Daily Inspiration: January 6. Turning Hopelessness Into Hope – Condensed Version

When we are buying into the ego’s false concepts as true, unconscious as it may be, we are choosing hopelessness over hope, darkness over light, and a fear based mindset over God’s Love. This choosing can manifest itself in numerous forms, such as those of choosing judgment over forgiveness, anger over peace, condemnation over compassion, sadness over joy, or worry over trust. Today, if we find ourselves entertaining the ego’s mindset, let us not put ourselves or others down for being in this state of unconsciousness. Instead, let this trigger in us, the desire to take our thinking, and thus minds, back from the ego. The more we get to practice making the conscious decision to turn away from ego’s mindset, the more in control we will feel over our own thoughts, and thus of over the life we live.

Today, if a sense of hopelessness comes knocking at your mind’s door, use it to trigger in you, the memory of the gift of free will. You no longer need to feed and fuel thoughts that do not lead you to the life you want. End your support for the thoughts that fuel the false concept of  hopelessness, place that same time, focus, energy and emotion, into thoughts of hope, and begin to watch your despair vanish before your light and understanding. You are your Creator’s creation, love in physical form. Do you not desire the most beautiful, fruitful and hope-filled life for your children? Do you not think that your Father is at least as generous and loving as you? Today, say yes to all of Love’s expressions, to who in truth you are and were created to be, to compassion, forgiveness, peace, hope,  joy and understanding.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”


Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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this made me realize just how precious life is that is given us to learn the way to go to be happy and whole. It is truly beautiful if you look at it in the right way as a teaching yourself and a learning experience applied to everyday life. I believe we are here learning these valuable lessons given to us by James who is commissioned by God to do so…as to be in everlasting life with the Creator, Life is a school and by choosing to learn these truths we choose in this life who we will serve and it is not the devil which is the ego.

Thank you Susan for your kind words and for being open to the message. We are here to be the light that our Creator created us to be. We are here to experience some of the darkness that others are experiencing, so that we can understand its illusionary nature, overcome the darkness, and become examples to other that the darkness can be overcome, because the darkness was never the truth in us. Today, let us not put ourselves or others down for buying into who we in truth are not, instead when we find ourselves lost in the darkness, let that signal to us, that it is not within the darkness that we belong. Let us then use such instances to practice recalling our light, that we are the sons and daughter of The Light, put all our time, focus and energy on thoughts the brighten the light in us, and once again begin to serve as examples to others that only God, The Light, Love, is true, and because we are in truth One with God, that we too are only light. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

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