Daily Inspiration: March 9. How and Why the Ego Tries to Hide Your Inheritance

God is Love and creates through Love. We, being Love’s creations were created to create as He created, through Love. Peace, compassion, forgiveness and joy are some of Love’s expressions. Your true inheritance is God’s Love, and thus peace, compassion, forgiveness, joy and all expressions of Love, are all forever you and yours. There is nothing you must do in order to earn your inheritance other than to acknowledge and accept it as yours. Acknowledge your inheritance to have it. Then share it with all others so that you may fully appreciate and experience it yourself. When you share it with all others, what you are saying is that you are accepting God’s all-encompassing eternal loving essence as yours. When you accept this from Him, because we are all One, you accept it not only for yourself, but also for all others. It is only by offering it to all others, that you get to fully experience it yourself. When you withhold any of Love’s expressions from others, you do not get to fully experience them yourself. Love, being in truth All, cannot be reduced by sharing. You being love, and Love being All, cannot be in truth be anything other than Love and its expressions. Any of the ego’s expressions, being in seeming opposition to All, can not in truth be real. That is why judgment, as a tool of the ego, is not real. Any time you judge, it is not the truth in you doing so. When you judge, it is the false unaware self in you doing so. The ego itself being nothing, its illusionary circumference increases or decreases depending on how much or how little we support it. The only way for the ego to have you buy into the fairy tale, is to convince you that your truth is not true, and that there could be an opposition to Truth. This is the main reason it tries to hide All that is true from you. The better it hides your inheritance, the more the ego can thrive through you, and thus the longer it gets to survive.

The ego will try to hide your inheritance by trying to convince you to not share it with others. The ego knows that the more you share something the more you strengthen it within you. The ego being delusional then tries to judge, blame you and make you feel guilty, for not sharing it with others. It tries to convince you that because you did not share it you could never truly be a part of, or One with, a perfect God. It tries to sell you the same story about everyone else, that everyone else is not perfect, thus could never be One with God. If the ego can keep you from God, it can have you to itself. If it can have you blame and judge others, in essence, because we are all One, it is training you condemn yourself. It is by keeping you from understanding the Whole-Self, that it keeps you asleep, unaware, confused and feeling separate and off-balance. It is in such states of mind that you open yourself up to the ego’s false concepts of judgment, blame and separation. It is this unconscious support of the ego, that keeps it alive in you. Yet still, the ego is self-destructive in nature. Notice, that the more you withhold your inheritance from others, the less you get to experience or enjoy it yourself. Withhold peace from another, and it is you who fails to fully experience it. Withhold forgiveness from another, and it is you who ends up carrying judgment’s burdens. Withhold joy from others, and it is you who will feel alone and sad. The ego has programmed you to believe that if you withhold something from others, you get to keep and experience more of it. But, now you are beginning to realize, that the ego’s ‘logic’ is delusional in nature. The ego works for itself, not for you. The ego does this, because if you fail to realize that we are all One, then you will believe that it is you and the ego against the world. This way the ego has you to itself. The more attention you provide it, the stronger and a greater part of your life it becomes.

Today, let us all be vigilant. Let us realize that the ego will use any excuse to judge your sisters and brothers as guilty, not perfect, and thus not worthy of God and His inheritance. What the ego hides from you, is that when it is convincing you of their guilt, it is also unconsciously convincing you of yours. If it convinces you of your guilt, you will feel unconsciously unworthy of fully accepting or experiencing God’s inheritance. The ego knows that if you unconsciously feel unworthy of experiencing and expressing your inheritance, then you will turn to it for support. That is where the ego wants you, in servitude to it. Today, when you find yourself attached to the ego’s mindset and withholding peace, compassion, forgiveness and joy, from others, ask yourself: “Who am I really withholding these energies and experiences from?” Today, offer your inheritance to all others, to make it truly and fully, forever yours. Offer your loving nature to all others, and as you do so, feel it being reinforced and strengthen within you. Only the truth in you is true. Offer who in truth you are to all others, and you will never again, consciously or unconsciously, feel unworthy of your inheritance, of God’s Love. How could a part of God be unworthy of God? God only creates perfectly, and we are His perfect creations. We can not change the unchangeable in us. Only within the ego’s fairy tale could we even begin to think that we can change what God created. Today, close the book on the ego’s fairy tale, and accept yourself exactly as you were created. There is nothing more you need do, no more rings of fire to jump through. Practice every moment seeing only the loving truth in others as true. Do so, and your inheritance will begin to appear before your eyes.

