Daily Inspiration: May 29. Peace: What We Choose To Focus On We Will Experience

Today, let us notice, that it is what we focus on, that we end up experiencing. The choice of what we focus on is always, after all is said and done, ours to make. The more we focus on our thoughts, words and actions, on achieving the peaceful state, the more peaceful our experience will be. Equally so, the more chaotic our thoughts, words and actions, the more chaotic our minds, the more chaos we will experience. Today, let us practice making peace our focus. As we do so, as we see that what we focus on, we end up experiencing, we will start blaming the world less for how we feel, and start taking greater personal responsibility for our experience. Today, let us notice, that the more we make peace our conscious focus; the more it becomes our unconscious focus, and thus the more of our day and life it fills. We have been gifted free will. Only we, can make the final choice, of what thoughts, words, emotions and actions, we will support with our time, focus and energy. Thus, in the end, it is we, who decide how much of the state of peace, we experience during our days. Let us no longer act from the unconscious mind, and blame the outside world or others, for what we are thinking, feeling or experiencing. Let us no longer give our power away to the outside world. If we have final say over the thoughts we think, and thus over our words and emotions, then how we are feeling is, in the end, up to us to decide. Let us not allow the ego to continue to take our power away from us. Let us recall, that when we buy into the ego’s way of thinking, and blame the outside world for how we feel, the ego is simply programming us, to believe that the power resides outside of us, and not within us. It is we, not the ego, who in the end, holds the key to our peace of mind. It is we, who must choose to take personal responsibility for how and what we are experiencing. Let us no longer unconsciously give our power away, let us now consciously take the reigns of our lives, and begin to live it, in alignment, with the state of peace.

Today, in order to get a better feel for understanding, that it is what we focus on, that we end up experiencing, let us create our own personal peace workshop. Before any interaction, consciously remind yourself of your goal for today, by saying to yourself: “Above all else, peace is my goal in this interaction.” Make the conscious choice not to judge yourself or others, and do your best to keep and direct a conversation that supports the state of peace. If you find someone being critical of another, do not judge them for their way of thinking; do not join them in their thinking, instead hold your brother or sister in light, and say a silent prayer of peace for him or her Through your words, actions and reactions, help guide them to a place of peace. If your friend becomes sarcastic or says hurtful things, do not feed the negativity; again shift the conversation in the direction of your goal. Keep reminding yourself throughout the encounter: “Above all else, peace is my goal in this interaction.” Do this, consciously over and over again, and sooner or later you will begin to notice that choosing the state of peace, will become second nature. When a brother or sister, seems to be dragging the conversation downwards towards judgment and chaos, do not allow this to occur, do not judge them for their unconscious behavior, instead let such behavior, trigger in you, the understanding that it is now time to take control of the conversation, and lift it to a higher vibration, place and purpose. When they speak of judgment, start taking about the peace that forgiveness brings. When they seem to be anxious or worried, remind them that when they put their trust in God, peace results. And when they seem sad and are feeling hopeless, use your life experience and the lessons you have learned alone the way, to offer them hope, a way to lift their spirits out of the darkness of the ego’s mindset, and back into alignment, with the Peace of God.

When awake, you see that every moment can become a reminder to you, that what you choose to focus on, you experience. Understand, that God being Love, will offer you as many opportunities as you need to remember this, that it is you who has control over your thoughts, mind and life, not the ego. Today, if you are being presented with what appears to be a stressful moment, do not despair or curse it, yourself or others, as the ego has programmed you to do, instead, remember that as God’s creation, you are worthy of peace, and then remember and trust, that God is on your side, and that all will turn out all right. Equally so, if you are presented with a situation where the ego demands that you  judge yourself or another, again remind yourself, that it is you are in control of your thinking, not the ego, and then offer forgiveness, to help bring you back into alignment with your natural state, the state of peace. Every moment, when properly perceived, is an opportunity to choose the peace of God, over the ego’s pain and fear based delusional mindset. Today, when an opportunity comes to you, that will help you recall the gift the each moment offers, remind yourself to thank the moment and all involved for this opportunity, and then make the conscious choice for peace. Remember that you are offering your gratitude to those that in the past the ego would have you curse, because they are helping you, in their own unconscious manners, practice making, the choice for peace. The more you choose to focus your thoughts on answering this world chaos, through Love’s expressions, the more you will see, that it is you, not this world of duality, that holds the cards. Yes my friend, it is you, what you choose to focus on, what you give your energy to, that you will experience, and so know that the world that you now find yourself in, is but the world that you have chosen to focus on and experience.

Today, let us note, that unless we place our focus on something, we can not experience it. Thus, the world that we experience, is not so much a reflection of what seems to be happening in the world, but a reflection of what about the world we are choosing to focus on. If we focus on the energies of anxiousness, worry and stress, then our world will become a reflection of these fear based patterns. Equally so, in this same world, if we place our full focus and trust in God, and achieve the state of peace by doing so, then this same once fearful world, becomes a world under God’s protection and guidance, reflecting only peace. It is in the end, our focus that drives our experience. It is in the end, us, who decide our levels of peace and clarity, or fear and chaos. This is free-will. The amount of peace or pain that we experience in this world, is after all is said and done, ours to decide.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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