Daily Inspiration: May 27. Taking a Stand Against What Is Not Working for Us

Today, let us start paying close attention to what is, and what is not, helping us become who we desire to be. Let us single out thoughts, words, emotions and the ways we interact with others, that are not lifting us to a higher level of consciousness, to a more peaceful, loving and joyful life, and take a stand against what is not working for us. Let us no longer allow and give a free pass to the thoughts, words, emotions or actions, that are putting us or others down. Let us no longer allow them to be a conscious part of our experience. Today, if they are not fueling our growth, healing and awakening, then let us stop fueling them with our time, focus or energy. How much time, physical and emotional energy, do we have to sacrifice to judgment, anger, chaos and confusion, before we make a conscious decision, to look for a better, more productive and self-loving way, of being and expressing ourselves on this planet? No matter how badly these thoughts, words, emotions and actions treat us, why do we keep fueling them? Let us take a good look at our own balance sheet, and finally see, that we are receiving nothing in return for our investment in them, except misery, darkness, pain and a loss of peace and joy. Throughout our past we have been programmed by the ego, not to act in our best interest, but instead to act with the ego’s best interest in mind. The ego’s main fuel source is judgment, so anytime we are behaving in a way that brings about judgment of self or others, these actions are in the ego’s best interest, not ours. It is important to start recognizing what is in our best interest, and what is in the ego’s best interest, because they are opposites of each other. The ego desires judgment, confusion, pain and chaos, we desire love, joy, peace and understanding.

Today, let us start to search our hearts and minds for a kinder, more peaceful, loving and joyous, way of growing and participating on this planet. Let us also begin to consciously define and let go of behaviors that do not have our best interest in mind. Today, when we find ourselves reciting once again from the ego’s playbook, using judgment and anger, as some sort of solution to our confusion, let us stop working for the ego, and instead start working on ourselves. When the ego demands judgment and anger, why should we continue to support such self-defeating behaviors? Why accept the ego’s advice, and respond with judgment and anger, when we know that reacting in such manners do not help us achieve the peace we want? When the ego insist that we must stress out and worry, why do we accept its request and stress out and worry? We have already reacted in this manner hundreds of times before, and yet it has not brought us the peace of mind and joy that we desire. When will we, as a people, begin to recognize, that our thoughts and reactions should not be controlling us, that we should be controlling them? Today, let us practice taking back control of our own thoughts and reactions, by assuring that they are working for us, helping us reach greater self-awareness, and a higher level of consciousness. Today, if our thoughts, words, emotions and actions, are not bringing us love, joy, peace and understanding, then let us look to consciously shift our focus, time, energy and effort, to those that will. We, as God’s creations, are forever worthy of a loving, joyful and peaceful life, thus if we are not experiencing such a life, then know that it is not the truth in us that is currently in control of our thinking.

Today, let us no longer allow the ego to unconsciously manipulate us. Let us instead, take a stand against every illusionary response that the ego has programmed us to think. The free pass that we have given to the thoughts, words, emotions and actions, that only serve the ego, are now pass due, invalid, and will no longer work. Today, when the ego demands condemnation, we will instead offer compassion, when it insist we must roar with anger, we will quiet the ego through forgiveness, and when stress and anxiety are deemed obligatory, we will stop this world’s madness, take a deep breath in, and breathe out, trusting that because God only has only our best interest in mind, that all will be all right. Today, when the ego tries to once again to move us in its direction, it is we who hold up the stop sign. Today, let us recall, where the ego’s directional system has taken us before. Let us lift our symbolic stop sign way up high, and from that place of greater self-awareness, begin to instead look for a peaceful, loving and joyful way. We now, thanks to our life experience, know what will not work for us, and what roads not to take, and if we know this, then our way home can not now be that hard to find. We have travel blindly down the ego’s darken tunnel long enough. Today, let us choose to finally awaken to the fact, that we do have free will, that we can disagree with the ego’s programs, and thus choose a better more loving way. Imagine, finally being able to consciously say no, to what is not working for you. This is what we will practice doing today, saying no to the ego’s desire for judgment, confusion and chaos, and saying yes to love, joy, peace and understanding.

Today, when life seems not to be going your way, do not despair, simply recall that because we have been programmed by the ego, to serve the ego, judgment, confusion and chaos, seem to many times, be our first response. This first response seems to be instinctual, but it is not, it is simply a program that the ego has successfully downloaded into us. The ego is not our instinctual response, it is simply a lie that has been taught to us as true. Today, let us learn to recognize when we or the ego is in control. Judgment of self and other, confusion and chaos, are all symbols that the ego is in control. Being loving, joyful, peaceful and understanding, are all symbols that the truth in us, our eternal loving nature, is in control. Let us today work to take greater control of our own minds. Today, let us, stop working for the ego, and become once again, our own bosses.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

The ego, my ego is just horrible. I am in recovery for alcoholism. I had almost 7 years sober and I let my ego tell me that I had this instead of continuing to seek God’s will. So I let my ego get in the way of my relationship with God and I relapsed. It was a very emotional heartbreaking thing for me. Very demoralizing. To have come so far and quit doing what I was doing I let my ego take me back down that road. It’s very embarrassing very confusing and very hard to get back on that right track. We alcoholics for us it’s not the last drink that got us messed up it was taking that first one which starts off that mental Obsession followed by a physical allergy. It’s very tough to stay humble and not let my ego feed my thoughts with negative thoughts. And yes I used to be so happy joyous and free and since I relapsed I found myself getting angry a lot instead of being happy and Serene. It takes work God’s not going to drop it in my lap I have to do what I have to do to stay sober and be willing to try new and different things. Things I used to say I would be a wussy if I lived like that. I almost died in a car crash December 29th 2012. Broke every bone in my body and I had to spend 2 years in a nursing home at the age of 47. They said I would never walk again because I fractured my spine and my neck my left foot was broken off they literally had to reattach it back onto my leg but thank God he is the final healer and it took me two years but I can walk today. And I am a blessed and grateful man to be a live. I definitely need to get back into my prayer and meditation every morning and praise God for all the work he did for me and saved me and allows me to walk today. I am on disability and it’s very tough to live on disability. I used to be a journeyman meat cutter and made really good money. Today I make 2/3 less of what I used to make sometimes I let my ego get me down. And that’s what it wants me to do is be down and go take a drink and get on my pity pot and I have to find a way to stop that. Your daily Inspirations helped me a lot and doing so and I want to thank you all your time and service to us and to me

Thank you Robbie for your comment and for being open to the message. You may want to take a look at tomorrow’s May 28th post, it may be of some use to you. Just remember that failure is a false concept of the ego, made in part to try to ‘separate’ you from a perfect God. You can not fail, failure is a lie that we have been taught as true. You will accomplish what you have come here to do. You will heal and help others, thanks to your life experience, also heal. There is in truth no time, God’s creation is not a rat race. Breathe deeply, accept your Oneness with God, know that God forever Love’s you because you are Love’s creation. Know that the cross has already been overcome. Be simply who in truth you are, and then share who in truth you are with all others. Peace. JBC

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