Daily Inspiration: January 13. Reducing Self-Judgment

Imagine, a day when you finally begin to realize and see, how every single step along your path, no matter how much the ego had programmed you to judge it, was and is, a perfect and sacred co-creation with God. When we have taken some time to look back at our past, we can begin to see, how most experiences, in one form or another, help us become more mature and self-aware beings. Now imagine, having the Vision of God, and being able to look far enough back and forward, to see how all decisions, regardless of their outward manifestations, helped lead you to a better understanding of, and alignment with, your true eternal loving nature, what need for judgment of self and others, would you again ever have? This understanding helps us begin to realize, how each and every step along our path, was a gift, that we were allowing ourselves to experience, in order to help us reach a higher level of consciousness. If we, thanks to every step along our path, were able to reach a place of greater peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding, would these experiences alone and together, not be call successful? Now, when we’ve had enough time to look back at our past, we can start to notice, how what the ego made us define as ‘mistakes,’ ‘sins,’ or ‘errors,’ have in actuality become some of our greatest growth opportunities, wisdom and life lessons. If we can obtain peace now, simply because of our better understanding of the service that our past provided, can we not also obtain peace now, knowing that in the future, we will only look back at every step along our path, as helpful? Understanding the useful nature of each moment, helps us reduce our judgments of self and others. Developing a greater trust in the sacred and useful nature of each and every step along the way, helps us de-programmed ourselves from our own judgments. For when we see our journey as perfect and sacred, and thus each step along it as useful, our need to judge ourselves as less than or not good enough, begins to fade away and dissolve, before our light and understanding.

You, your whole self, your whole life’s journey, is what you have come into this world to experience, express and share. You would not be who you are today, if it were not for each experience, both the so-called good and bad, that you once had. Once this is seen and understood as true, would gratitude not be the proper response to your whole life experience? It is this life experience as a whole, that will help you become an example to others, that their own challenges can be overcome. Understanding this, your past darkest times and now become your brightest light. If you are able to use the bad experiences to help others overcome their own struggles, then were your bad experiences ever really bad in the first place? Would those you help not be grateful for your fortitude? Is your fortitude not due to overcoming your challenges, and so is gratitude not the appropriate response to your past experiences, for strengthening your resolve? What point would there be, to judge something in your experience as bad, if after all was said and done, it simply helped you become a stronger and wiser person, and help you set a better example for others to follow. When you go through difficult times and see your way through them, it is your actual life example that you can use as a communication tool with others, and show them how they too, can overcome. They will, in their own time, thanks in part to you, overcome their own challenges, and it will be because they went through what they went through, that they will be able to, in more detail, help others. And so in the end, not only did you overcome your challenges, and help some overcome theirs, but also those people you helped will help others, and so you may very well be helping some you will never meet, at least in this world. And so those difficult times that you once judge yourself and others so harshly for, have now, not only become a gift to you that you can share, but also a gift to others, and to those that they will one day touch.

Today, let us practice ending our own self-judgments, by making the conscious choice to decline the ego demands to judge others. For we are all One, and so when you get to practice ending your judgments of ‘others’, what you are teaching yourself is, that your own self-judgments should also end. What an incredible burden will be lifted off our shoulders, when we learn to decline the ego demands for judgment. Others, as children of God, will grow in the best way they know how, and so to will you. There will come a day when we will see how every moment we had, was a gift we offered to ourselves and to this world, in order to help us all grow, heal and awaken. Until that day comes, let us practice letting go of judgment’s burden, by recalling that we are worthy of peace. Today, when the need to judge self or others crosses our minds, we simply recall where these dead-end roads take us, decline their request, forgive self and others, and return to aligning with the state of peace. The more we practice ending our judgments, the more we will start to understand them as the gifts that they were, and the more grateful we will become to those who were a part of our past. You will then start to admire how perfect your journey truly was and  is, and that it is obviously perfect, because you have co-created it with Perfection Himself. In this more self-aware and awaken state, gratitude now starts to become your response to every moment. Now, when you are grateful for the moment, you realize that you are seeing it as it truly is. And when you are not grateful for the moment, then you know that you are simply misperceiving its usefulness. As you begin to see only the gifts that are being presented to you in each and every moment, your judgments of self and others will begin to dissolve, back into the nothingness from which they came.

Today, when the ego is once again trying to have us judge ourselves and our journey, let us simply pause, recall where its dead-end roads take us, decline its request, forgive our misperceptions, and begin to trust in the sacred nature of the journey that we have co-created with God. Let us also recall, that God being Perfect can only create perfectly, and therefore sooner or later, we will understand and be appreciative of how every single step, along our sacred path, manifested itself for our good. Non judgment and gratitude for the moment, now become symbols of one who has remembered the perfect nature of the journey that they have co-created with God. Judgment and a lack of gratitude, become symbols that we are simply misperceiving the useful and sacred nature of the present moment. Judgment of self and others, now become a symbol of forgetfulness, and acceptance of self and others becomes a symbol of one who has remembered the perfect nature of their journey.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Renee

    With the understanding that l/we are we’re meant to be, brings peace. Thank you.

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