Daily Inspiration: May 1. Being Grateful to the Signposts of Our Journey

Today, instead of judging and putting ourselves down for being judgmental or not loving, let us honor ourselves, by understanding that even our judgments, are integral parts of our own development, growth, healing, and awakening. Let us today look upon judgment, anger and resentment, as simply signposts on our journey home, back to the states of acceptance, love and peace. Judgment, anger and resentment, are simply signposts showing us, that we are heading in a direction that is supporting thoughts and emotions, that are not supporting us. Once we get, that there are some beliefs within our mind, that are not supporting us, we can then more quickly and confidently turn around, choose a more forgiving, loving and supportive path, and begin to heal and awaken to our true nature. Yet, this confidence does not just come from ‘out of the blue,’ it is earned, thanks to our life experience. Now, thanks to our life experience, when we see these signposts, we do not just unconsciously drive by them, now we know that when we see them, that we should pay attention to them. Anytime that you are not being loving or experiencing Love’s expressions such as those of kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, now you can tell, that in essence, you are lost. If we are lost, would we not be grateful to see a sign, off in the distance, that can maybe give of some clarity in regards to what direction we are headed in? Today, let us see any expression or experience that seems to be in opposition to Love, as a symbol or signpost from the universe, that is showing us that we are headed somewhere, that we do not truly desire to go. If we can start to see all such “negative” signs, as simply directional devices, then our need to judge ourselves or others for experiencing them, will diminish. When this occurs, gratitude will then begin to take the place of our past judgments, and peace will begin to take the place of our past pain.

If you were on a long journey, and someone shared with you, that you were actually headed in the wrong direction, would you not be grateful to them? Are they not actually, through their participation in your life experience, helping you get to where you truly desire to go? And so why do you punish yourself and them, instead of offering them gratitude for their assistance, participation in your life, and guidance? How much time, energy, worry, burden filled days and sleepless nights, are they saving you, by simply reminding you, that you’re headed in the wrong direction? How much less pain, suffering and judgment of self and others, will we do, when we finally learn to detect, and be grateful for, each and every one of these signposts? God is always, in His own way, leading us home, back to a place of perfect peace, love and joy. These signposts are just one of the many ways that He helps us better understand the illusionary nature of our beliefs, and by doing so, redirect our focus. The more we can, in a balance state of mind, calmly pay attention to and react to the signs when they are presented to us, the better teachers of these life signals we will become, and thus the less others who learn through our teaching and example, will need to suffer on their own journeys. We may not now understand how each step, each signpost, has helped us become who we are today, but the more we start becoming aware of the gifts that our life experience brings to us, the more at peace and appreciative, we will be of our past and to all those who were a part of it. Today, allow the state of gratitude, to signal to you, that you are looking at your past and those in it, through love, and with the understanding that they have assisted you in becoming a more self-aware being.

Today, let us not put down nor punish ourselves through self-judgment in regards to our so-called past errors, instead let us be grateful to our life experience, for giving us the wisdom to appreciate, understand and pay attention to, the signposts on our journey. Today, let us offer gratitude, not only for the ‘easy’ parts of our journey, but also for the ‘harder’ parts. Our life experience, will help us better define, and come to peace, with the more difficult parts of our journey. The quicker we are able to identify these bumpy parts of our path, the better we can prepare for them, choose to go around them, or turn in their opposite direction. Now we realize, that it is because of our past experience, that we can now achieve, a smoother and more comfortable ride. Today, let us be sure to thank, not judge, our past experience, and those who were a part of it. Peace, is the energetic expression and signal, of one who understands, that it is everything that they have gone through, that has made them who they are today. All the wisdom, knowledge, life experience, sense of peace, ability to forgive, and to be more in the moment, all this you have now, because of your past. No longer choose to travel the dead-end roads of judgment, instead think back to all you have learned, and to all that you can now teach others because of what you have learned, it will be through this mindset, that you will look to your past, with appreciation. If you can do this with your past, then you can do this with your present. You can achieve peace right now, by remembering that everything that you are now going through, is in reality serving, and will serve, a higher purpose. Know that your future self, will have great appreciation for your present self, for all that he or she is going through, to help you become a more self-aware being. With this understanding, today be a bit more gentle and understanding with yourself, and with those that are participating in your growth.

Today, let us practice seeing everything as helpful. When we are out of alignment with our true loving nature, and experiencing such emotions as frustration, anger and resentment, let us today not judge ourselves for this, instead let us simply see them as signposts, that are helping us realize, that we are headed in a direction, that is not leading us to our true Home. Love is our true Home, but let us today not judge ourselves or others for seeming to go in Love’s opposite direction. Remember, that God is Love and All, and so even when your ego tries to convince you to head away from Love, in reality you can’t, because God is All. God being Love uses all for good, thus He even uses our frustration, anger and resentment, to help us see, that where we are headed, we truly do not desire to go. For this, let us thank Him and all those who are helping us, through their participation in our life, better see the dead-end roads that we are taking. The quicker we are able to see these signposts when they first appear in our life, the less time we will have to spend going in a direction that is in opposition to our true nature. The less time we spend in opposition to our true nature, the more peace and joy we will get to experience along our way.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I love these daily messages and so grateful that you take the time to share what God has spoken to you. I’ve had to make a tough decision this week to leave a hostile work environment because the thought of spending another minute with my work partner was giving me so much stress and anxiety but the thought I’d resigning from this position brings me great peace & freedom. Although it worries me where my source of income will come from next – I know and trust that God will provide because I listed to the signposts. Thank you 😊

Thank you Donna for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. In any decision you make, consciously bring God in and ask Him, Love to lead the way. When you allow Love to lead the way, the result is peace of mind and joy, freedom from judgment of self and others, compassion, clarity and understanding. Love only desire for you what Love is. Love being Love forever has your back. When doubt tries to enter your mind’s gate, stop such thoughts by remembering Who has your back, place your trust fully in your Father, in the Creator of the Universe, and be at peace knowing that all will be alright. Peace. JBC

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