Daily Inspiration: September 2. Viewing Our Peers Through the Present Moment

We cannot judge our peers without our past. The genesis of all of the ego’s programming reside somewhere hidden beneath the dark shadows of the past. These false programs, that we have accepted about ourselves or others as true, can only reside within the past, for the true present moment is free from past judgments. It is within the eternal now, where the peace of God forever resides. To truly experience the present moment, to experience true peace, look upon your peers without dragging their or your past into the present, and make the conscious choice to place your imagined future, fully in God’s hands. The past is now forever gone, it is no more, yet only you can choose to retrieve, revive and relive it, by dragging it, into and onto, the present moment. When you do, the past acts like a wall that is placed between you and your true nature, blocking your view and understanding, of what is really going on. It is only when your view of the present moment is blocked, that you will fail to see what is really going on. When we don’t see what is really going on, you miss the gifts and opportunities for growth and healing, that God is forever, within the eternal now, presenting to us. Do you desire to be right or happy? Only those who demand to be right, have the need for judgment. Those that simply desire to be happy, forgive the past and place the future in God’s hands. By doing so, they become free to experience the present moment, as it truly is. How much longer do you desire to carry your past judgments with and within you? How much longer do you think you need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Carry your cross no longer. The cross, along with all that the ego’s world represents, has already been overcome. That battle has already been fought and won. The enemy has already been defeated. Trust this truth as true, place all those heavy burdens that you have been programmed by the ego to carry, confidently down, walk away from them and the mindset that supports them, and finally find true rest and peace.

The ego has programmed us to immediately judge our peers for what they look like, say or do. If you have bought into this way of thinking, your peace of mind and your sense of Oneness with All, diminishes with every superficial judgment you make of them. When you judge yourself or others, this act unconsciously produces guilt. The ego has you think in this manner because if it can convince you of your guilt, then it has a better chance to convince you that you can not be One with a perfect God. The ego unconsciously is trying to have you think: “Well, if I judge and can feel guilt, then how could I possibly be a part of a perfectly loving God?” The ego is also trying to have you think: “If I am not part of God, then maybe I am a part of the ego and the ego is a part of me.” The ego, in order to survive, needs you to think that it is on your side, and a part of you. The ego needs your judgments, because judgments fuel the ego’s mindset of separation. If the ego can make you feel separate from God and others, then you will feel like you need the ego to defend yourself against them. You defend yourself through the act of judgment, which in turn fuels the ego, making it a more important and bigger part of your life. The more you judge, the more at one you will feel with the ego. The more you choose forgiveness over judgment, the more you will unite with your All-Loving Source. You have already judged enough times to see how much this behavior truly chains you to the past. Are you not tired of having to carry the ego’s chains around with and within you day and night? Have you not tired of the endless battles, the back and forth and back and forth again? Are you not ready for a better, more gentle, forgiving, understanding and loving way?

Today, let us look away from the ego’s past programming and future imaginings, and instead focus on our peers’ eternal loving essence. If we only decided, within the present moment, to fully focus on our brothers and sisters’ eternal loving essence, what need would we ever again have to judge them and to experience guilt? This is what the eternal present moment offers us, the opportunity, through forgiveness to release the past, and through our trust in God, place the future fully in His hands. Today, let us start to prepare ourselves for this gentle and peace inducing way. Today, whenever you see, think of or meet any male, practice your first thought about him being: “This is God’s son, and my brother.” Whenever you see, think of or meet any female, practice your first thought being: “This is God’s daughter, and my sister.” Then throughout the interaction, stay focused on this truth. We are all One, the more you consciously place your focus on your brother’s and sister’s truth, the more you will reinforce and strengthen this truth within yourself, and thus the more at One and at peace you will feel in his or her presence. The more you practice doing this, the stronger your “spiritual vision,” and alignment with The One will be. Spiritual vision is the choice to consciously see, within the present moment, a person’s true loving eternal essence, their spirit/soul, instead of using the ego’s sight that specifically focuses on their temporal nature and actions of the physical body/shell. You and your peers are not your bodies. We are not our so-called past mistakes and programs or future worries that these bodies in a moment in time produced. We are the eternal loving creations of God, all One, all worthy of being seen, as who God created us to be.

