Daily Inspiration: March 10. The Breath as a Doorway to Peace

Today, let us practice returning to the breath, the present moment, the holy instant in time when the past is forgiven and the future is placed fully in God’s hands. Being God’s, Love’s creations, anytime we are experiencing something other than Love and its expressions, we are experiencing the ego’s past programming or future imaginings. Judgment of self and others, anger, anxiousness, worry, stress, resentment and hate, are all tools of the ego, all symbols that we are stuck in the past or worried about the future. They are symbols that we are not in the present moment, that we are not in alignment with the now or breath. When we focus on the now or breath, this is where the Peace of God forever resides. When we focus on the past or future instead of the eternal present moment, we become confused as to what is really going on. In this mindset we feel lost, fearful and off-balance. We then end up blaming the outside world for how we feel. Today, let us acknowledge that it is our own choice, to live in the past, present or future, that colors our experience. The state of peace is achieved when you forgive the past, trust God with the future, and return through the breath, to the now. The more you place your trust in God’s hands, the more you align with the present moment, the greater the gift of peace will be. Today, let us focus on the breath in order to bring the state of peace back into our awareness. The more we practice returning to the breath, the more in the now we are, the less our past programming or future imaginings will affect us. The more we do so, the more natural and normal this behavior and way of being will become. Today, let us allow the state of peace to symbolize to us that we are in alignment with the now, our true Home, where we forever belong.

Today, let us use the ego’s tools, its judgment and fear based symbols, not to continue to support a past or future mindset, but to trigger in us, the desire to return to the now. Let us use the ego to show us that we are somewhere we don’t belong. Anytime you are not at peace, you are not where you belong. Anytime you are not at peace, you are aligned with a mindset that is not yours. When we learn to use the ego’s mindset and tools, as allies instead of adversaries, our judgments of ourselves and others diminish, and our peace increases. The sooner we figure out that we are somewhere we do not belong, the less time we need to spend in such a foreign state of mind. Today, let us stop being this world’s judge. Instead, let us see each step along our path, as a sacred opportunity that is being offered to us, to help us return to the now, back into alignment with the state of peace. Let us no longer drag the past into the present, and thus create a present and future like our past. Today, let us use all of the ego’s tools, not to continue to punish ourselves or others, but instead to help release us from its mindset. Imagine, being able to catch yourself when you are out of alignment with your true nature. Imagine, using such opportunities to practice forgiving the past and returning to the breath, to being One with God. No longer would we need to hold any one as a hostage within our own minds. We would simply catch ourselves when out of alignment, correct our thinking, and return to the breath, back home to the state of peace. Let us be grateful for how available peace is. Peace is always, through the breath, just a choice away.

Today, let us use a very short phrase; call it a mantra, a prayer, or what you will, to return our minds to recalling who we are and where we belong. Choose your own word, words, or phrase that you can repeat in one full breath that aligns with the truth in you. For example, today I will breathe in “I am,” and breathe out “Peace.” Today, if I start buying into the ego’s ‘solutions’ to my confusion, such as judging self and others, worry, anger, resentment and hate, I will allow such situations to trigger in me the need to return to the breath and repeat my phrase. By doing so, I recognize and stop my ego’s response and starve it of my time, focus and energy. By returning to the breath, that holy instant in time, I align once again with Love who is my Creator. Such actions remind me that indeed I have free will. That what I choose to focus on, I experience. Today, the more I practice deprogramming myself, the more time I spend in my natural state, the state of peace. Now I know that it is I, not the outside world, who controls how much time I spend in or out of alignment with the state of peace. What else but love and gratitude could I offer God, when I understand that it is His gift of free will, that allows me to choose to live the life I want. How blessed are we that we now understand that the possibility for peace, is always available to us? Just a breath away, just a shift in focus, that is how far away we ever are from the state of peace. Today, let us all choose to align with, and breathe in, the Peace of God. Then, with  gratitude, let us breathe out all our imagined judgments, doubts, stresses, worries and fears.

Today, when we find our minds either stuck in the past or worried about the future, let us recall, that we do have a better choice. That better choice is to return our focus to the breath, and by doing so, experience and align with, the Peace of God. The Peace of God, is in every moment available to us, and always just a simple choice away. Today, let us use forgiveness as a tool that help us let go of the past, and trusting in God as a tool to assist us in releasing our future. When the past and future are let go, when your judgments and worries are released, all that remains within the present moment, is the Peace of God. The state of peace, being a reflection of our Creator, is our natural state of mind and true home. Imagine, how close the state of peace is to you, when all you need do in any moment, is forgive and place your trust in God. Do so, breathe out your judgments, stresses and worries, and breathe in your peace, gratitude and understanding. Today, let us through the breath, become a reflection to others, of what is also possible for them. Today, let us through the breath, become a beacon of peace that others can follow now on their journey Home.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (4)

thanks James for your wonderful insights. I think you are absolutely right, it’s all about TRUST in the Creator that all is well, as we continually monitor our thoughts 0f judgement, anger, resentments etc. which are all derived from fear.

Thank you Sibyl for being open to the message.

The more we trust in God, the more peace we will experience.

Today, allow the state of peace to be a symbol to you that you are trusting in God. Also, allow the feeling of a lack of peace, to become a call from God, asking you to trust in Him more.

Peace. JBC

I try to remember that this moment…right now…is or can be a holy moment and the most important thing in this moment is to connect with God….that is first…I can make no decisions separate from God nor have any thoughts that are different from his. I have also come to understand that I can’t make the slightest decision by myself…”he” has to make them for me.

Thank you Missn for your comment.

Every moment allows us to begin anew. Every moment is open for us to choose to represent God, Love on Earth. This our function, to be love and share love with all others in whichever ways the moment, and those in it, seems to be requesting it.

Before every interaction, stop for a moment and say to yourself: “I will now consciously choose to represent the Love that God is. I now allow Love to guide my every thought, word and action. I now choose to be who Love created me to be. Thank you God. Amen.”

Peace. JBC

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