Daily Inspiration: January 21. Offering Forgiveness when Forgiveness Seems Too Hard to Do

If you are having problems forgiving yourself or another, if all you can feel are thoughts of judgment, resentment, anger, hatred or revenge, darkening your path, then know that it is not the truth in you, that is currently in control of your thinking. If you are not in control of your thinking, then you are not in control of your mind. If you are not in control of your mind, then you are not in control of your life. Today, let us practice taking back control of our life. We do so by taking back control of the thoughts that we are choosing to think, support and thus experience. Today, when such darken thoughts pop up, let us recall where they have taken us before, no where that we truly desire to be. Then let us stop that thought process right there on its tracks, and make the conscious decision that we will no longer support it with our time, focus and energy. Instead, let us use that time, focus and energy, to begin to fuel thoughts that will support and lead us to the life we want. Today, let us acknowledge that being all One, it will be what we offer others, that we ourselves will get to experience. We are all One, you are connected to God, your brother and sister are connected to God, thus you are connected to your brother and sister. Today, let us forgive self and others, so that we may experience peace. Every single time that we think of those we hold in contempt, let us practice forgiving them, so that we can finally be at peace. If this seems too hard for you to do, then invite the highest, wisest, self-actualized part of you, that part of you that is One with God, to lead the way. If you can still not forgive them, then invite Forgiveness, God Himself, to forgive them for you. Each and every time they come to mind, ask God to offer them peace, clarity, joy, hope and healing, and feel these energies flowing through you and throughout your day.

How much of our time, focus and energy, in this life, have we already sacrifice to the false idol of judgment? How much more pain and suffering must we endure, in order to realize that, because we are all One, and because we have free will, that we are doing this to ourselves? How many more sleepless nights and exhausting days, must we continue to carry the thoughts of judgment in our minds, chaining us to the past, and making us lose our freedom, peace of mind and joy. When will we finally choose to awaken from the nightmare that the ego has sold to us as being our reality? That day, once you decided that you have had enough, can be today. Free will, in every moment, allows us this opportunity, to begin anew. This is God’s gift to us, the opportunity in every moment, to begin anew. How blessed are we, that no matter how long we have unconsciously chosen to remain asleep to our true nature, that God’s mercy, forever offer us, in every moment, a gentler more loving way. Imagine, the infinite nature of God’s mercy, that no matter how long that we have turned our backs on Him, on Love, on forgiveness, that He always allows us the opportunity to begin anew. Today, when in doubt, let us not despair, instead let us recall the gift of free will, and make decisions that align us with our peaceful nature. Let us offer forgiveness, in order to align with The Divine in us. Is being align with The Divine not the most logical and rational place to be? This is the opportunity that is being presented to us today, to let go of our attachments to our past judgments and return to the eternal now, the present moment, where the Love of God forever resides. Today, let us refused the thoughts that in the past have only offered us suffering and pain, and consciously choose and align with the thoughts that offer us the peace and joy of God.

Today, let us take back control of our thinking, and by doing so, take back control of our lives. We already understand, that the best way to get good at something, is to practice it  over and over again. Today, every time that we get to practice taking back control of our thoughts, minds and lives, let us thank, not judge, the people who are helping us, through their interaction with us, do so. The more we practice forgiveness, because forgiveness is an expression of Love, and because Love is who we are, the easier, more natural and right, choosing forgiveness will become. Today, when our egos try to tell us that forgiving ourselves or others will be too hard to do, let us instead recall how much of a heavier and harder burden, judgment, resentment, anger, hatred and revenge, are to carry. Then let us call on our highest self to pray for their health, happiness, awakening, joy and peace of mind, everything that we ourselves would desire to feel, be embraced by and experience. Let us do this over, and over, and over again, until we start to realize the peace of mind and freedom from the past, that this effort brings. Today, let us decline all of the ego’s demands to hold onto our judgments, anger and hatred. Instead, let us invite the mercy and peace of God to enter, and now lead our hearts and minds. Today, let us be thankful to all those who the ego had programmed us to curse. For now we know, that the more we get to practice strengthening the muscles of mercy and forgiveness, the more comfortable we become with such efforts. The more comfortable we become with mercy and forgiveness, the more at One and worthy of, we will feel, in the presence of God. Consciously at One with our Source, we will be back in control of our own thinking, minds and lives.

Today, when the ego insist that forgiveness is too hard a task, let us recall what its opposite, judgment, anger, resentment, hatred and revenge, have to offer. Let us recall that we are all One, and so if we withhold forgiveness from another, we are withholding peace from ourselves. Let us recall, that as children of The Light, we are here to be the way showers. We are here to light the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see, too hard to forgive. Today, placing the ego’s insanity gently aside, let us  choose to be, who we were created to be. Today, when the ego once again insists that God’s children are not worthy of our mercy, let us challenge ourselves to take back control of our own thoughts, minds, and thus of our lives. Today, putting the ego’s demands aside, let us forgive, simply because this is a reflection and expression, of who in truth we are.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Thank you so much for your very inspiring words that have helped me face and conquer…

Thank you Gaynor for being open to the message and for being a reflection of the love that God created you to be. Peace. JBC

Thank you James for this most timely message. I appreciate what you do and am grateful for your Inspirational Messages. They have helped me tremendously in my life. Sending you much love my brother!

Thank you Doreen for being open to the message and for your kind words. When you are with another, remember, that this is not by chance, you are, through your example, there to help them recall their true nature, you are there to inspire them to become who they were created to be. Peace. JBC

Inspirational indeed, thank you.

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