Daily Inspiration: May 23. A Limitless Well of Kindness Within

Knowingly or not, you possess within, a limitless well of kindness. Yet, the ego would insist that kindness can be limited, and that it must be rewarded with gratitude, in order for this well to be refilled. According to the ego, if kindness is not rewarded, then you are on the losing end of a transaction, a mathematical formula that proves the scarcity of God. But what has been gifted to you by God, the ego’s world can never take away, and thus is forever yours to keep. We are all One, and so nothing real can be given to one, without it being received by all. Share a kindness with any other being, and feel your action refilling your own well. Share your kindness with ten other beings, and everything that you offer them, you will get to experience yourself, and thus forever get to keep. Share kindness with every single person you ever meet, and that kindness will forever hold and surround you in its loving embrace. Kindness, and any of the other numerous expressions of Love, are eternal, are forever within you, and yet also expand as they are shared. Today, ask God to place you in situations where kindness can be offered, just so that you can consciously practice becoming more kind. The more aware you become of the opportunities to be kind, the more kindness you will experience in your life. Your kindness need not be some monumental task, a call that you have not yet made to a family member or friend, opening the door for another, smiling at a child that looks your way. Our opportunities to be kind to one another are many, and they will all, as you offer them, fill your heart with joy and your mind with peace. Today, know that you are never anywhere by chance, know that you are where you are needed, to offer kindness to a world, that is in so much need of it, and of the real you.

We are all One. There is nothing real that is ever given to one, that is withheld from another. Love knows no bounds, for it is what God is, and so it is as boundless as the Creator that encompasses All. No longer invest your time, energy or focus, in the ego’s illusionary programs that tries to convince you that what you give away you lose. That is a lie, a deception of the ego, made in order to try to convince you, that your brother and you are separate. Our bodies are but vehicles that our soul uses to communicate with each other in this physical plain. But our bodies are not truly us, they are simply tools. We are the sameness in our souls, we are the eternal extensions of Love expressing Itself through physical form. What God is, we forever are. When in doubt, offer God’s Loving energy, that comes in so many forms, such as kindness, peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness, to anyone, anytime, and feel the connection to your Source strengthen, not weaken. When you are offering kindness to another, you are offering them God’s Love. When you are offering any of Love’s expressions to another, you are reminding them of God’s love for them. We are One with God, when you are kind to another, that is the God part in you being kind to them. Do not concern yourself with reciprocity, for all that One offers All receive. Any time you are being kind to another, you are being kind to God. God forever remembers, appreciates, and take great joy in your kindness. Look at that person in front of you, he or she has today been place in front of you by God, so that through kindness, you may remind them that their Creator has not forgotten them.

Today, let us remember that what is in truth eternally ours, always increases as we shared it. It is kindness, as a representative of Love, that today reminds us of our Oneness. It is when we truly understand Oneness, that the ideas of transactions end. Through Oneness, we end the ego’s illusionary math games, by eternally choosing to give what we ourselves have been given. We forgive, because we ourselves have already been Forgiven. We love, because we ourselves are and have always been Loved. Today, let us offer to those thirsting for truth, through our acts of kindness, drinks from our eternal limitless well. There are many who have forgotten their true nature, their own bottomless wells, today help them, through your actions, remember who in truth they are. There are many who thirst because they have forgotten, offer all of those who today cross your path, a drink from your well, so that they may once again recall, that what has been given to One, has been given to All. Today, because God trust you with His child, you have been place upon the path of those that are asking to remember. When you speak or interact with anyone today, remind yourself, this is God’s child, and God has placed them before me, because He trust me to help them remember. Do not concern yourself with what to offer them, for your heart and soul will know. A kind word, a compassionate touch, a heart-felt complement, forgiveness, just being able to be there for them and listening, all these and so many more, are all within you now, are all expression of the Love that created you, and that you were created to be.

