Invitation #10 – Reconnecting With A Loved One

Chapter 11:  Dreams, Prayer, Out-of-Body Experiences and Meditation

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

  • Before going to bed, sit on a chair next to or near your bed.
  • Take 10 deep, slow breaths. With each intake, feel light coming in and filling your body. With each release, feel the stresses of the day also being released.
  • Breathe normally. Concentrate on the top of your head. Fill it with light and feel it getting heavier and more relaxed. Then do the same with your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and chin. Feel those parts of your body getting heavier and more relaxed.
  • Next, do the same and spend a little time with your neck, shoulders, chest, back, stomach, thighs, calves and feet. Fill them with light and feel them getting heavier and more relaxed.
  • Say a few prayers. Any prayers are fine, especially ones that come directly from your heart.
  • Invite in your guides (you need not know who they are) or any self-actualized being with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Bring forward whatever problem it is you are worried about. Speak from your heart. Ask for guidance in regard to the issue you are dealing with. Be open to receiving guidance, be it through dreams, thoughts or other means. (In this instance, I told Norma to ask to receive peace with regard to Texas’ passing, and to be open to whatever she believed she needed to ask, however she needed to ask for it.)
  • Have faith that you have been heard and that you will receive an experience or response with regard to your question.
  • Be silent for a while. Feel the light that surrounds you. Feel the peace and gratitude that surrounds you.
  • Offer gratitude for the time you have spent in this peaceful place with your guides and friends. Offer thanks for their assistance with this issue.
  • Slowly begin to move your hands and feet. Begin to move the rest of your body. Open your eyes. Go to bed. Sleep.

This invitation will work. This invitation will bring you more peace with regard to whatever issue you bring to light. Trust, speak from the heart, listen and be open – nothing more is asked of you. You may do this invitation as many nights as you wish. The more you do it, the more connected you will feel. The more you bring problems and issues to light, the easier they will be for you to see, work on and resolve. The more you bring problems and issues to light, the less you will worry about them during the day and the more peace you will experience. The more you bring problems and issues to light, the more you’ll feel connected to this light, the more gratitude will be offered and the more grateful you will feel.

After Norma performed the exercise, she felt much more at peace. The next morning, she excitedly told me about an experience she had while asleep. She told me that she knew she had an experience while asleep, and she could not refer to it as a dream because it just seemed too real. In the middle of the night, she felt herself being lifted. Soon she found herself in a never-ending green field. She mentioned that it was the most beautiful green she ever remembered seeing. In the distance, she saw something running toward her. In a few moments, she realized that it was Texas! Not the old Texas, that could barely walk, but a much younger and vibrant Texas. This Texas was running like he did back in his fetching days. Norma was so happy to see him that tears of joy started running down her cheeks. Then, as Texas came closer, he jumped into Norma’s arms. Norma was still standing up, thus this jump must have been about three feet off the ground. As I mentioned before, Texas had never been much of an athlete, and this three-foot jump probably beat his best Earth jump by about three feet! It was obvious that Texas was doing very well. Texas and Norma rolled around the grass and played for a while. Then a very happy Norma and a very happy Texas both said goodbye. Norma told me the story with tears in her eyes, but they were no longer tears of sadness and pain but tears of gratitude and joy.

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