Daily Inspiration: March 31. Allowing the Eternal in You to Lead You

You are not the voice of dread that you think you hear in the dark shadows of the night. You are not the thoughts of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge, that keep you from unwinding into peaceful dreams. You are not a candle that burns out with the slightest breeze, nor a rose that withers away far before its time. You are, have been, and will always be, who God created. Your eternal essence is forever unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable. Your eternal essence can lead you nowhere else but Home. Your eternal essence can teach nothing else but the love that you are. Your eternal essence is the light that brings you clarity, peace and understanding. It is the Love that forever embraces you in Its wisdom, joy and strength. It is not hard to be who in truth you are. It is hard to try to be who you are not. Be who in truth you are, nothing more than this is ever asked of you to have what you want. All you want is to feel in union with God, Love, All. You can take steps towards recalling what you want, by offering those you come in contact with, all you think you desire. We are all One, and so what you offer them, you will get to experience yourself. What you offer others you forever get to keep through the memory of the experience. If what you offer others comes, in one form or another, from a place of love, then it is love that will embrace you and energize your journey. If you offer another, in any way, shape or form, the seeming opposite of Love, then that is a burden that you will carry. It is what you carry within, that either brings you peace of mind or poisons you. It is what you carry within, through the choices that you make, that create for you a Heaven or Hell on this planet.

Today, let us no longer support the thoughts, words, emotions and actions, that we no longer desire to carry or become. Judgment, anger, resentment and revenge, being in opposition to our loving nature, are not us. Only the Love in us is real and eternal. All else is but a fabrication within the ego’s fairy tale. The time for believing in fairy tales as true, is over. The time to believe in and support our truth, has come. The night has completed its journey, and the light is now here. Today, let us gladly awaken, embrace, experience, express and become examples of the light that we have been sent here to be. What else but honored could we feel knowing that God has chosen to awaken us in order to prepare the path for others. What else but joy could we feel as God’s children begin to awaken and choose to join us on our journey? Love is not new to this world, and many have come in His name to light the way for others. Today, it is we who choose to become a loving light filled lantern within the ego’s storm. We shine by being and sharing only the truth in us as true. We have come far on our journey to remembering who in truth we are. Do not despair if but for a moment in time within eternity you forget or have forgotten your true nature. Recall that God uses all for good, thus even your forgetting will be used to help you remember better. The Love that is the eternal in you does not ebb and flow like the ocean tides, but your conscious awareness and memory of who in truth you are may. Again, do not despair. Does the ocean despair at low tide? Does the sun despair as it begins to set? Does God despair because His son or daughter has chosen to take a little nap? Do not ever despair, for you are and will always be who God created you to be, and whatever else is not true, can never change the truth in you. 

Today, before we meet, communicate with, or focus on others, let us first return to our foundation, our eternal loving essence, the unchangeable in us. As we align with The Divine in us we say to ourselves: “I will, Thy will, be done.” If unsure what “Thy will,” which is also your highest will is, then say to yourself: “In this moment, what would Love have me think of, say and do?” Today, very simply, allow Love to lead you. Before every interaction remind yourself that Love has sent those that you will be encountering. They are here to help you practice recalling and thus reinforcing that you are here to represent God, Love on Earth. You are here to remind others that they too are forever worthy of being aligned with their Creator. Understanding that this is the opportunity that others are offering you, would gratitude not be the proper response to them? What else but hope, healing and growth, could come from such encounters? Allow this day to become the blessing that it is. Then extend this day to other days and then to more as you watch your life begin to become a reflection of love, joy, peace and understanding. Today, allow The Eternal to lead you. How easy it is to allow who in truth you have always been to lead the way? Today, allow Love and all of Its expressions to smooth and clear the ego’s obstacles from the road you are choosing to travel. That is all that we are being ask to do today, to allow The Eternal in us to lead us. Today, align with the eternal light within, do so that you may begin to light the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see.

