Daily Inspiration: March 7. The Unconscious Call for Help and Healing

Today, the past targets of our frustration, anger, disappointment, and regret, now become, through a shift in perception, the ones who forever set us free. They, who we once judged, blamed and cursed, are now, through our conscious choice to forgive and place compassion over condemnation, gifting us the opportunities to find peace of mind and joy in areas of our minds and lives, that have been calling out for help and healing. God is Love and All, and thus every moment and interaction, is in one form or another, when properly perceived, a reflection of this Love. If we cannot see that, it is not because we are bad, evil, or not spiritual enough, it is simply because we are misinterpreting the moment and situation. The moment and situation’s goal is then for us to reinterpret it, so that we can once again heal, and align with our peaceful nature. It is our misinterpretations of the moment, ourselves and others, that have brought us the suffering and pain we now feel. Our brothers and sisters, as God’s creations, are thanks to their eternal essence, perfect parts of God, and thus forever worthy of our compassion and forgiveness. When we choose forgiveness over judgment and compassion over condemnation, it will be this shift in perception, that will bring us peace of mind and joy. If we failed to see this, then that is on us, not them. If it is us who have forgotten their eternal loving nature, then it is we who need to remember our own. It is when we remember our true calling, that forgiveness and compassion will be offered, and peace of mind and joy can be found. If somewhere within your heart and mind you are not at peace or joyous, know that these areas within you, will be calling out to the Universe for help and healing. These areas within you are not bad, wrong or hurtful, they have simply forgotten who in truth they are, a perfect part of you, who is a perfect part of God. Once you open yourself to healing, light will begin to shine on all your misperceptions. It is by shining this light on your delusions, that you will see them for what they truly are, falsities of the ego, reinforced in order to keep the ego alive and growing through you. Today, let us, above all else, allow the light within us to shine on everyone and all. When we do so, the ego will have no more place to hide or grow.

Today, those that we have sentenced to a life without us, will be visiting the prison within our own minds, that we ourselves have, through our belief in the ego’s past programming, built. We have done everything the ego has told us to do, ‘acted’ and reacted in a manner it had sworn to us was the right and proper way, and yet here we sit, behind these self-imposed prison bars, protecting our pride and arrogance, sense of superiority and righteousness. It is when we think of ourselves, as greater or lesser than any of God’s creations, that we fall into the ego’s darken pit of anger, pain, resentment and regret. How often must we travel into the same dark pit before we see that it offers us nothing we want? How often must we criticize and condemn “others,” and not realize that because we are all One, that we are only poisoning ourselves? How much longer must we unconsciously hold ourselves prisoners to the ego’s judgment filled demands? All we need do to free ourselves, is to offer all our brothers and sisters that same freedom that we ourselves desire. Free yourself from your judgments of others, and you will be freeing yourself from having to carry and log around those heavy burdens that the ego demands you defend and hold within. The ego wants you tired and weak, so that it can control you, so that you, without questioning it, do what it demands you do. But haven’t you followed the ego’s instructions long enough to know that the feelings of peace, joy, love, and freedom, do not result from following the ego’s delusional mindset? Today, let us make the conscious choice to no longer follow a mindset that in truth offers us nothing we want.

Today, let us stop ‘acting’. Let us stop playing the ego’s part. Let us consciously end our support and defense for the thoughts, emotions and actions, that have never supported or defended us. What support do we truly think we need from the ego, that God’s blessings, the opportunity and invitation to see His children as He created them, cannot offer us? Who do we truly need to defend ourselves against, when we recall, that only God’s Love is real? We have all tried it the ego’s way long enough. How much more pain and suffering, must we accept as necessary, before we figure out that the ego’s burdens are not worth the weight they demand we carry? Today, let us make it a point to hear our own calls for help and healing. Today, let us finally listen to those injured parts in us, that believes the ego to be more real and right than God. Today, let us follow God’s lead, His grace, mercy, love and perfect understanding. Today, let us make the conscious decision to see all His children through His eyes. As we do, we finally begin to heal and awaken to our true nature. As we do, the fog that obscured the path of our sacred journey will begin to clear. If today, having placed our focus on dissolving our illusions, we can begin to heal and start to see all others through that healed sight, would not every day after become a blessing? How would your life, and the life of those around you, begin to shift, grow and heal, if you but made your own healing a priority. Heal yourself, the sight you see through, and you will help us heal the world. Today, do not feel discouraged if others say that you are to focused on your own self and healing, for knowing that we are all One, when you heal yourself, your guidance, life experience and example, will lead many others to healing.

Today, let us remember, that anytime we think we seem to be aligned with anything that is in opposition to Love, there is a part of us, that is calling out for help and healing. Let us always remind ourselves, that God being Love, would never offer us a situation or learning opportunity that we cannot handle. Let us no longer feel bad about not being perfect or always thinking loving thoughts. Let us simply see such situations as opportunities for growth, as life lessons, sacred parts on our healing journey. Let us now understand each step of our journey as a necessary and perfect part of our growth, healing and awakening. Now, what we once saw as a difficult, challenging or tiring time, is seen as simply a blessing and opportunity to grow and become who we came here to be. Today, no matter how lost the ego tries to convince us that we are, when we make the conscious decision to align with Love, God’s mercy and grace become our constant companions on our journeys back to the state of peace.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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I would like to ask a question about this posting specifically…something I am struggling with. My parent had a birthday recently but again I did not send a card. I did this because I spent my whole life searching for her approval with the result I wound up with nothing in my life. The last time I saw her she gave me a one way ticket to a place where I had no home and almost froze to death. A long story. This is why no card. However, I think this is an ego wound and I am trying to strengthen my relationship with God, which is love and is found in love. I know that the best thing would be to send the card but I have really struggled and just can’ t seem to do it. I pray about it but the right answer doesn’t seem to come. The right answer takes us to the higher self.

Nancy, place the ego aside, for what has it truly ever done for us, and instead allow God to choose the card for you, then allow God to flow through you and write the card for you. Then allow God to send the card for you. Sooner or later, the more you follow God/Love’s example, the more you will desire to align with God/Love, and the sooner you will figure out that it is truly wise to follow God’s example. Peace. JBC

Thank you so much

Sorry…but one more question. What if nothing comes…what if you try and there is nothing? I that another way that God speaks?

God speaks to us through peace, love and joy. Practice choosing and aligning with peace, love and joy over and over again until you begin to understand God’s wisdom. Peace. JBC

How do we overcome our narcissism or can we? How do we find the smallness we need to be our real self? Or can we…or is that about complete surrender?

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