Daily Inspiration: November 29. Mercy

Judgment, anger, resentment, hate and revenge help show us that the ego’s mindset and tools are not in alignment with our loving nature. They are here to show us that there is another way, a better and more compassionate way of interacting with each other. They are here to teach us about the everlasting availability of the mercy of God. They are here to remind us, as the creations and children of an All-Loving God that, through the gift of free will, we can choose once again. In any moment and interaction, we are capable of shining the light of mercy, even into the darkest crevasses of our own heart and mind. Today, let us shine the light of mercy onto our judgments of self and others. Let us continue to do so until we realize that mercy resides and is in alignment with our true eternal nature.

Even if it is just a seed of mercy that is planted by us into the ego’s hardened, desolate and unforgiving desert, that is what we will plant. Today, when any thought of judgment tries to pollute our minds, let us make the conscious decision to focus on this seed instead of the desert. Let us shade this seed with our time, water it with our focus, and nurture it with our energy. Today, we will reap what we sow. Today let us focus on planting the seeds that will one day feed and nourish our children. Little by little, with every thought we think and support, let us begin to turn this desolate desert into a Garden of Eden. Let us recall that all children are His children. All people His seeds, and so there is in truth no difference between His children and ours. All children, no matter how lost and confused they may be, being His children, our brothers and sisters, are forever equally worthy of a nourishing harvest.

How much of your life have you spent lost in the ego’s desolate and arid lands? How much of your precious time, focus and energy, have you sacrificed to judging self and other, anger, resentment, hate and revenge? How much more of your blood, sweat and tears are you willing to spill on the ego’s torn up battlefields? How much more pain and suffering do you need to put this world through? How much longer are you willing to defend the ego’s delusional mindset as real and true? When will enough finally be enough? My dear friend do not despair. There is another more gentle, kind, forgiving and loving way. There is a way that aligns you with the blessings of who in truth you are. There is a path that is forever lit by Love’s eternal flame. There is a sacred path that once on it you will recall it as One with the truth in you. On this path everyone you meet is your brother and sister. On this path the grace and mercy of God become your eternal companions. Beyond the vail, there is a path that embraces your heart, mind and soul. There is a path that gently guides you around any of the ego’s past pitfalls. You, my brother and sister as God’s creations are forever worthy of God’s inheritance. Mercy is just one of Love’s numerous treasures. Today, stop traveling down the ego’s dead end roads. Instead now follow a path that has been designed by the love, mercy and grace of God. My dear friend as God’s child and creation are forever worthy of His path. In any moment you can choose this more compassionate way. Today offer all others only what He would. Do so and begin to rediscover your peaceful, loving and forgiving nature. See His children only as He does and feel mercy’s blessings flowing through you and throughout your day.

Today, let us place down the ego’s cracked glasses and instead use God’s vision. God knows the perfect nature of all His creations. Nothing we could ever think, say or do, could ever change His mind about us. Who God created, He forever loves. And God created everyone and all. His mercy is based on the eternal perfect and loving nature of our soul. It is not based on the little dreams the body may experience while asleep to its true nature. Today, thanks to free will let us begin to consciously practice once again valuing our eternal nature more than the temporal. Let us value God’s mercy more than the ego’s tools of judgment, anger, resentment, hate and revenge. By doing so, aligned with The Divine, we will begin to reenergize the light within our minds, the mercy within our hearts, and the truth within our souls. Imagine a world where all of the ego’s illusionary tools are overlook simply because we recognize them as not real, not us. Imagine allowing God’s mercy to lead the way. What judgment filled burdens would we ever again need carry? How light and free would our steps become when we acknowledge that mercy forever walks hand in hand with us along the way? What imaginary wolf could ever blow our house down? Today, God’s mercy is the rock upon which we consciously choose to stand on and build our home upon? Today, when in doubt, when judgment tries to rule over you, recall that Love is The Architect of the Universe. Love and its expressions, such as those of mercy and grace, are His tools. Today, let us simply choose to aligned with the Divine. Let us breathe the clean, cool, gentle, sweet and loving air that mercy thanks to its eternal Source forever provides.

Today, if judgment of self or another tries to pollute your mind, see it as an opportunity to deny the ego, and instead align with and choose God’s mercy. Offer mercy when the ego’s world demands judgment and see and feel what a life without the burden of guilt and shame could look like. Love is your Creator and mercy is one of God’s many treasures. You are your Father’s treasure. Mercy and grace are your energetic brother and sister, your true and eternal companions. Today stop traveling the ego’s judgment-centered, dead-end roads. They have never led you to the peace and joy that is your true destination. The ego is the father of judgment, fear, chaos and confusion. The ego is their father, not yours. Today, accept your true Father’s inheritance. Follow God’s lead, drape yourself with mercy’s cape and become the hero of your journey.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (6)

Today I am overwhelmed being the Lord’s hands and feet. My life is so jumbled and half finished as I attend to the needs of loved ones in worse. Induction than I. So, I thank the Lord for His strength that is holding me up while the chaos reigns. I will rest on the assurance that nothing is too difficult for the Lord. Reading this post allowed those realizations and ministered my frayed nerves. You gave to me the Peace of the Lord. Thank you.

Thank you Teresa for being open to the message.

There will never be a moment in our experience that we have not co-design with the Divine. Every one of our steps is sacred and design with our best interest in mind, here to help us grow, heal and awaken. When we recall this, the state of peace results. When we learn to be appreciative of every step along our sacred path, then the state of peace becomes our eternal companion.

As many moments as you can today, stop, breathe deeply in the Peace of God, and recall that He is always with and within you.

Recall, that as God’s child and creation you are forever worthy of the Peace of God.

Recall, that Perfect Love always has your best interest in mind.

Recall, that because your life is guided by the Divine that all will turn out all right.

Recall, that this truth is true, and by doing so become a beacon of hope, healing and peace for others.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

I do understand your words and the concepts that you describe. I try very hard to follow them, especially with judgement but I do find it hard. I start each day with the best of intentions but I’m not often successful. I will keep trying though, each day is a new beginning. Thank you so much for your constant inspiration.

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message.

You can in truth only ever be the Love that God created you to be.

Perfection does not create failure, thus you can not fail to do what you have come here to do.

You are here to fulfill your function as the light of the world.

The more you practice being and sharing the love that you were created to be, the more normal, natural and thus easy, this way of being will become.

Do not despair, your path has been perfectly designed by the Creator of the Universe.

Today, when self-doubt comes calling, remember that every single moment allows us to begin anew.

Now, when judgment pops into your mind, see it as a call from God to once again align and unite with Him.

Take a moment to breathe in God’s love for you, and then offer God’s love to those the ego demands you judge.

Peace. JBC

Praise God, today’s inspiration has been a blessing to me. I am encouraged to see all God’s children as he sees them. Thank you

Thank you Shelly for being open to the message.

God’s children can only ever be the gifts that they were created to be. When we recognize this truth as true, peace results. When the state of peace becomes our response to our brothers and sisters we become a beacon of love, light, hope, mercy and grace to all those that God sends our way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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