Understanding the ‘Acts’ of Frustration and Anger

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Understanding the ‘Acts’ of Frustration and Anger

Video message based on Facebook post of October 9:

When we ‘act’ with frustration and anger towards another, it is because the ego is trying to separate us from our truth. What the ego does not share with us is that when we do this we are blocking our awareness of the God/Source presence within us. Many times these blocks need to be seen and experienced before they are fully understood. Once fully understood then they can be dismantled. To be better able to see these blocks, our sister volunteered to be use as a target, for us to project what is within us out. Once seen through forgiveness the blocks to our awareness of love’s presence are dismantled, and all that remains is the presence of love, our true nature. It is our sister, the one we think we are upset with, who is offering us the opportunity to recall the presence of God in us. Should we not be offering gratitude instead of viciousness to our sister for such a gift? Today let us choose to remember this next time the ego demands we use frustration and anger against another.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

    Note: Please forgive us for any grammatical/punctuation mistakes in the above text. This is from an unedited Facebook post that will be fully edited when we include it in a book of daily inspirational messages.   

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