Daily Inspiration: July 27. Ending Our Support for Judgment and Self-Judgment

A large part of what we consider to be ‘our’ belief system, is not actually ours. It is simply a program, mainly false concepts that we have accepted as real. Slowly and meticulously, since birth, we have been taught what is true and not true, most of the time from those who themselves have been taught to mainly see the false as true. Thus, many of the foundational principles that we hold as true, are built of sand, not rock, and thus why we feel so off balanced and confused in this world. When we react with judgment, frustration, anger and resentment, these are all symbols that we have learned the false as true. Because of our programming, these reactionary behaviors have become our first responders. Our main programmer is the ego, thus if such energies as judgment, frustration, anger and resentment, result, it is because the ego is thinking for us, in essence living our life for us. The ego primary response is to judge self and others, simply because judgment is the ego’s main fuel source. So judgment is the ego’s goal, and it has us accomplish this goal by having us believe that its fear based mindset is true. We then end up responding with judgment, but not because it is our true nature to do so, but because we are unconsciously allowing the ego to think and react for us. But now, thanks to the work that we have been doing on ourselves, we are starting to awaken to the realization, that when we react with judgment and self-judgment, what we are actually doing, is feeding the ego and starving ourselves. There is no longer a need to support a mindset that does not support you. Today, when we find ourselves, through judgment, feeding the ego and starving ourselves, let’s remind ourselves: “This is not my truest-self reacting, this is my programmed-self. I should be in control of my thoughts and reactions, not the ego. I now make a conscious choice, to stop judging myself and others, to stop using the ego, and start being, supporting and sharing, my truest-self, the love that I was created to be.”

As we continue to awaken and deprogram ourselves, we will become more aware of the tools that the ego uses to fuel itself and separate us from our loving nature. Anything that seems to be in opposition to, or tries to separate from, the love that we are, is a tool of the ego. We will start to notice how judging self and others, anger, resentment, jealousy, hate, stress, anxiousness and revenge, are some of the tools that the ego uses to try to hide our true nature from ourselves. As we awaken we will begin to notice how truly unlike the ego, and all of its tools, are to us. Yes, many times we will relate to the ego tools, and think them to be a natural and true part of us, but this is never so, these are all symbols of our own unawareness, of a mind asleep to its true nature. There is never a need to judge those sleeping part of ourselves or others as guilty for simply dreaming of the false as true. Still, if we are reading this now, then it is time to begin to gently ask our sleeping-self to awaken. As those sleeping parts in us begin to awaken, we will start to see how treating others through the ego’s tools, also and equally punishes, hurts us, and thus keeps us dreaming. The ego knows, that its survival depends on at least parts of us remaining asleep, and so we must continue, on a daily basis, to be vigilant, to the ego’s continuous demands for judgment. When judgment begins to enter your mind, stop it on its tracks, decline its entrance, and then focus on being and sharing your loving nature. Do not despair, for unknowingly to the ego, its singular desire to survive, will also its demise. The more we use the ego’s tools, the more we will start to get sick and tired of how the ego thinks and acts. By noticing this, and questioning the ego’s so-called advice, we begin its undoing, and our awakening.

Today, let us continue to question ‘our’ beliefs, especially when we are using the ego’s judgment centered tools to respond to self or others. As we question ourselves, let us also not judge ourselves as bad, not smart, wise, kind, spiritual or worthy enough, for those are just tricks of the ego, to judge ourselves because we judge. Let us simply recall, that when we respond using the ego’s tools, it is not our truest-self doing so, it is the ego-self, our programmed or sleeping-self, that is responding for us. Let us take note that when ‘our’ programmed or sleeping-self is acting and reacting for us, it is also living our lives for us, and is in fact, stealing our lives from us. If our awaken-self, our true-self, the love that in truth we are, is not in control, then we are not really doing, what we have come down here to do. It is in such a state of mind, where a lack of fulfillment and passion will be felt, and where sadness, anger, resentment and depression, can be experienced. But still, let us not despair, for we always have available to us, the gift of free will. In any moment, regardless of our past programs, we can use the gift of free will, to start consciously responding to others in a way that is loving, healing and nurturing, that is truly us. Today, let us practice remembering that we can, in any moment, override our programming, our false-self. We do so by catching ourselves quicker and quicker when we find ourselves using the ego tools, and thus spend less and less time feeding a false mindset that does not represent nor support us. Once we consciously begin catching ourselves ‘acting’ as who we have been programmed to be, we can stop this behavior, and acknowledge to ourselves that this is not who we truly are. Then, let us consciously choose to align with our loving nature, with who in truth we are, and do what Love is guiding us to do.