Today, when we have another person in front of us, let us remember, that God has placed them there, so that we may offer them a kindness, an expression of love, a reminder of who in truth we all are. Today, we see, that because kindness is an expression of Love, it expands as it is shared, and yet equally so, at the same time, its relationship with us is reinforced and strengthen. All that is real can be shared with others, and still is strengthen within us. By blessing others we bless ourselves, and in doing so, see, notice and feel, how indeed we are all One. Today, as we give we receive, and by understanding this, we remove all the barriers and rules that the ego has placed on the idea of giving. No more do we buy into its belief that if we give we lose, or that we must get something in return for our kindness. Now, we know that kindness is its own reward, and so we offer it to all we meet, and by doing so, begin to shape our world, into a kinder place.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (11)

Hi JBC. I am going through some dark times at the moment. Your daily messages is really helping a lot. I know in my mind what I have to do to turn things around. Then when I do it the results are opposite to what my intentions were. Maybe I am over thinking the situation but I need a bit of guidance. It is like when I want to do the good the opposite follows. Thanking you in advance. Love Light Joy and Peace. HJP

Thank you HJP for being open to the message. How many times in the past has something seemingly bad, negative or challenging happened to us, yet with the gift of time we saw how many life lessons, wisdom and knowledge we accumulated thanks to such experiences? God is Love and All, thus All of our experiences are for our good, to help us raise our level of consciousness and deepen our self-awareness. When experiencing something as bad, do not put yourself or others down for this, instead use such a situation to practice increasing your trust in God, to remind yourself that because God is Love and All, that this situation, no matter of how the ego has programmed me to experience it and define it, it is occurring with my best interest in mind. Then thank God for the experience until the states of peace and joy come into your awareness. Peace. JBC

Great writing , I feel for me this level of kindness begins with myself, by being kind to myself first and honoring my true nature , I begin to unravel the ego’s conditioning and insistence. My own experience shows me while practicing kindness is beneficial to all , by ridding myself of my own injuries I eliminate the “hurt people , hurt people” tendency.
Your teachings of non judgement and self forgiveness are assisting in this endeavor, although I personally fall prey to the lizard brain more than I would like ! Blessings….

Thank you Scott for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. We are all One, and so what you do for yourself, you will have within yourself, to offer to others. Heal your mind, and those, and the world that you begin to see through the healed mind, will be healed. Let us thus never be made to feel selfish when we are working on healing our own minds, for when we do, we will shine brighter, and this brighter light will then help those who are finding it hard to see, begin to see. Peace. JBC

Well said James , appreciate you.
Scott D.

Thank you for these words of wisdom, James. The world would surely be a much better place if we all focused on being kind to others.

Thank you Angela for your kind words and for being open to the message. Allow the light in you to shine brighter and brighter each day. Do so, and more and more people will see that this same light, also exist within them. Peace. JBC

Yes,a lot of times kindness is equated with ulterior motives.We can still be loving and kind,it doesn’t matter.Expecting nothing,and giving with love.Thats what we want to do.Also I just noticed this morning,before I read this,that I have been listening to my ego telling me I’m unkind,unsosophisticated and undesirable.Its hard to pinpoint exactly what I thought,so I remembered I’m worthy as everyone is worthy,I’m loved as everyone is loved,and not to compare others or myself.A lot of comparing and competing could get us lost.Peace,love and Joy .

Thank you Donna for your comment. Anytime that the ego tries to have you buy into its insane mindset that says that Love can create anything other than love, do not buy into its lies as true, in fact answer it back by saying something like: “God is Love, God can only create perfectly, and I am God’s creation, thus I am perfect love in the physical form. We are all One, thus everyone I look upon and think of, there truth, is also love in the physical form. Some may be asleep to the truth in them, but I know who I am, I know who they are, and I know that my Father/Mother, being Perfection, can only create perfectly.” Peace. JBC

Love this…kindness seems so rare these days. Often I feel I’m doing something wrong when I’m doing something good.

Thank you Lynette for being open to the message and a part of our community. Continue to light the way of kindness for those who are perceiving it too dark too see. Peace. JBC

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