Daily Inspiration: February 23. Scarcity vs. Abundance

The ego would insist you learn the lesson of scarcity, a mathematical formula that it uses, to try to replace an All-Loving God. Yet, today we remember, that there is a place within us, where God’s gifts are multiplied as they are given away. A place where you, your sister, and God are One. And so each and every kindness, no matter how small, that is offered by you, is received by not only that part of you that is your sister, but also is received by God. Everything real, that we give away, we forever get to keep, through its experience. It is this place, where our truth resides and transactions end. It is this place, our true foundation, where we are able to release the world’s restrictions and limits, and give as we have received. Ask yourself, why would the Perfect Loving Father of All, not desire His children to have All? All that is truly real, all the numerous expressions of Love, are ours to forever experience, share and keep. All you need to do is offer love to another, in whatever forms fit you best, such as through kindness, forgiveness, peace, and hope. Offer them to your brother and sister, when you do, do those feelings and experiences not forever remain within your heart, mind and soul? And so you see, there is nothing real that you can offer others, that does not multiply as it is given away, and yet at the same time, you get to forever keep. What is real in you is real in all, and only what is real in you, can you ever truly offer others. Anything you think you have, that is in any way opposite to Love and its expressions, is not real, only temporal within the ego’s fairy tale, that once we awaken, we will no longer have any use for. Scarcity, is that feeling you get when you have accumulated what the ego calls real, but is in truth unreal, and still feel empty inside. Abundance is that feeling you get when you know that only the love in you is true, and that the more you share and offer love to others, the more of it you will have and experience.

Let us today start practicing becoming more self-aware, by noticing how everything that we offer others, we get to experience ourselves. This is the abundance of God, where non of His children are ever left, without their needs met. All that we need do, to experience what we desire, is to through free will, align with His all-giving mindset and nature. What child on this planet could ever be left without love, if we as humans, together made a conscious decision that not one child would remained unloved? Where on this planet could poverty exist, if we as humans decided that we would share our generosity, knowledge, and hope with all? Where on this planet, could any scarcity exist, if we as humans decided that none should? Let us begin to grow up and mature, lead by example, stop blaming others or unseen forces, stand up to the ideas of scarcity on this planet, share with all others the love that we are, and end the ego’s fairy tale of scarcity on Earth. We are all One, when you are mired in the ego’s mindset, and are feeling scarcity of any kind, be it of joy, compassion, hope or even love, even if you think you don’t have them, try offering these energies to others, and you will begin to experience them yourself. Everything we think we need, we all have within us right now, simply awaiting for us to share. It is by sharing what we think we lack, that we will find ourselves no longer lacking. Everything that we offer others must first flow through us, thus everything we offer others touches, heals or poisons, a part of us. Offer kindness, joy, compassion and love, and feel these energies flowing through you, blessing and healing your heart, mind and soul. Offer judgment, anger, resentment and hate, and feel these energies pollute and poison your heart, mind and soul. Offer what you desire to experience, for knowingly or not, you always do.

Today, let us practice offering what we desire to experience. When we feel scarcity of any kind, it does not come from us lacking anything that is real. You cannot lack kindness, joy, compassion, and love, for those are all components and aspects of your eternal essence. But you can, by not focusing your time and energy on them, forget for a time, that they are within you. In essence it’s not “use it or lose it”, it is much more like “if you don’t use it, you may for a time forget that you have it.” All you need to be reminded that love and its expressions are, and have always been within you, is to make the conscious decision to use them, and to share them with your brothers and sisters. All others are here, to offer you countless opportunities, to offer them the truth within you. As you do so, you will reinforce your connection to your eternal essence. It is the actions that you reinforce within, that you will strengthen, and it is what you strengthen, that you will become. Offer all you have ever wanted, or think you lack, to others, and you will begin to experience the abundant life that you have been searching for. Today, when the ego’s lies about scarcity try to pollute your mind say to yourself: “I am the creation of the Father of All. God, Love, All created me in His image, and thus God, Love, All is within me right now. There is nothing real that I lack because my Creator is not lacking. There is nothing real that I could ever lack. When the false thought of lack or scarcity enters my awareness, I will now make the conscious decision to always offer what I think I lack. If I think I lack joy, then I will make a conscious commitment to offer joy to others. If I think I lack love, then I will make a conscious commitment to offer love to others. If I think I lack hope, then I will make a conscious commitment to become a beacon of hope for others. By doing so, I will be reminding myself, that You are my Creator, and that I am here to share Your Love, the truth in me, with this world.”

Today, let us become the physical representatives and symbols of abundance. Today, we allow ourselves to be guided to those who are, questioning their abundant nature. To those that think they lack peace, we now know that peace is what our Source is asking us to offer them. To those who think they lack joy, then our mission today is, by the way we interact with them, to remind them that the possibility for joy still exist. To those who are feeling unloved or that they lack love, let us remind them, that as Love’s creations, they are fully deserving of being loved, and then love them in any way that we can. And when it is we ourselves, who are in need of remembering our abundant nature, let us hold our heads up high, remember who our Creator is, and confidently and courageously offer others, what we think we lack. As we do so, the false idea of scarcity will begin to dissolve from our minds, and in its place, the abundance radiance of God will rise once again in us and fully shine.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (8)

This is wonderful and timely. I have gotten “my past life” out of storage, and am trying to go through it, and cull, give away, throw away or sell the parts that no longer serve this part of my life. I have struggled to understand why I find it hard to let go. I realised that much of the “stuff” has emotional attachment: memories etc. Plus reading todays blog I now realise that fear of being without/ scarcity is part of it. I know that when I pass things on that I feel relieved and happier, but I now have a meditation line to help me overcome the past program of thinking. Thank you. I find these meditations most helpful.

Thank you Pam for your comment. Continue to consciously and deliberately offer your memories, and those in your memories, forgiveness, peace and love, do so time after time after time, until forgiveness, peace and love are all you feel when you think of them. Peace. JBC

Hi I really like these daily inspirations, I was getting them every day but for some reason they stopped. Tried to subcribe again

Thank you Brenda for your kind words. Not sure why they wouldn’t arrive in your mailbox, maybe they ended up in the spam folder. Thank you for subscribing again. Peace. JBC

Very powerful, James. The very action of helping others opens up our consciousness and heals…a definite win-win! Understanding begins with finding patience and peace inside. Thanks for your message.

Thank you Jim for being open to the message and a part of our community. Peace. JBC

Such a poignant reminder of all that we truly are! Thank you James

Thank you Sherma for being open to the message and a part of our community. Peace. JBC

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