Daily Inspiration: January 30. Where Does the Healing of this Planet Begin?

Today, let us begin to heal the world, by first looking within, and healing the injured thoughts in us. It is our healed or unhealed thoughts that bring us, and thus this world, peace or pain. It is this peace or pain, that we either extend or project, onto the world we see. If the peace or pain we offer this world, first begins as a thought within our minds, then it is within, where our healing should begin. As we heal our unhealed thoughts, because we are all One, we will help bring a greater amount of light, peace and clarity, to those around us. Today, let us no longer look away from our injured thoughts. Let us not allow them to sit within us unchallenged, to fester, infect, weaken and sicken us. We will know when they are sickening us, because we will project our pain unto others. We will place our focus on blaming them, instead of healing ourselves. Today, let us courageously take the time to look within, and shine a light into those dark crevasses of our own minds, where the ego still rules as king. We can recognize when we entering a dark crevasse, because it is there where we support unloving thoughts about ourselves or others as true. What you will be doing today is bringing light into the darkness. Unloving thoughts, such as those that try to separate you from your peace of mind and joy, are all places that you have come into this planet to heal. Let us begin to look within, into those areas of our minds and lives that are not yet healed. Into those areas that are separating us from the world that we desire to create, experience, and have our children inherit. Today, let us honestly look within and ask ourselves: “Do I truly want a more loving, peaceful and joyful world? If so, then let such a world begin now, within me.”

Do we truly want a world where there is less judgment, anger and pain? If so, let us go within those areas of our own minds where we are still supporting with our time, focus and energy, judgment, anger and pain, as solutions to our confusion. We can not solve the problem from the level of thinking that created the problem. Today, let us raise ourselves above judgment, anger and our inner pain, decline to support them any longer, and look for a more gentle, compassionate and loving way. Let us react with the expressions that we want to see leading this world. Let us remember, that when we are seeing others through judgment, anger and pain, that is it through our own minds that we are doing so. It is our own thoughts, and our focus on those thoughts, that are feeding and fueling our judgment, anger and continuing our pain. Yet, do not despair, for within every single moment, the gift of free will resides. We can in any moment, choose once again, and make a better more loving choice. We can now choose to bring only light into our minds. Yes, in this world of duality, we have the right to block this light, or allow it to come in, one choice will feed and fuel our pain, and the other will align us with the peace and joy of God. Forgiveness is one such thought of light that helps disperse judgment, anger, and dissolve our pain. Let us today practice shining the light of forgiveness unto our judgments and anger, over and over again, until we begin to see and feel, the wisdom of our efforts. When we make the conscious decision to heal, there will be many who will unconsciously volunteer to help us practice forgiveness. Be grateful, not judgmental or angry towards them. All they are in truth doing, is helping us heal, and by doing so, helping this planet heal.

Today, let us recall, that it is us, that this world has been waiting for. It is within us, where the healing of this planet begins. It is only what is within us, that we will see projected unto the world. When our minds are healed, the picture that we see outside of us, also begins to heal. It is a blessing, what the healed mind can offer this planet and its inhabitants. Imagine, the healed mind, a place where forgiveness, compassion, kindness, love, peace and joy, reign supreme. Imagine, the healed mind, extending these wonderful and healing thoughts, energies and emotions, onto everyone and all. This is what we are working towards today, to actually see everyone and everything on this planet, exactly as God created them. You, my dear friend, are indeed a blessing to this world. I recognize this of you, because being all One, I recognize this in myself, and because I know it of me, I know it of you. Today, let us, above all else, choose only to focus on and support, the healed thoughts in us. Knowing that God is Love and All, let us practice seeing only the love in all. The thoughts that we view this world through, will become our experience. Thanks to free will, you forever have the choice between seeing this world through God’s lens, where love, compassion and peace, reign supreme, or to look at it through the ego’s lens, where judgment, anger and pain, blur, darken and pollute, your experience. We will always make the choice that we believe we are worthy of experiencing. Today, remember, you are God’s creation, and thus are forever worthy of experiencing this world through His Loving Lens. What a blessing we can all become today, when we decide to courageously look within, heal our unhealed thoughts, and allow the world to once again rest in peace.

Today, let us recall, that it is our thoughts, that color the world we see. If we are seeing a dark and unhealed world, let us no longer blame this world. Instead, let us go within, and look to see where our own thoughts are out of alignment with an All Loving God. It is in alignment with God, through Love’s lens, that we desire to see and experience this world. It is when our thoughts are aligned with His Light, that we can truly see. Aligned with The Mind of God, we overlook the false and see only the truth. The truth is that God is Love and All, and so when we are not seeing others through this lens, it is our thoughts that need healing, not them. Today, let us take personal responsibility for our own thoughts, and thus for the world that we are seeing and experiencing. Let us begin to heal the unhealed mind, by choosing in every moment and interaction, to align our thoughts with the loving Mind of God. Let us do so until the Love of God in all, is all we see.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

I shared this on my facebook feed today. It states clearly and beautifully what has come into my awareness this last day or so. I see that as we love and claim the divine truth of ourselves, we love and claim within and for the one. Anyway, I get what you are saying and that is good.

Thank you Lynda for being open to the message and for sharing it. Peace. JBC

It all starts within. Know u not that the Kingdom of God is within you.

Thank you Hj for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

When I wake, I can chose to bring in more of this awareness on every breath. Looking for opportunities to love, forgive, offering this outward as well. My thoughts, miraculously, can serve whatever intention I hold. Because I am distractible and human, I have many reactions and thoughts that are “interesting,”and often need more healing. And if I spend the time to do this a deeper connected love unfolds. There are so many new thoughts possible in a peaceful state. I am always practicing. Growing everso slowly in my freedom. I thank you for supporting others by putting your words out there. That I have access, in snowy Pennsylvania, to read your thoughts and words from Miami never ceases to amaze and delight me!

Thank you Jen for your comment and for being open to the message. Yes, it is cool and lovely to see how this message can reach people from around the world. Peace. JBC

Amen!!! Wonderful words !!!!

Thank you Jyoti for being a part of our community. Peace. JBC

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