Daily Inspiration: January 27. Our Truth Is Not Obtained, It Is Remembered.

Nothing that is given to one, is withheld from another. There are no levels of self-awareness, peace of mind and joy, that any great spiritual teacher or guru has obtained, that are not obtainable to us. In fact, our truth is not as much obtained, as it is realized and remembered. The Love that was gifted to us in our creation, is our true eternal essence, it is all we have ever been, are now, and will always be. As we practice consciously aligning with the energy and expressions of Love, the memory of our truth will begin to surface. Love has numerous expressions such as those of peace, joy, forgiveness, passion and compassion. The more we practice aligning with such energies and emotions, the more we see and feel how natural they are to us. Although Love’s expressions may differ in numerous ways, the truth in one of us, is the truth in all of us. When we act from a place of Love, our thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, will assist others in recalling what is also true in them. Each one of us, although all One, will be motivated by different combinations of expressions of Love, it will be the expression of these combinations, that will lead us to our purpose on this planet. Today, when you see and interact with another, first recall that God is entrusting you with His child. Use the opportunity to practice aligning with and offering the expressions of Love that the moment is calling for. Then thank your brother or sister for offering you the opportunity to practice and thus reinforce your true nature. Finally thank God, for entrusting His children to you. Today, journey within, and see, in each moment, which ways can you best represent the Love that you are. Bring these truths out into the world, so that others may begin to see themselves reflected in your words and actions.

God, Love, Truth, All, are One. Everything that is One is real, is who we forever are. Everything else that tries to place itself in opposition to All, is not real, and can only seem to be real to those who remain asleep within the ego’s dream. Those who believe in the ego’s fairy tales, its delusions and dreams, are never judged by those who have awaken and recalled their Oneness with God. Why would anyone at One with God judge you, when in truth you are a part of him, and him of you? The person who has awaken, who is consciously at One with God, knows that he would only be judging himself if he judges you. The person who is consciously at One with God loves you, because he loves himself, and because in truth he is only Love, so Love is all that he can in truth ever do, feel or be. If you are ever judged or feel judged, it is never by a person truth. It is not possible for his truth to judge you, for judgment is in opposition to Love which is All, and everything that is in opposition to All, he knows is not true or real. Truth which is All, is not interested in judgment, which placing itself in opposition to forgiveness, is nothing. Do not feel bad, sad, lonely or afraid, if you are being or feeling judged, because in truth, nothing is happening. No matter how much you have bought into the ego’s lies as true, not even the truth in you could ever judge you, because it itself is only Love. Thus judging yourself is in reality not possible. There is no more need to feel bad, sad, lonely, guilty or afraid, for all of them are not true, they are not real. Choose to awaken from the ego’s dream, and you will realize and recall, that what I say to you is true. You are, and forever will be, who God created. God only creates lovingly and perfectly, and thus this is who you are, perfect love currently in physical form.

Today, let us recall and become the Love that we were created to be. Let us listen, and allow the moment to tells us, what expressions of Love it is needing. Having individually co-created our journeys with God, the ways we express, like to express, and feel comfortable and natural expressing Love’s energies, will be individual to each one of us. Allow yourself to be led by Love. Judge yourself no longer. Simply be the light that you came here to be. Serve humanity in your own sacred, individual and unique way, and be proud of that. This world is incomplete without you. This world needs what you have come here to do. You serve this world by simply being the unique expression of love that God created you to be. You serve this world by aligning with, expressing and sharing, what you love to do, and what you are  passionate about. It does not matter what importance the ego gives to your passions. It  does not matter how important others perceive your passions to be. If it brightens your light, then it will help light the way for others. Through your example, by executing your passions, and doing what brings you peace and joy, others will become more open to following their own sacred journeys. We are all One, no one’s path is more sacred or important than anyone else’s path. The ego would insist otherwise, simply because the ego’s main goal is to separate you from others so that it can have you to itself. When you find yourself judging another’s path, know that this simply is a sign that the ego is thinking for you. Take back control of your mind. Recall that judgment is in opposition to your true nature, and then consciously choose to align with the Love that is your eternal essence.

Today, let us practice listening to the moment, and hearing what expression of Love it is calling out for. As we practice aligning with Love and its expressions, the ego’s fog will begin to lift, and who we in truth are will be revealed. Be who you came here to be, only you along with God know who that is. When in doubt, allow Love to lead you. Do so and your light will brighten, which will in turn help others begin to see and recall their true nature. This is how you can best serve this world. Remember, you are here on this planet right now, because you are needed here right now, plain and simple. If you were needed somewhere else, than somewhere else you would be. What God, through your creation has given you, is not, nor would it ever be, hidden from you. The Love that you are, and all that represents, is forever within and available to you now. All that your truth needs to reveal itself, is for you to focus on being the love that you are. Become who you came here to be, truly, there is nothing else you need ever do.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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My thoughts every time I read or hear your words, re-mind me of A Course in Miracles, as I have been an avid student of those Words of Jesus for 35 years. That happened when I was a “recovering Latter-day Saint” and I cried a baptismal river of tears when I first read the Text of those beautiful teachings. But your words are in much simpler, more direct and current terms for the average American-English reader, and always uplifting.

This one today meant much to me because I have a sister who is questioning Christians whose churches are leaning into Progressivism socially/politically…but that’s not me, because I am extremely ‘originalist’ when it comes to our nation’s founding, as is she. We being descendants of the Plymouth Plantation might have something to do with that. (She’s with one of the more ‘fundamentalist’ Presbyterian churches.) It saddens me to think that she, the most educated of my five siblings, has remained in the ‘box’ created by these churches and it’s a topic we just don’t really broach together.

I really appreciate your postings and share them with others at times.

Thank you Julia for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. “A Course in Miracles” is definitely a blessing to this planet. Thank you for your kinds words about how this message is offered and presented. Let us remember that each and every one of our journeys is a sacred co-creation with God, and thus no matter how much the ego tries to have us judge self and others, it is always perfect for those who are experiencing their own personal walk with God. We are the Love that God is, and thus when we are judging another one’s path, it is never the truth in us that is doing so. The truth in us being Love can only be loving, and being respectful of another one’s path, however different from ours it may be, is one of the many aspects of Love, of who we in truth forever are.

Today let us leave all our judgments of self and others in God’s hands, and by doing so experience the peace of mind, freedom and joy, that He has prepared for us, for all of us. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

How precious it is to find myself aligned through many different sources to the thoughts brought out in today’s reading!

I’ve been a student of “A Course in Miracles” for 30 years and recently began studying “The Way of Mastery” all which align with your messages. The vibration of Truth is so comforting and empowering! Thank you for never wavering..always grounding me through your words. Namaste

Thank you Shirley for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Yes, “A Course in Miracles” and “The Way of Mastery” are two of this planet’s jewels. It is an honor to be mentioned in the same paragraph with those two master pieces. May your light continue to brighten, so that those around you may begin to see and better understand, the loving truth in them. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

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