire to be and represent. These experiences with the ego help us see that negativity, judgment and anger, are not in alignment with who we desire to be. This in turn moves us in the opposite direction of the ego. Having experienced the ego’s darkness, we turn towards the light and begin to use tools such as positivity, forgiveness and compassion. Using Love’s tools, begins to free us from the ego’s mindset. The more time we invest on being who in truth we are, the less time we will have to sacrifice to who we are not. By now you can see, that being who we are not, is hard. It is hard because it is in opposition to our true nature. Isn’t a life where you are continuously supporting judgment of self and others, anger, resentment and hate, hard? Let us no longer support with our time, focus and energy, a mindset that only leaves us feeling wrong, regretful, guilty and ashamed.

Today, let us practice aligning with who we in truth are, the love that we were created to be. Let us also practice letting go of who we are not, all of the ego’s deceptions and lies that feed negativity, judgment, anger, regret, guilt, shame and chaos. By doing so we will begin to realize how difficult, tiring, disruptive and unproductive trying to be who we are not is. Is it not difficult to be constantly judging self and others, negative, angry, and buying into and participating in this world’s conflict and chaos? Today, let us not judge ourselves or others as “less than” for believing the ego’s lies as true. Let us instead recall, that God uses all for good. By doing so, we begin to create a new relationship with the ego. Now, we use it, but only to help us recognize when we are buying into the false in us as true. Now, we no longer invest in the ego and its tools, instead we simply recognize them, thank them for being a part of our awakening process, and gently set them aside. As we begin to recall who in truth we are, our reactions to the ego’s tools and mindset, becomes one of gratitude for the part they played in our awakening process. Today, let us make the conscious decision to stop fueling who we are not, and return our focus to being who we were created to be. Let each interaction we have, serve this purpose. The purpose of only offering others who in truth we are, and letting go of everything else. The more opportunities we get to practice sharing and thus reinforcing our true nature, the more natural, normal and right, the feeling of being Love’s representatives will become. As the sameness between our loving nature and us is clarified, it is magnified. This helps us realize that in reality, there is nothing easier than being who in truth we are.

Today, let us practice better understanding the difference between who we are and who we are not. Being Love’s creation, we are Love and all of Its expressions. Anything that tries to place itself in opposition to Love and its expressions — is who we are not. When you find yourself being who you are not, do not judge yourself. Simply realize that you are being who you are not, correct your behavior, and once again move in Love’s direction. This helps you see how unlike the ego’s mindset is to your loving essence and nature. Today, in every interaction, choose to support and thus reinforce the truth in you as true. By doing so, you can leave the ego’s judgment, pain, suffering, guilt and shame behind. By doing so, you become the representative of Love that you came here to be.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (12)

This is an inspiring message. Thanks for the information as one who is new to the
path, this what i need to help me on my journey. May God continue to enlighten you so that you can do the same for others. Peace,light and blessings to you.

Thank you Jacqueline for adding your comment and for being open to the message. And may God also continue to enlighten you so that you may also do the same for others. Peace. JBC

Hey James, I read your reply. I’m a little confusesd by your response. You said ” may God continue to bless you”.I believe he always bless us. It’s up to us whether we allow the blessings or not. If you have time, let me know what you think. Love joy and peace.

Yes Steve, God is always blessing us, its just that sometimes we are not awake enough to see or understand our situation as a blessing. Peace. JBC

Thanks for the response. I have to really work on staying centered. I got your book a few days ago. I like the way you make things simple. Thank you for remembering and helping the rest of us. Love joy and peace.

Thank you Steve for purchasing ‘You Have Chosen to Remember.’ Enjoy your journey. Peace. JBC

Hi, I’m thinking how does James seem to know what I’m dealing with. I’ve only been in contact with your web site a month or so. While I was meditating it came to me. My higher self lead me to your site. I believe my higher self knew what your higher self was going to channel through you, so he lead me to you. It may not make sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for coming into my life. Love joy and peace Steve.

Thank you Steve for your kind words and for being a part of this community. Everything you say makes perfect sense for in truth we are all One. And thank you Steve for coming into my life too. Peace. JBC

Your writings are beautiful and inspired and I believe you are touched by the hand of GOD. I struggle mightily to gain comfort from your words though. I know they are true but I am struggling so much with life right now and want so much to be comforted and lifted by them but I am unable to find peace. Can you help. Thank you, Chris

Thank you Chris for your very kind words. Here’s 17 tips that may be of assistance to you on your journey:

1 – Eat a SELF LOVING DIET – For a few months (rest of your life if possible) have most if not all of your meals be fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (God Foods) and have the least amount of process foods, sugar, alcohol, animal products (Man-Made Foods). There are thousands of naturally occurring chemicals in real food the help heal your body and brain – thus help mood and energy, and there are thousands of man-made chemicals in processed foods that hurt your body and brain – thus hurt your mood and energy.

