Daily Inspiration: October 12. Releasing The Present From The Past And Future

The ego, unknown to most of us, has trained us to believe that being judgmental, anxious, fearful or angry within the present moment, within the now, are natural and normal responses, expressions and behaviors. What the ego does not tell us is that what it has actually trained us to do is to extend these past learned behaviors or programs into the present. When we behave in this manner, the ego is making us think we’re experiencing the present, when in actuality, all we are really doing, is reliving the past, or in other words, extending the past into the present. When we extend the past into the present, we live it over and over again, and then wonder why we keep repeating unhealthy patterns that don’t serve us. When we create a present like our past, we never truly get to experience what is really going on, the gifts that are forever being offered to us within the now. To truly experience the present moment as it was meant to be experience, we must free it from our past programming and future imaginings. The present moment is the non-divisible loving eternal expression of the presence of God. There is nothing real within the now, that does not represent, in some way, shape or form, God. Only the Love of God exists within the present moment, because only the Love of God is truly real. Love is the main expression of God, and when awake, the present moment is simply seen as a reflection of this truth. Today, when we are experiencing the programs of being judgmental, anxiousness, fear and anger, let us use them, not to continue to cover over the present moment, but instead to help us see, that this type of behavior is not producing the life we want. By doing so, we begin to learn to use the ego’s tools, not to separate us from each other, but instead to trigger in us the desire to unite with our Source, and express our loving nature. The more we practice overriding the ego’s programs, the more in control of our minds and lives we will be. When the ego tools, and there attachments to the past and future are released and let go, all that remains within the present moment, will be the presence of God.

Anytime that we are experiencing something other than Love and it’s expressions, such as  judgment of self and others, anxiety, fear and anger, let this be a sign to us that we are stuck in the past or fretting about the future. These energetic, emotional and physical expressions are all here to show us who we are not and what we do not want. For this greater self-awareness, let us offer them our gratitude. These expressions are not here to punish us for being bad, or to put us down for not being perfect, they are here simply to show us, that we are dreaming, asleep to our true nature. You do not need to continue to play the ego silly little judgment games, and put yourself or others down for being asleep. You simply need to recognize that you are sleeping, and then choose to awaken from your sleep. Free will, invites you to awaken, as gently as you choose to. Your awakening is not meant to be a rat race. Choose not to become judgmental, anxious, fearful or angry, about your awakening process and pace. Being Perfection’s creation, you will always awaken at your own perfect and sacred time and place. You will know when you have awaken, because you will no longer have a need to judge those who sleep. Only those who sleep, will in their dreams, desire to judge themselves, others or you. You, as God’s, Love’s creation, cannot be anything other than Love. Love does not judge, it only loves. When you are awake, you will realize that judging yourself or others is not necessary, for if God judges no one, then why would you? Seeing others, both those who are asleep or awake, as only Love, is a symbol of one who has awaken to the perfection of the now. Awaken, and when you do, you will finally begin to see everything as it truly is, and everyone as they were created to be.

Today, when the ego once again, tries to chain us to the past or have us fret over the future, let us choose not to continue to feed the ego’s mindset, but instead see it as a call from the Universe, asking us to return to the now. Let us practice using two of Love’s most useful expressions or tools to help release us from the past, set the future free, and align us with the present moment. These two tools are forgiveness and a trust in God. As we use forgiveness and trust, we will begin to see the ego’s mindset begin to dissolve before our light and understanding. Anytime that you bring Light into the darkness, darkness dissipates. Just as light makes darkness disappear, so too will returning to the present moment, make the past and future be gone. When the blocks to the awareness of the present moment are gone, what is left is what was truly forever there, the peace and joy of God. All judgments of self and others, anxiety, fear and anger, will be gone, once the past is forgiven and the future is placed fully in God’s hands. Forgiveness and trusting God remind us, that we have co-created our journey with Perfection, and thus everything in our lives is as it should be. Forgiveness and trusting God remind us, that every moment and interaction, is here to serve a greater good, and to help us reach a higher level of consciousness. When we recall that every step along our path is used by Love, for our good, growth, healing and awakening, what other than peace of mind, joy and gratitude, can we experience? Peace of mind, joy, gratitude, forgiveness and trust, these are all expressions of Love and our loving nature. These are all symbols that we have forgiven the past, place the future fully in God’s hands, and return our full focus to experiencing the perfection of the now, the now as it has been created for us by Love Himself, to be experienced.

Today, anytime that the ego is once again trying to drag us into the past or have us worry about the future, let us do the following five things: First, let us choose to no longer waste our time judging ourselves for thinking in this manner, for that only fuels the ego. Second, let us realize that because we have co-created our journey with God, that when any moment is fully understood, it is perfect for growth, healing and awakening. Third, let us use two of the main tools that God has offered us to release the past and future, and return to the now. One is forgiveness, forgive the past. The other is trust, place the future fully in God’s hands. Fourth, be grateful, not judgmental of self and others, that you are being given opportunities to practice aligning, through forgiveness and trust, with God’s mind. Fifth, understand that the more you practice aligning with God, the more worthy you will find that you are of the present moment, of Him and His eternal gifts.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Hello, my name is Laurie. I’ve read your Inspirations for a year or so. I love them & try to use them as tools in my own life. I am very grateful for my weekly inspirations. Today I read this to my 22 year old son & had a great discussion about it. We both agreed with you. Thank you & God bless you.

Thank you Laurie for your kind words and for being a member of our community.

It is my honor that you are open to these messages.

May you continue to be a bright light for your son and for this world.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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