Daily Inspiration: September 17. You Will Never Be Judged By Anyone’s Truth

God is Love and All. The truth in all of us is Love, therefore being that Love is All, judgment is not a real aspect of the truth in us. Energies such as those of judgment, that place themselves in opposition to All, are in truth nothing, not real. It is only when we are buying into the ego’s mindset and fairy tales as real, that we buy into the false concept of judgment as true. Our truth could never judge, because judgment is not an aspect of our truth. Since we are all One, no one’s truth could ever judge you. Only when you are buying into the ego’s fairy tales as true, could you ever believe that others could judge you. Because no one else in reality can judge you, there is no need to defend ourselves against other people’s judgments of us. When you think that you are upset because others have judge you, you are not really upset at them or their judgments, for in truth their judgments are not real, who you are really are upset with is yourself, for buying into the ego’s false concepts as true. Only the illusionary or sleeping part in you, that believes in the ego’s dreams, can ‘act’ upset at nothing. The ego and its mindset and tools, placing themselves in opposition to Truth, are not real. The ego being nothing, is always doing nothing. Nothing, cannot upset you, unless you believe that nothing is something. Nothing cannot do anything to everything, to All. Illusions cannot do anything to, or really affect, Truth. When truth is aligned with and fully knows itself, illusions cannot affect it. Now, when truth is not fully align with or recognizes itself, then yes, illusions can affect it, because here truth does not fully recognize illusions as false. Lies and deception can never affect truth, because lies, deceptions and its symbols such as judgment, all come from the same illusionary source, the ego’s mindset. The ego will appear and feel only as real as you think that it is. The more you think the ego and its mindset are real, the more they can affect you. The less you believe the ego and its mindset are real, the less they will affect you. Thus, the thing that really affects you, is not what others do, but if you believe that what others are doing to you, is real or not.

The only thing your truth can ever truly do is love. The only thing you can truly do to others, and they to you, is love each other. Forgiveness as an expression of Love is real, thus the truth in them, has not only not judged you, but also has already forgiven you. When awaken to your true nature, even forgiveness will not be needed, because you will understand that no one can judge you. When you awaken and recall that only love is real, what need would you again have for judgment or forgiveness?  The awaken mind, has remembered, that judgment is nothing, and so it does not need to react to or defend itself against it. It is only the sleeping part in you, the ego-self, that sees judgment as real. Yet, let us not despair, for we can only remain asleep for so long, buying into the ego’s nightmares as real, before we get tired of sleeping, and choose to awaken. When we awaken, we will no longer need to judge those who sleep. We will simply allow them to sleep as long as they think they need to, because we will know that they too, sooner or later, will get tired of sleeping and awaken. When the sleeping awaken, they will also equate judgment to nothing. But until they awaken, they will carry around their judgments of self and others, until they get sick and tired of their weight and burden. When they finally realize, that what they carry they do not need, it is then that they will awaken to the realization that judgment, regardless of how much false power it seems to give them, offers them nothing they truly want. Only forgiveness can offer and awaken them to the freedom that they seek. Only forgiveness can return them back into alignment with their loving nature.

Today, let us no longer waste away our lives investing in judgment, for when we do, we are in essence getting nothing in return for our investment. Let us instead, remember that judgment, just like everything else that is in opposition to Love, is nothing, and thus has no true value. Nothing, is not worthy of our time, focus, energy or effort. Let us instead invest our time, focus, energy and effort, on becoming the physical expressions and examples, that helps reminds others, that only Love is real. Today, when others judge us, let us no longer buy into and fuel their fantasies. Instead, let us remember that in reality, they are doing nothing to us. Understanding that in truth they are doing nothing to us, smile lovingly upon them, as you would do when you see a child playing some illusionary game. Our smile, will not be condescending, will not in any way put them down or raise ourselves above them. Our smile, will come from a place of perfect peace, love, understanding and gratitude, because we now know, that all they are in truth doing is, helping us recall that only the truth, the love in us is true. The more we practice viewing them through love, the more they are helping us recall our loving nature. What else but gratitude could you ever have for a brother or sister who is only helping you recall who in truth you are? Someone who is helping you, practice being the love that you in truth are, deserves your gratitude, not your judgment. Remember today, the love you feel as you watch your children sleep, then thank your children for showing you how to lovingly look upon all your brothers and sisters, who still can only judge you, while they sleep.

Today, when others judge us, let us remember, that God is Love and All, and so their judgments, placing themselves in opposition to All, can not be true. Let us then thank them, for offering us the opportunities to practice, seeing and understanding the false as false. Awake, we no longer need to buy into the false as true. We who know we are love and Love’s creation, need not defend ourselves against some imaginary thought or dream that someone else is having of us. Their truth, being only Love, can only in truth love us. And so, if someone does anything but love us, now we know that it is not the truth or awaken part in them that is doing so, it is simply the sleeping part in them that can do such a thing, for only in dreams can the false appear to be real. And only if we ourselves are sleeping, and buying into their dreams as real, can we in turn, judge them back.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (5)

Thank you. I needed this.

Thank you Donna for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

When we are taking those judgements and criticism too seriously . .it is a good sign we are identifying too much with our bodies and not enough with our soul. I think we can tell where we are at based on our ability to love and BE love . ..if we can’t do that we have attached ourselves too much to this world .

This post has opened my eyes, just a little, enough to realize and understand that all things in due time will always return to love; because everything is a form of love being expressed in different ways. So instead of responding in anger, love that judgmental person in return. Their judgments do not and will not ever define the person you were, are currently, or will be. Forever and always, just love.

Thank you Myonna for your comment, for being open to the message and a member of our community. You are forever Love, and because we are all One, so too is everyone who is ever presented to you. Peace. JBC

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