So What Happens When We Die?

Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

Our birth is not our beginning and neither will our death be our end. As birth is a continuation of our soul’s journey, so too is death a continuation.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding our passing, we might choose to remain on the physical plain for a while. The more sudden the death and the less consciously prepared we are for it, the longer we will probably stick around. Once out of our bodies, we will experience a pulling sensation away from our physical body. We’ll feel more relaxed than afraid. The pulling sensation will give us the sensation of passing through a tunnel.

You probably have heard how in the moment before an accident, people have reported that they saw their lives pass in front of them, and that moment became so slow that it seemed to take forever. Mountain climbers who have fallen but survived have reported that they don’t remember experiencing the fall because while falling they had this “life review,” and felt peace. Most of those who have fallen never experienced the terror of falling. It would be safe to say that even those who fall and die probably do not experience the terror of falling and their last few seconds of life are actually very peaceful. Individuals who were victims of attempted murder, who technically die and were later revived, have reported this same effect. They talked about how, during the experience of being murdered, they saw a light and sensed peace and love surrounding them. In this light, they often saw and felt other individuals or spirits, and they felt supported by these souls. Except for the very beginning of the experience, they recalled no anxiety, suffering or pain. They, in fact, died and left the planet with extreme peace, love and with a sense of being supported. I have no problem saying that individuals who are murdered and pass on do not die alone. They do not die in pain, but in an atmosphere of great love and support around them. I also see no reason why this would not be the same for individuals who die in car or plane accidents. From all that I’ve seen, heard, read and experienced, no brother or sister ever dies alone. Many of their brothers and sisters welcome them home, and their return is celebrated with great joy.

During the process of dying, the soul feels a pulling sensation toward the light. Some souls choose to stay near their bodies until the funeral. However, souls really have little or no interest in their bodies once they are released. It feels as if they are looking at an old empty suitcase, they simply have no attachment to it. The main reason a soul chooses to hang around is to assist those left behind through the transition. A soul understands that it will see all those left behind soon enough. The soul will try to reach out to those in pain in order to comfort them. But this is where a problem occurs: those left behind are usually in grief, due in part to the false belief that they will never see their loved one again. Because of this grief, it is much harder for the soul to get through to these people. Sometimes, because of how these people are feeling, the only time the soul can comfort them is during sleep. In dreams, the soul will come to the individual and tell him or her that they are fine. If an individual is able to be calm, meditate or sit quietly, the soul will have a greater chance of consciously letting him or her know that they are fine and at peace.

I would like to add another writer’s view on the subject of death and dying. I have chosen some passages from Pat Rodegast’s “Emmanuel.” Pat channeled a spirit that referred to itself by the name of Emmanuel. I have met with Pat and Emmanuel and find them to be honest, wise and believable.

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In truth we never die. Our bodies die, certainly, but we are not our bodies but a conscious energy residing in and around our bodies. In 1975 I had a Near Death Experience and it was suggested I had died for a short time, it was indescribably beautiful, peaceful these words damn it with faint praise. It seems there is a connection with our attitude to life and others and what level or dimension our energies go to. If we are loving and compassionate we go to a wonderful level if not it seems it is not so nice. However, we can always choose to go to a better level by changing our attitude. Interesting huh!

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