Today, let us recall, that when “we” are judging self or others, that it is not the truth in us doing so. Judgment is a symbol that our programmed or ego-self, is in control of our thinking, and thus of our lives. As long as we allow the ego to think for us, our true-self will remain asleep. How many more judgment centered nightmares must we experience, before we realize, that the ego’s way of thinking is not working for us? How many times must we travel down the same dead-end roads of frustration, anxiousness, anger, resentment and hate, before we realize that none of these behaviors represent the truth in us? We indeed have a high tolerance for pain, but this tolerance is not without limit. If we have come to this reading, then it is because we are ready to break free from the ego’s rule. It is now time to break free from the chains that bound you to the ego’s mindset and world. It is now time to refuse and no longer support who we are not, and become and share the love that we were create to be.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

Thank you.I love you too.May your day be peaceful loving and joyful.
The only true feelings of deep peace love andhappiness I. get arewhen Ithink ofGod.Its still thrilling toknow God is with me.I see other peoplewhom dont wantto think about God and I wanttoshare God.But I know I am no better than anyone else and God knows what Hes doing. Therearetimeswhen I think ok now this time I shouldnt let this person treat me this way and act likea child.I threw a tantrum just last week at work.I hurt myself becsuseI I threw something and it hit my foot and I screamed F— right at work. I was
disappointed in myself.The next morning I did the work and let it
go.Its afine line when we’re being treated badly at work.I finally talked to the person and asked him to at least say please when he’s ordering me around like a puppet.I explained I only do whatever he says because I choose to not because Im his puppet and he started saying could you wouldyou or please.It was to the point where I couldnt stand it anymore. My nature is that which I like everyone and Im easily influenced by their take on life.It seems to make me conflicted. I love everyone yet I dont always communicate to keep peace with people. I will do this today and thank you.
Work and home are both great classrooms.Also my family.I have been judged and cut out of the life of many family members. 15 years now. My sisters my nieces a nephew my 2 daughters.I have 2 daughters whom do talk to me and a son.One son missing. I know I have set up my life and cant understand why I brought this on myself.The only thong I know is they told me I married a bad man and they were right Ive had a very difficult life with him.and they dont want to witness the drama.I also suspect its about money after my Dad passed away.Long story but I suspect they think I did something that I didnt do.They won’t talk to me so I cant ask.I remeber my sister warning me 40 yrs ago she could cut me out of her life.
So I spend a lot of time not judging them and its occasionally wearing when the ego kicks in.I love and miss them all.
I am thankful for God Jesus The Holy Spirit and the kind people I meet.

Thank you Donna for your comment and story and for being a member of our community. Every day gives us the opportunity to begin anew. In fact every moment of every day offers us this opportunity, to forgive, let go of our judgments of self or others, and find peace. Peace is your true nature, thus when not at peace ask God to intervene. He will then ask you to hand over all your judgments, pain, suffering and sorrow, because He has already overcome the cross. He has overcome the illusions of this world and now only sees the truth in others as true. He only see the love in others as true. For just one day, try it His way instead of this world’s way. Look upon everyone you see with love, forgive everyone their trespasses, when judgments, pain, suffering or sorrow tries to enter your mind, give them all to God, and feel Him taking their burden and weight off your mind and shoulders. You are God’s daughter, His creation, His child, and there is nothing you could ever think, say or do to change God’s mind about you, about His perfect child. God Loves you now and forever because God is Love. Remember this throughout your day, and before every encounter make the conscious choice to join God’s mind, to be only love, to offer only love, do so and you will be literally walking hand in hand with God, with your true Father. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

This is an awesome writing. I have often thought about this during my life, however, I never put it into writing. This is absolutely the best teaching I have ever read. I have forwarded this to my family & friends and I hope & pray that they will take the time to read this.

Thank you & God bless you, Frank Neilly

Thank you Frank for your very kind words and for being open to the message. No matter who else reads or accepts this message, always simply focus on and be the light that you are and were created to be. Do so and peace will shine from you. Do so and others will be at peace in your presence. Do so and then others will desire to understand your peaceful and loving nature. You are now, forever have been and will forever be the love that God created, His loving thought, and there is nothing more that we need to add to nor subtract from ourselves to be eternally Loved by God. And so let us very simply, consciously choose to love all others, including ourselves, as God Loves us. That is all we need ever in truth do. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

In my 12 step work I have discovered that I am vindicative . ..this is not a good thing but it is a good thing to talk about it and work it out. That is what we mean by bringing things to the light and anytime we bring things to the light the have a chance to be healed and that’s a good thing. Being love is the goal and the answer .

Nancy, being love is indeed always the goal and answer. Peace. JBC

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