Today, let us note that the only way that the ego can have you to itself, is by hiding your inheritance from you. Your inheritance is God’s Love and all of Love’s expressions. When the ego is “successful” at hiding your inheritance, it is in essence hiding your truth from you. Withhold any of Love’s expressions from others, and it is the ego who succeeds, not you. Being all One, when you withhold Love’s expressions from “others” it is you who does not get to fully experience and enjoy it. Being that you are unconsciously withholding Love from yourself, you will feel separate from others, confused and alone. You can not withhold love from others, who are parts of God, and still feel fully worthy of God’s Love. This is when the ego strikes, making you believe that it is it, the ego and you, against the world. When you think the ego is your partner, and that everyone else is not, it is then that for a time you will lose your way. You will lose your way until you figure out that the ego’s roads take you no where that you desire to go. It is then that you will look for a better way, a way that unites you once again with your inheritance, with God, with all of us.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (15)

Hi James. I hope you’re doing well.
James, I want to share my recent experience with you and take your advice/blessings for the same. About two years ago, when I started becoming self-aware, I started developing empathy for everyone around me, be it animals or humans. I let go of my conditioning of staying away from people and started accepting people for who they are. Prior to that, I was a shy introverted girl who was not selfish but still stayed out of people’s affairs just because she trusted god to intervene in their problems and help them out. But as my heart started becoming more open, I felt like god’s child whom god had entrusted to help people in distress. So I started helping everyone in the ways I could, by spending quality time with children of my neighbourhood, helping my neighbours, standing up for the weak, going shopping with my new friends from neighbourhood, babysitting their kids or just by becoming the beacon of joy. This happened around the pandemic. Everyone in the neighbourhood started to know me. Obviously, there came time when people crossed my boundaries but I used to feel like I have so much forgiveness to offer and I still loved them and helped them in any way I could.
Around the same time, I developed love for the community dogs. (I live in India and here we’ve different rules for dogs than USA. They’re entitled to live on the streets and are not euthanised if not adopted. There are laws that protect these dogs and they can’t be relocated as per them). They’d been living in the neighbourhood for many years and it was like I suddenly got aware of their existence, I never knew they’re such sentient beings. Everyone in the neighbourhood loved them too, they played around them, talked to them, fed them, loved them, cared for them and gave them treatment in case of any injury. It was something very beautiful, it was co-existence at its best.
Now these dogs started becoming family to me. I felt a deep divine connection to them. When one of the dogs became pregnant, I arranged a small wooden house for her so that she and her babies would be safe. I don’t know why but people did not like it and I was not aware that they didn’t like it. One day about 10 people (the same people who I thought loved me), came to our house in a fit of rage, all violent, telling me how they would throw the puppies away. This mob was led by the man who himself loved dogs and at many times took my help to treat dogs in case they were not well. I was surprised. This all drama ended with me going to the police and now no one talks to me and they think that I’m a villain somehow,
After this, I wanted to make sure that all the female dogs were sterilised so I wouldn’t face the issue again. I got one of the dogs sterilised but there was another this dog who just couldn’t be sterilised. I tried to contact doctors, various ngos but something weird always occurred and she couldn’t get sterilised. Sometimes, her blood test would show wrong results, sometimes the sterilization got delayed etc. This dog was just 2 years old and was like a child to me, she trusted me so much and loved me unconditionally. She was so innocent. She got pregnant again and this time out of the fear of people, I did not arrange a house for her and she gave birth in a garbage dump. I had put all my trust in god this time and so I didn’t intervene. I was actually waiting for some miracle; things were out of my hands. I remember telling god that this time He had to protect her and her babies from the ill intentions of people. One day after she delivered her babies, she came to me, all weak and she wanted to rest, she laid on her favorite blanket. I was not aware where she had given birth and I was not trying to know as well since I didn’t know what to do. I was surprised why was she not going to her babies and was laying on the blanket for so long. She seemed distressed, she was vulnerable and so she wanted me close to her. Moments later, she died and I was so shocked. How could she die all of a sudden. It was a very difficult day for me and my brother. We tried to find her puppies who were just 2 days old by then. We found them later in the dump and only 3 of them had survived by then. Now I’m fostering her puppies in my home where I feed them every 3 hours. I contacted an animal rescue centre and they told that if the puppies survive 15 days, they’ll find for the puppies a dog who had also recently given birth and could take the role of a mother.
I am just not at peace with her passing away. It was all of a sudden. Also, I’m blaming myself that I didn’t care for her out of the fear of people. I feel like I’ve failed her when she loved and trusted me a lot that she left her babies to come to me at the time of her death. I can’t find closure and am not able to accept her death. I know that she’s with god right now and is happy but I just can’t stop crying. I’ve never cried this much when a loved one had passed away. But this time, its very different.
How could I feel at peace in this situation? Also, now I’ve become very cautious with people. My heart is not opening up for them. Due to them, I’ve gone through so much pain. I was too vulnerable in their presence and they exploited that vulnerability. They’re a bunch of mean, selfish people and I just feel I will not be able to trust people again.

Thank you Shivani for being a member of our community.

First, it’s ok to feel your feelings. You’re a human being having human emotions, and that is fine, there is no need to punish yourself for feeling less than perfect, happy, and peaceful.

Second, use any doubt, sadness, despair, fear, resentment and anger, but not to sink deeper into the darkness, but instead use them to practice trusting God more. The more you practice this conscious shift in perception the sooner you’ll realize that it is at One with the Mind of God where you belong. It is then that you will radiate this truth, Oneness, love, out into the world, to everyone you think of and see.

