Invitation #4 – Experiencing Peace

Chapter 3: The Godself

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

The Godself video - is a great, inspiring video about embodying your true self, godself or higher self.

Inspiring video on
the Godself

If you honestly desire peace of mind and joy, vow to yourself to do nothing that does not bring you peace of mind and joy.

Yes, that’s it. This exercise, as simple as it seems, is the beginning of clarity, the beginning of understanding your Godself. What you might find difficult is the execution of this exercise. It might be difficult for you because this is something that, until now, you have refused to do. To do this exercise, simply recognize the choices you make that do not bring you peace of mind and joy. True self-love begins with the understanding of what does and does not bring you peace of mind and joy. Once you have made a commitment not to do anything that does not bring you peace of mind and joy, you will find peace of mind and joy in all that you do.

My friend, the Godself is within you now. It is that whisper within your heart that is asking to be remembered and expressed. It is the voice that calls for forgiveness when you have judged a brother or sister. It is the memory that recalls the possibility of healing when you feel hurt. It is the opportunity to choose calmness when you are stressed and unity when you have chosen separation. The Godself demonstrates that light is available even when you perceive it too dark to see. It is the invitation to love those others perceive as unlovable, to pray for those you once perceived as not worth your time. My friend, the Godself is the recollection that all you ever wish to be, you already are.

I chose to end this chapter with a passage from “A Course in Miracles.” It describes this memory we are in the process of recalling.

6 Listen, and try to think if you remember what we will speak of now.

Listen – perhaps you catch a hint of an ancient state not quite forgotten; dim, perhaps, and yet not all together unfamiliar, like a song whose name is long forgotten, and the circumstances in which you heard completely unremembered. Not the whole song has stayed with you, but just a little wisp of melody, attached not to a person or a place or anything particular. But you remember, from just this little part, how lovely was the song, how wonderful the setting where you heard it, and how you loved those who were there and listened with you.

The notes are nothing. Yet you have kept them with you, not for themselves, but as a soft reminder of what would make you weep if you remembered how dear it was to you. You could remember, yet you are afraid, believing you would lose the world you learned since then. And yet you know that nothing in the world you learned is half so dear as this. Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since.

6. Dr. Helen Schucman, Dr. William Thetford, A Course in Miracles, Copyright, 1975 (Foundation for Inner Peace).

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