Chapter 11:  Dreams, Prayer, Out-of-Body Experiences and Meditation

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

I will briefly touch on one more case where this invitation was helpful. It involved my brother Roberto and his dog Pluto. Pluto was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a beautiful, caramel-colored, 80-pound dog with a powerful bark. But his powerful bark was no contest to the kindness and gentleness of his heart. He was a purebred dog, from a very well-known and respected breeder. Pluto’s life span should easily have reached 10 years. But as life would have it, at a year and a half of age, we found out that he had bone cancer. The last six months of his life, Pluto slowly deteriorated. Both my mother and Roberto were having a difficult time with this experience.

Three months after the diagnosis, my brother asked me to see if spiritually I could do something for Pluto. At the time, my brother lived with my mother in Miami, Florida and I was living in Caracas, Venezuela. I meditated as in the previous invitation, and soon left my body. I found myself in the kitchen, in Miami where Pluto would sleep. I saw how his right front leg had been bandaged. I came closer to him and began doing Reiki (energy healing) with my hands. But whenever I began, he would walk away. I tried three times, but each time he walked away. This told me that he didn’t want the treatment done, which indicated that he was ready to go back home. I left and returned to my body. The next day, I told Roberto about my experience, that I believed that Pluto was ready to go home, and that the most humane thing would be to put him to sleep. This was very difficult for my brother to hear and impossible for my mom.

Another month passed with Pluto suffering, barely able to walk. My brother and mother again took him to the vet, and the vet advised them that the most humane thing they could do was to put him to sleep. Again, this was very difficult for them to hear, as they were not yet ready to let him go. Two more weeks passed, and I knew that things must have been really rough because now my mother was calling to see if I could do something “spiritual” to help Pluto. I told her that it was just time to let him go back home, but she would have none of that. In the end, I promised her that I would see what I could do. So, once again, I meditated and used the invitation. I soon found myself on a dock. As I sat down to understand what was going on, I saw Pluto heading toward me. But Pluto was not alone, he was with another dog that I got the distinct impression was Pluto’s guide dog. He was a smaller, black, hairier dog. He looked a lot like a big poodle. I found the combination very strange, but was made to understand that this was the dog that would help him with his transition. I sat on the dock as Pluto and the other dog came to me. They stopped, looked at me, made me understand something, then got on a boat. As they boarded the boat, they turned back to me and mentally asked me to release them from the dock. I got up from where I was sitting, and untied the ropes on the bow and stern of the boat. I threw the ropes onto the boat and the boat departed. I understood that Pluto was ready to leave and that it was only a matter of my mother and brother letting him go. They seemed to be asking for my assistance in this effort. The next day, I expressed my experience to my brother and mother and told them that I believed that they should allow Pluto to go. They seemed to understand, but they still could not put him to sleep.

In the last month of Pluto’s life he could not walk. My brother and mother spent a lot of time with him but it was of no physical use. This last month did allow them the mental and spiritual peace of mind that there was no other way, but they still suffered.

Finally, they were ready to let him go. My brother took Pluto to the vet. He stayed with Pluto throughout the injection process, and he was with Pluto as he closed his eyes and slept. The whole experience was very difficult and draining. I offered them both a way they might better deal with the pain. My brother took my advice but my mother didn’t. I offered my brother the invitation, and he took it to heart and tried it.

He did it in the middle of the afternoon and then went to take a nap. Before waking from the nap he found himself again in the vet’s office, right before the final injection. He mentioned that the clarity of the experience made it almost seem real. The vet’s office was just like it was in those last moments. But this time he could really see everything that went on. This time when the vet injected Pluto, my brother again saw Pluto close his eyes. But this time, he watched as Pluto’s soul slowly raised itself above the physical body. Then the soul, still in dog form began to walk away on an upward 45 degree angle from the body. My brother saw in the distance a small, light-filled circle. Pluto was now walking toward this circle. The circle seemed to be at the end of a tunnel. In between the circle and Pluto, there appeared a smaller, black-haired dog. As soon as Pluto reached this dog, he turned around and looked at Roberto. They connected eye to eye one more time. Roberto said Pluto kind of smiled at him. Then Pluto and the dog began running toward the light and Roberto mentioned that they seemed to jump up through it. After they went into the light, Roberto woke up. He immediately called me and told me about his experience. Roberto received a great amount of inner peace, thanks to the experience and the knowledge that Pluto would not only be okay, but that he would not be alone.

A year and a half later, Roberto, being a big dog lover, researched and looked for another dog. After much thought, he finally settled on a Portuguese water dog, a dog he could put on his kayak, and swim with. The Portuguese use these dogs for fishing. They go with the Portuguese fishermen on their boats to help retrieve fish that fall through the nets. The Portuguese also use these dogs to send messages between boats. These dogs look like big black poodles, something you probably should never mention to Roberto or any Portuguese water dog owner! Roberto gave his dog the name “Cousteau,” after Jacques Cousteau, the late, great French oceanographer. I’m glad to report Cousteau is now five years old, and very healthy and happy.

My friend, prayer, dreams, out-of-body experiences and meditation are simply tools. They may or may not be useful in your journey toward remembering your Godself. You may choose to work with one, two or more, or none at all. Either way is fine. Offer a little willingness to remember, and let your heart be your guide. Yet, please do not be disheartened if you use one of these tools and do not obtain visible results immediately. Understand that the answer may not come in the manner you anticipate. Trust that a shift will take place. Trust that the answer will come, and allow it to emerge in the way it is offered. Know that every effort to remember your Godself is sincerely appreciated and celebrated by many more than you could ever know.

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