Daily Inspiration: October 21. You Can Create as Your Creator Created

You are your Creator’s creation, here to create as He created. Love is your Creator, and thus you are here to create through the energy of Love. Anytime you are creating through the energy of Love, you will feel fulfilled. This occurs because you are doing what you came here to do. Love has numerous expressions such as compassion, kindness, forgiveness, peace and joy. Anytime you’re in alignment with Love’s expressions, you are in alignment with the truth in you, with your function here on Earth. Today, look within and see which of Love’s expressions feel most aligned with your true essence in the moment. Then focus on bringing them out into the physical form. You need not concern yourself over which of Love’s expression you are meant to focus on, be and offer today. The present moment when you truly listen will always be advising you which expression you are meant to represent and share. Sometimes the moment will ask you to bring joy into your interactions. Other times it will ask you to become a light of hope to another. Still other times it might be asking you to show forgiveness when the ego’s world is insisting that you must judge and condemn. Whatever God in the present moment is asking you to represent and share do your best to listen and follow Divinity’s will. His will and your highest will are in truth One. You are here to represent your Creator on Earth. When unsure what that expression should be very simply ask Him, Love to guide you. When you allow Love to guide you, you show humility. It is humility that opens your heart and mind to the gifts available to you within the now.  Love and its expressions are His gift to you. You are God’s gift to this planet. Be who you were created to be. In truth nothing more than this is ever asked of you.

Today, let us simply be who we were created to be and let go of everything else. The ego has taught us to worship false idols. The ego has programmed us to believe that what it wants we want. Yet when we achieve those things they offer us no lasting value.  Anything that seems to try to place itself in opposition to Love are the ego’s false idols. Judgment, anger, hate, greed, power, control, these are all false idols, all unworthy of the truth in you. Your true power comes from being and sharing the love that you are. It does not come from anything this world has to offer. You can indeed choose the things of this world, this is free will. But if you do so know that you are exchanging everything for nothing. Nothing, no matter in how many pretty little shapes, sizes and forms, it seems to come in, is still nothing. Nothing can never offer you the peace of mind, joy and fulfillment you truly want. You are here in this world to help awaken yourself and then others to our true loving nature. You are not here to join like zombies the ego’s production line. This is not truly an outward journey but an internal one. It is the light you will rediscover within that will help others truly see. Every step of your journey is here to serve you. Each step is here to help you move to higher levels of consciousness and a conscious alignment with the love that is your eternal essence. Yes, you are on a journey. But your true journey is not one of distance or accumulation. It is a journey from forgetfulness to remembrance. If you have forgotten and thus feeling lost and confused, lonely and separated from your Source, do not despair. You feel this way not because you are bad or unworthy. You feel this way because you have forgotten your true nature and The Fountain from where you truly flow from. Today, do not despair but rejoice. Rejoice that every moment allows you through God’s grace to choose again and begin anew.

Today, nothing is asked of you but to be who you were created to be. Being who you were created to be is an effortless accomplishment. What you might be finding hard to do is trying to be anything other than who you were created to be. Who you were created to be is everything that is real and true. Who the ego has sold you to think you are is nothing that in truth has any value within reality. It is impossible to make something out of nothing. This is why you may be feeling lonely, sad, depressed, frustrated, angry and unfulfilled. To begin to let go of all these false concepts that reside within you simply stop focusing on nothing as something. Simply recall that focusing on nothing gives you nothing. Instead, focus on everything, the Love of God, and all your heart’s desires and dreams will come true. They will come true because you will be very aligning yourself with your true purpose and function here on Earth.   Become who you were created to be. Become an energetic expression, extension and physical reflection of your Creator, of the love that is your eternal essence and nature. Close the book on the ego’s fairy tale and become the hero of your own journey. Rediscover your true journey, a voyage without distance to a place you have never left. Today, give up nothing and receive everything in return. Give up the false idols that this world places so high on its faulty unstable mantle. In their place receive and experience the everlasting solid foundation of the peace, love and joy of God. Everything that you would ever need to become who you came here to be resides within you now. No longer search out there for this world’s treasures.  The true treasure is not “out there”. It is within you in the knowledge of who in truth you are.

Today, pay attention to the now to know which expression of Love you are being asked to represent and share. There are times that you will be asked to bring joy. Other times, to offer hope and healing. Still other times, to represent the mercy of God on Earth. All these Divine expressions reside within you now. Today, those who truly thirst for truth will be placed upon your path. Allow not one being to pass by you without offering them a drink from Love’s well. Every thought, word, reaction and interaction you share with them will either quench their thirst and invigorate their journey, or leave them feeling lost, alone and hasten their fall. Being all One, when you quench their thirst, you will feel satisfied and fulfilled. Deny their thirst, and it will be you who will find yourself in a lonely and desolate desert of your own making.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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I have come to learn that material things are just a part of our material world as we are, in this physical world, but it is how we interact with them and appreciate them that makes all the difference. There are so many ways to appreciate things, as well as not appreciate them if they are bad for our bodies or Mother Earth, or are unethical in some way that is brought to our attention. When you understand this, you don’t lust for things as much, and aren’t looking outside for gratification, but love and appreciate people’s beautiful creations and ethical businesses. I like to lead my day with love, passion, fascination, and inspiration as much as possible and see where that takes me. If I am out of alignment with that frequency, as you have said, I am not “bad”, just out of alignment with love, or who I really am in the broader perspective.

Thank you MimiLee for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Love is who you in truth are and will forever be. Every moment is given to you to appreciate and share the love, that in numerous forms, you are here to represent. In silence listen to what the moment is asking of you. It will share its secrets with you, if you are willing to listen. It will tell you what it needs from you, if you are willing to offer it to others. It will lead you to a place of perfect peace and understanding, if you are willing to humble yourself and allow love, the truth in you, to lead the way.

You can in truth only forever be the love that you were created to be. Passion, fascination and inspiration, are all aspects of Love. Be them in your own unique and sacred ways. When you forget to be them, do not despair or judge yourself as guilty. Instead simply innocently smile, stop placing your time, focus and energy on who you are not, and then gently choose once again.

Today, imagine every moment, no matter how the ego tries to paint it, as being a gift from The Universe to you. Once you recall that this is true, gratitude will become your response to everything, everyone and all.

Today, in silence sit with your Source. Breathe deeply. Invite the Holy wind to whisper to you. Ask to remember what you have forgotten. Become who you came here to be. Then through your example, light the way for those who are finding it too hard to see.

Peace. JBC

Hi, love the daily sharing s ….would love you watch your videos but they are very hard to hear…anyway you could make them louder.
Oh, I love your book

Thank you Barbara for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Thank you for your kind words.

Will see what we can do about the volume for you.

Peace. JBC

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