2 – Practice every day strengthening Self-Love. Everything we do during our day comes from love and self -love or from a call for help and healing. There will be no greater critic or supporter in your life of you then you. No one will ever talk to you more in your life than you will to yourself. Thus you have a lot more power to heal yourself through your thoughts, words, and actions then you may realize. Know this much is true: You are perfect exactly as you are now.

3 – You can control your thoughts: Dedicate a few minutes each morning to remind yourself that you have control over your thoughts, that your thoughts don’t control you. Then support thoughts that are kind, loving, and supportive of you. And stop thoughts that are self-hating, angry, judgmental of you. You will get better and this will feel more natural with practice. We are all One, when you treat yourself in this manner you’ll be training yourself that all other people should also treat you in a self-loving manner.

4 – You can control your words. Support words that are kind, loving, and supportive of you. And stop supporting/using words that are self-hating, angry, judgmental of you. You will get better and this will feel more natural with practice.

5 – Practice offering gratitude every day to everyone for they are in their own ways helping you become a stronger more self-reliant person. Practice offering gratitude as many times as possible throughout the day, to yourself, God and others(silently/non-verbally is ok). Practice, practice, practice gratitude, a hundred times a day practice offering gratitude from everything from the shade that the trees provide, to your food on your plate, to the water that you drink.

6 – Build up your relationship with God/Source. You may have been taught of a judgmental God- but that is just a fairy tale, for I have been in His/Her/Source presence and there was no such thing as judgment, so stop judging yourself. God sees you always exactly as He created you, perfect, awake and whole.

7 – As you need to practice being self-loving, you need to be hanging with people who truly love and support you and themselves. No one who offers you pain is offering you love. If you think you’re alone in this, then so be it, begin creating new loving friendships with people who practice love of self and others.

8 – Practice forgiveness – no longer choose to carry what is weighing you down. Practice self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others, if you cannot find it in yourself to forgive yourself and others, then give all your anger and judgment over to God/Source and see and feel it dissolving in His light. Or simply if you can’t forgive yourself and others ask God to forgive them for you. Do this every day, every time you have a hurtful thought of yourself or others, take that opportunity to practice this forgiveness exercise. Again the more you do it the easier it will be to do it and the more natural it will feel.

9 – Stop by my FB page each day, I put up a lesson for the day and I try to make a video for each lesson. Little by little doing these self loving things more and more each day will have you spending more and more of your day in a state of love and self-love and less and less time in a judgmental state.

10 – Don’t give up! Every day is a new day, and every moment is a new moment. You are still here because you are needed here and one day once you have gotten a clearer understanding of your mission you will help others even if it is with just your physical presence.

11 – I’m here for you, I’ll pray for you, I’ll send you loving and positive vibes. Start a journal of all the things that help you stay happy, peaceful, joyful, forgiving, and compassionate. Create your on personal workshops with some of the ideas I mentioned above.

12 – Exercise, walk, run, sweat, all very help and self-loving for the body, and brain.

13 – Journal. Every day in your journal write down 3 new things that you are grateful for. This practice will help you refocus the mind/brain to scan the world not for the negatives but for the positives. Journal each night about one positive experience you have had over the last 24 hrs – allows your brain to relive it.

14 – Meditate, especially at night on peace, joy, gratitude for God. Or just listen to some beautiful meditations on you tube, there are hundreds of them. What you focus on in each moment of your life, you will experience. Go to bed with good vibes in your heart, mind, and soul.

15 – Practice random acts of kindness. For example write one positive email praising/thanking someone in your social support network. Open the door for someone, give your seat away to an elderly person, etc, etc.

16 – Find people/you tube videos/professional counselors, etc., anyone who can assist you in creating the life/thoughts you want to be experiencing. Getting help/counseling/advice is a sign of strength, not of weakness. It’s a sign of growth and development, it’s a sign that you are now ready to become who you came here to be.

17 – You become what you practice. Who you are now is who you have trained yourself to be. If you want to have more peace on your journey then every day practice aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with the state of peace. Practice catching yourself quicker and quicker when you are not at peace, stop yourself, and remind yourself who you want to become, and practice becoming peace. If you choose to practice every day, you will find yourself catching yourself quicker and quicker when you are being who you desire not to be, spending less an less time supporting those programmed habits, and you will be spending more and more of your day becoming who you truly desire to be.

Peace. JBC

James, I just read your reply to Chris. Right on bro!!!! You always seem to nail it. Thank you again. Love joy and peace Steve.

Thank you Steve for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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