Daily Inspiration: January 29. Gratitude and the Gift of Free Will

Today, let us offer God gratitude for the gift of free will. The gift of free will gives you the power to see, experience, and participate in this life exactly as you so choose to. No longer do we need to be victims to the ego’s past programming. No longer must we do things or think of others in ways dictated to us by our past programming, society, our friends or family. No longer must we bow down to judgment, frustration, anger, and thoughts of revenge, simply because the ego insist that these are the proper and appropriate responses to God’s creations. No longer must we support a tired old mindset that has never brought us true peace of mind, joy, and understanding. This world’s neutrality is broken by how we ourselves choose to see and define it. We can, thanks to free will, define it as helpful, as useful for our growth, healing and awakening, and thus see it with peace of mind, joy and understanding. Yet equally so, we can experience those same events as being injurious to us, and thus become upset, sad, depress and hurt by our life experience. And so you see, it is not the outside world that truly aligns us with the energies of peace, joy, understanding, upset, sadness, depression and hurt, it is our interpretation of the events in our lives that do, and thus the power of which way we will see, participate and interact in this world is purely up to us, our free will. It may at first seem like a heavy task to bear, that it is up to us how much peace of mind and joy we experience in this world, but once you truly think of it, it is a wonderful gift to have, to have the keys to our own peace of mind and joy, the keys to every thought and emotion you ever entertain, basically the keys to your own freedom from the ego’s mindset, from a thought system that is totally foreign to your true eternal loving nature.

Let us today recall that God is Love and All. If God is Love and All, then why would we ever consciously choose to experience this world in any other way then through Love and its numerous expressions such as through peace, joy and understanding. The only reason that we would, is because we would have bought into another thought system as more true than God’s. But if this other thought system, which we call the ego, a mindset that is fuel by judgment and is apart from What Is All, then can the opposite of All truly exist? It obviously cannot in truth exist. Yet still, this illusionary tale that the false can be real, has through generations, set itself up within our minds and has now on most occasions, become our first response. At first this tale was told as a humorous fairy tale where there could be something apart from All. This humorous fairy tale was repeated time after time, read to us over and over again, until one day we actually forgot to laugh, and that’s when it seeped into our minds as possibly being something other than a fairy tale. All that the ego’s mindset is, every thought of judgment of self and others, of frustration, stress, anger, resentment and revenge, were all once just but fairy tales, that once we forgot to laugh at them, we began to think of them as real. And so imagine all mental and emotional pain and anguish as just lies that we have been, through generations, taught as true. There is no one really to blame for these teachings, for those who first taught us illusions as true have left us all long ago. It is now simply our task, the task of those who are beginning to awaken, to see humor in humorous fairy tales, and not to continue to see them as facts. It is time that when we see something in our experience as other than helpful and useful for our growth, healing and awakening, we laugh, stop supporting it as true, and let it go. It is by doing so, through our example, that we will help others awaken from dreams where they still see and support fairy tales as true.

Today, let us use the gift of free will to benefit all of us. Today, let us use free will to take our power back from the ego’s program. Where the ego has programmed us to see guilt, we will instead choose to see innocence. Where it insists that judgment is justified, we will instead choose to offer forgiveness. When the ego demands we worry ourselves into a state of stress, we will instead choose to fully trust God’s plan and experience peace. When the ego requires we bring up the past or concern ourselves with the future, we will instead return our focus to the present moment, knowing that we have co-created our sacred journey with God, and so all, in the end, will be all right. Today, let us also offer gratitude to our brothers and sisters for every time they bring up the opportunities for us to practice, support, and defend our free will, thus reinforcing our independence from the ego. Yes, every time we get to practice using forgiveness over judgment, trust in God over worry, and seeing innocence over guilt, it is because our brothers and sisters have join us on our journey, and made through their participation in our lives, these possibilities possible. It is thanks to their participation in our life that we are getting closer to remembering, awakening to who in truth we are. What else but gratitude could we in all honesty offer such beings? And so today, as we offer thanks to God for gifting us free will, freedom, we also are thankful to all our brothers and sisters for their participation in our growth, healing, and awakening, for helping us, finally set ourselves, truly and forever free from a mindset that we no longer need or want.

Today, when any of the ego’s lies demand to be seen as true, let us acknowledge how blessed we are that we have being given the gift of free will, the final say on what we choose to support as true and thus experience. By doing so, we practice taking greater personal responsibility for how we are seeing, reacting and interacting, with this world and those in it. No longer do we blame others for how we are choosing to feel or react to them, because now we have remembered that it is we, who through free will, can in every moment reinforce, that our peace of mind and joy is more valuable to us then any past programming that says that we have to act and react in ways that take away and destroy our ability to be peaceful and joyful. By becoming more personally responsible for our feelings, emotions and reactions, we strengthen our free will, and by doing so help remind others that their own peace of mind and joy are always just a simple choice away.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Chrystal Bergeron
    Chrystal Bergeron01-29-2016

    This meant so much to me and really brightened my day today! Thank you so much for this inspiration today!!

  2. Jayne Baron
    Jayne Baron01-29-2016

    This message resounds as my own truth, as I accept and embody it. Deep gratitude~

  3. Lynda

    Thank you for this message. It brought me back to balance.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros01-29-2017

      Thank you Lynda. Let us always practice and support what we ourselves desire to experience. Peace. JBC

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