Today, let us connect with the loving truth within, and allow The Truth in us to lead the way. Let us simply focus on and be, who we were created to be. Our truth, the Eternal in us, is the Love that created us. Today, let us also practice overlooking or forgiving everything else that seems to be in opposition to our truth, to our loving nature. The more we practice focusing on our truth instead of the ego’s lies, the more of our truth and its symbols will fill our experience. The more they fill our experience, the greater light we become. The greater our light, the more reliable our guidance will be. The more reliable our guidance, the more that those living in the darkness will look to us for a way out of it. Being all One, it is by being our light, that we will help guide others, to rediscovering the eternal truth in them.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (5)

Hello. Thank you. I express my deepest gratitude to you for reminding me of my true self. I think accepting your own truth is the most difficult thing ever lol. I have always been of the thought that one should be humble and submissive/shy. I never knew my own power. I truly love all. I selflessly pray for them. But i was awkward around people.
Last month, i wrote to you about how much of a difficult place i was in. And then a miracle happened. ‘I’, a shy ‘girl’ who thought she was an introvert, went out and made friends with people i ‘never’ met. It is like a miracle, god’s grace i would say. It’s like everything happened on its own.
And i found a place within me which was perfect and permanent. After crying for god’s love for like years, i realised that it was always available lol. God never left me. He is my essence, my own soul. It is the present moment where i am complete and i don’t have to strive anymore. I am perfect. I am god’s light, his love and his forever child. Everyone i meet is now sent by god and every moment is divine. I have felt grace. There is so much peace, so much lightness, so much joy, so much freedom. I don’t care anymore for who i was before. I am god’s love now and forever. Such a divine life. I am full of energy all the time. I need very less sleep. I feel alive now. I have no fear left. Why would eternal, indestructible being have fear? Every moment, deserves my gratitude. Life seems complete now.
But this conditioned mind won’t unlearn so easily. And i sometimes feel resistance. Sometimes when i am with ‘others’, i feel impersonal. Sometimes i am full of energy and sometimes i am just feeling the illusion without acting. I do exactly opposite of what the mind/ego tells and i feel fulfilled. Now i know that there are no mistakes, there are no wrong steps. I feel like i am in a dream/illusion and i am having fun. The true in me doesn’t need defences. I greet everyone without shying or thinking. Everyone is a friend now. And i even danced in a procession on holi which is very holy festival here in india.
I just want your blessings and your love so i can now retain this trust in god, so i can accept my true nature, my inheritance by loving others. Thank you brother. I love you very much.

Thank you Shivani for being a member of our community.

When in doubt about what to think, say or do, simply stop and remind yourself that you are Love’s creation and then invite Love to lead you. Ask yourself what would be the most loving thing to think, say and do right now, then do that. The more you practice allowing Love to lead you, the more powerful, certain and secure you will become.

Everyone, unconscious as they may be of it, is looking to align with their eternal loving nature, and so when you humbly allow Love to lead you, people will see in you something that also resides within them. This is because Love is who in truth we all are, brothers and sisters helping each other recall and thus share a light within the darkness, a ray of hope to those living in despair.

When in doubt, stop and recall that God, the Creator of the Universe is always just a thought away. God is forever with and within you, and when you consciously acknowledge this to yourself no one can remain unconscious around you. In them you will only see their loving nature and thus it will be only what their loving nature can offer you that you will accept, receive, hold dear and forever share.

Today, behold only the light in others and forgive or overlook everything else because everything else being in opposition to God, Love, All, is in truth nothing, not real nor true. Indeed, everyone God send your way is His child, and thus each child you meet is a symbol of God’s trust in you.

Today, if doubt arises, stop and gently remind yourself: “It is I who control my thoughts, my thoughts do not control me. I now consciously align my thoughts with only my loving nature and by doing so all thoughts of doubt will begin to dissolve and disappear back into the nothingness from which they came.”

Today, do not allow doubt to judge you, instead allow yourself to feel your feelings whatever that may be for the only feelings you ever heal are those you allow yourself to feel. When feeling separate from others, impersonal, stop and remind yourself: “These thoughts are not the truth in me. God has sent His child to me to help them heal and awaken, I now consciously choose to align with Love, and humbly ask Love to allow me to see them through His eyes.” Through Love’s eyes you will behold only what Love created like Himself and when you do so Oneness and union is all you will see.

You are indeed forever blessed and a blessing to this world. God in a moment in time thought and from this perfect loving thought you were created. You are, have forever been and will forever be the love that God created you to be. Today, very simply, gently, humbly and courageously be who the Divine create you to be. Do so and allow your loving light to clear the path of all those God sends your way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

thank you so much james. i love you very much. i am taking this world less seriously now. there was a time when i was offended very easily. i had these walls around me, these rules i had to follow to be worthy of god. i now know that god is forever with me, whatever i might do or not do. my life is completely changed. i have this courage which comes from my trust in god. i now accept my inheritance by seeing it in others. i’m really blessed. i realize it now. everyone god sends my way will be loved and given gratitude. that is my promise to you. i will remember this promise in every interaction. thank you jbc

Thank you so much for this very profound and inspiring message.

Thank you Jen for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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