Daily Inspiration: October 31. Unloving Thoughts are but Masks We Wear

Unloving and unforgiving thoughts and emotions, are but symbolic masks we wear. These masks subdue and can even block, our true loving nature and light. These mask come in many disguises, such as those of judgment, frustration, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate, revenge and guilt. All these are not the truth in us, but they do hide the truth, in us. We have come here to be and express our light, not to hide it. These mask are sowed together, by the unloving and unforgiving thoughts and emotions, that we hold about ourselves and others. The ego, in an attempt to hide our true loving nature from us, has programmed us to believe, that it is only from its masks, that we can choose. It is through these false identities, that we are viewing and experiencing this world. Yet, let us not despair, for thanks to God’s gift of free will, we can in any moment, choose between these false identities and who in truth we are, the eternal loving light within. When you look at the world, that through your masks you see, do not be surprise if fear is the thought or emotion that you most seem to encounter, for that is what the ego has programmed us to see. Fear fuels the ego. Fear makes you want to hide behind its masks. All unloving and unforgiving thoughts and emotions are symbols of this fear. Heal your mind, and you will heal your thinking, and thus what you see. Heal your thinking, drop the masks that you for so long have thought of as yourself, and the world you see, will once again begin to shine. It is the healed world that you have come here to be an example of and share. But to do so, you must first deprogram yourself, forgive any thought of self or other that you hold more dear than your eternal loving essence, than who God created you to be.

We have for so long played within the ego’s fairy tale, that we have forgotten the character we are playing. You are not in truth a character that can, wants to, or needs to experience this world through the ego’s masks of judgment, frustration, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate, revenge and guilt. You are not a character at all. You are not here to represent fear, darkness or despair. All that you could ever in truth be, is the Love that God is. If God and Love, are not your current experience or expression, then let that be a sign to you, that you are seeing this world through the ego’s mask and thus have fallen down the ego’s rabbit hole. But do not judge yourself nor despair, you are not a little scared boy or girl, you may unconsciously be acting like one, but know that the part that you are playing, is not, nor could ever be, the truth in you. You are and have forever been, a light filled loving great and powerful soul. The ego’s illusionary world will dissolve and forever fade away before your light and understanding. You seem to have woken up in this dark and scary world, and so you hide behind illusionary masks that you have been programmed to believe protect you from the mess the ego has made. Today, choose to awaken from the ego’s nightmare and you will need its masks no longer. Today, take the opportunities that you receive from viewing the world through the ego’s masks, to notice how unlike the world that the ego has made is to your loving light.  Remind yourself, that you as God’s creation, are here to create as God created, through Love. Today, align your thoughts with Love, and begin to create and see the world you want, and are as God’s child, forever worthy of experiencing.

Today, let us not be distracted by the loud and expressive colors of the ego’s masks. Today, let us not judge others or ourselves as the ego would demand we do. Instead, let us learn that judgment of self and others, is just a symbol that shows us, when we are viewing and experiencing this world through the ego’s masks. Then let us use this signal, to help us see, that we are acting, not as who in truth we are, but as who the ego has programmed us to be. Becoming aware that we are being someone we are not, is of extreme use in helping us turn the corner, and return us to being, who we came here to be. Let us be grateful, that we have become self-aware enough to see, when we are and are not being, who we came here to be. Let us use this self-awareness, as a signal to forgive our misperceptions, and by doing so, consciously align with and once again become, an expression of our eternal loving essence. The masks you have worn, have for a time, hidden your truth from you. But little by little, as you make the conscious choice to align with your light, these masks will feel less comfortable to wear. Soon, you will tire of wearing these mask, of hiding your eternal loving nature, and decide to take them off. There is a new world that awaits you, that once you put down your masks, will only reflect the Love of God. There is a Heavenly experience on Earth, that awaits your choice. The child in you has grown to a point, where the ego’s fairy tale no longer scares her. Now, you no longer need to hide behind masks because you no longer need to protect yourself from the ego’s illusionary mindset and world. Today, through your loving nature, share with others, that the child of God does not need to hide behind the ego’s false concepts and masks. Do so, and begin to see yourself, this world and others, exactly as God created us to be.

Today, when an unloving or unforgiving thought pops up, do not put yourself down for experiencing this world as the ego has programmed you to do. Instead simply realize, that you are seeing this world in such a manner, because you are looking through the ego’s judgment-focused mask. Take off your ego’s mask, put it down, forgive and heal. When you do so, your light will no longer be blocked, and it will therefore reflect on everyone and all. By doing so, you will begin to represent God, Love on Earth. Now, when unloving or unforgiving thoughts or emotions pop up, you will not condemn yourself or others, instead you will use these thoughts and emotions as signs that show you, that you have once again put on the ego’s mask. Then once again, you will gently take it off, put it down, forgive and heal. You, as God’s creation, do not belong hiding behind a mask. You, light in physical form, are here to reflect your loving nature on everyone and all, and for that you need no mask, but instead simply to be, who you were created to be.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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