Third, remember always that you have co-designed your journey with the Divine, thus in reality every moment, no matter how you have been programmed by this world to see it, is perfect for you and for your growth, healing and awakening. When you learn to trust that each moment and interaction is not happening to you, but For you, it is then that peace of mind, gratitude and joy will become your eternal companions. It is then that you’ll truly be able to guide people out of the darkness and back into alignment with the Light, the Mind of God.

Fourth, remember that you are Love’s creation and thus can in reality only love. If you are thinking thoughts that are out of alignment with your loving nature then know that it is not you who is in control of your thoughts, mind and life, it is the ego. Realize this and start taking control back from the ego by consciously choosing love when the world tells you to hate others. Practice being more compassionate when the world and your programming demands you condemn others. Choose to trust God when the world says that you must hide and become judgmental and depressed.

Fifth, above all else learn to make gratitude to God your primary response to all situations. Cry if you must, but the thank God that you have that love in your heart to feel. Feel judgmental if you must but them remember that it is you who control your thoughts, and that your thoughts do not control you, and thus you can choose forgiveness instead. Hate if you wish, but then stop and remember that you have not been sent here to add to the darkness, but instead to be the light of the world. Stop when you find yourself out of alignment with God, then simply smile and choose once again. Choose love over fear, forgiveness over judgment, trust over worry, and by doing so you will be choosing the Light over the darkness and thus peace over pain.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank You for this discussion on ego. You have helped me understand at a deeper level, a tenet of my faith. My faith has taught me that I must rely on God’s grace to overcome my difficulties. If due to my ego, I do not rely on God’s grace but rely on myself, my difficulty will overcome me.
Love , Peace

Thank you Reahla for being open to the message.

Anytime doubt, fear, resentment, shame, or any unloving thought is trolling your mind, know that it is the ego, not the truth in you who is currently in control of your thoughts and thus mind and life.When this occurs simply recall who in truth you are, the love that Love created you to be. Then align your thoughts with the mind of God, with only Love’s expressions. When you consciously do this, the Truth in you will once again be back in control. When the Truth in you is in control you will see God’s grace wherever you look. When God’s grace is all you see and feel, peace and gratitude will become your response to everyone and all. When peace and gratitude becomes your response to everyone and all it is then that you’ll become the loving light that God created you to be.

Peace. JBC

Today’s Daily Inspiration hit me right between the eyes!! I have been wrestling with giving up judgment for many years and it’s not getting easier. I loved your words about accepting Divine timing, but I need more help, please. Thank you for everything, JBC!!!!!

Thank you Carolyn for being open to the message.

Every time a judgmental thought of self or others pops up, do not despair, do not condemn yourself or others for this. Instead, simply see it as the Universe inviting you to practice forgiveness, heal and once again find peace. Then, instead of judging, thank those that brought you the opportunity to practice your own healing.

Peace. JBC

I am concerned that my career involves judgment. I do expert work throughout the US and sometimes outside re a kind of child abuse and/or neglect commonly called Munchausen by Proxy. I read records and other material – conduct specialized forensic – and engage in other investigative activities. I then determine whether the suspect is a perpetrator of this kind and make recommendations, and then testify in court. I am not judging the person’s true self and I have compassion for the person, knowing that they are calling out for love. Is this ok – or do I need to stop this career? What r your thoughts? Thanks and love.

Thank you Louisa for your comment and question.

We are here to be Love’s representatives, and there are many ways to do that. If what you are doing fulfills you, if you are passionate about it, if it brings you a sense of pride and service to others, if you feel that you are naturally good at it, if it brings you a sense of peace and joy, then each of these are expressions of Love, of your alignment with Love, of your own unique and sacred expression of Love.

It seems to me that you are being of service to others, and that is the highest expression of Love. But remember, our jobs are not the only way that we can offer the Love that we are. In every moment, in every interaction, let us all practice, more and more each day, being compassionate, forgiving, kind, merciful, charitable, for all these are Love’s expressions, all these are, who in truth we are, and who we were created to be.

Peace. JBC

Thank u so much,

I read your book a few years ago and it was the beginning of a wonderful journey. Life got busy and i got involved in the drama and let the truth get forgotten. I am reading the book again and the daily readings and feeling back in power. Thank you.

Thank you Joan for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

When you make the conscious choice to trust in Divine timing instead of the ego’s illusionary ideas of time, all judgments of self and others are let go and forever released.

You are your Creator’s creation, perfect in every way. Every step along your path you have co-created with Source, in order to better recall the Love that you truly are. When this truth is recall, all you will wish, is to offer your truth, your loving nature and all of its expressions, to all others.

Peace. JBC

Message is coming through. Thank you.

Thank you Lily for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Beautiful and inspiring message. Thank you so much for the daily inspiration.

Thank you Jen for being open to the message and a member of our community.

Peace. JBC

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