Today, in order to see our peers as they truly are, let us let go of the past and future, and return to the eternal now, the present moment, where only the Love of God resides. We do this by replacing judgment with forgiveness, and worry with trust. Forgiving and dropping all our past judgments, and trusting and placing the future fully in God’s hands. Today, when we view our peers through the lens of peace, let that be a symbol to us, that we are in alignment with the now. When we lack peace, let that be a symbol to us, that we are either attached to the past or worried about the future. Peace is simply an aspect of Love Who Is God, and thus anytime that we are viewing others through any of Love’s numerous expression, let that be symbols to us, that we are in alignment with the present moment, seeing and experiencing all our brothers and sisters as they truly are, and were created to be. Let us also take note, that anytime we are viewing our peers with anything other than Love’s expressions, then we are stuck in the ego’s mindset, and viewing them through our past programming.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (10)

Thank you so much for all of your teachings that hold such wisdom and Divine insights. You are a beautiful reflection of God’s love. I love your book and have gone back to it many times throughout the years to help me find the love that is within. The reason the past and the future are so scary is because I am there all alone with my ego. God is only in this endless present moment. When I go to the past with my ego it tells me of regret, remorse, and resentments. If I go to the future with my ego it tells me of worries, fears, and anxieties. Through free will I prefer to stay in the present moment with God’s love, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, compassion, faith, and joy. I used to be very judgmental and it was no wonder I had a very low self-esteem. Because we are all One, what I give to others I’m really giving to myself. So all the judgments that I was giving to others I would give to myself which lowered my self-esteem. The ego is very cunning by telling me I could lift myself up and strengthen the false sense of self if I tore someone else down but it would not tell me of the price I had to pay. So through the precious gift of free will now I bring acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and love to others knowing that is what I am really giving to myself. I needed a way to remind myself that when I look on all of my brothers and sisters that I am really looking at God and myself. So I wrote a prayer that goes like this, God I come to me to find You so that I can see Us in all your creations Which reminds me what I do to others I do to myself. I cherish the teachings of being able to perceive all attacks whether coming from someone else or from myself on myself as a call for love. This makes me smile with gratitude for the opportunity to extend love and forgiveness knowing this is what I am giving to myself. I love you brother and thank you again for all the help you have brought me.

Thank you Wolf for your very kind words. I can read by your words that you have definitely chosen to remember who in truth you are. I’m honored to have been of some assistance on your journey. It makes me happy and hopeful to read your words. Shine brother shine. Peace. JBC

Thank you for the reply brother and your kind words and you are welcome. I look forward every morning to reading what you have to say in your daily inspirations. I can clearly hear the Creator speak through you and use you as an instrument and tool of His Divine Love. It makes my heart soar knowing that many other people are reading them too. I share them with all my friends. It is a beautiful way to start off my day and gives me something Very meaningful to focus on and apply throughout the day. Yes you have definitely assisted me and continue to assist me on my journey and I am forever grateful to you. Is there some way I can make a financial contribution to what you do? I look forward to getting your new book There is another way : Overcoming Real World Challenges. You are a beautiful messenger of God and the words you speak of reflect the peace that is available to all of us if we choose to remember. I will continue to pray for you and your loved ones. You are one of the brightest light workers I know. Truck loads of love, laughter, joy, happiness, and peace.

Thank you Wolf for being a member of our community and for sharing the message. Someday soon, I shall put a ‘donation link’ somewhere on this page. I am actually doing things a little differently from other writers in the sense that I’m writing my books online before they actually come out as paperbacks/ebooks/Audio books for sale. For example book 3 will be the 365 shorter versions of these daily lessons that I am now putting up on FaceBook, book 4 & 5 & maybe 6 will be these longer daily versions separated and extended, and both book 1 & 2 will also, both sooner or later, be fully available on this site to fully view for free, so we’ll see how that works out. Plus of course the 365 daily YouTube videos the come with these lessons that I’m still working on, and will probably be working on for another 2-3 years to properly complete/redo. So yes, donations will one day I hope help subsidize the free material, but I have to make it available for free because it does not feel right to just sell it through paperback/ebook/audio book, when we know that so many, especially outside of the USA, don’t have extra income to purchase them. My hope is that those that don’t have extra income right now and still get all of the materials for free, will someday have the income, remember this page, and donate. Peace. JBC

You’re welcome James it is an honor to be a part of this community. It does not surprise me that you have such a different attitude from other writers. Your generous giving nature to be of serviceis is a hallmark trait of an Ascended Master. Seeking to do good for goodness sake and giving the credit to the Creator is a sign of someone who truly understands the nature of things. Many continued blessings in all your endeavors. Thank you so dearly for being such an inspiration. You help us remember that the love, peace, and joy we seek has been inside of us the whole time. In the egos fairytale it has tricked us into believing that love, peace, and joy are things that are outside of us and somebody is withholding them from us. When the truth of the matter is those are the things we are made of and it would be just silly to look for something outside of ourselves that we are made of. Love, peace, and joy are our birthright and inheritance to experience. You help to remind us of these things in such a gentle, compassionate, and loving way. You are truly one of my heroes. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Blaze on brother happy trails and safe travels.

Wolf, it’s my honor. Peace. JBC

I feel my biggest and most repeated mistake is forgetting that when my peer questions me on a decision and I do what they want it always leads to a mistake. Find I’m kicking myself over & over again because I doubted myself and listened to him.
Feel that if I could only remember the past more often maybe I could avoid these mistakes.

How does learning from past mistakes, fit in with keeping in the present moment?

Thank you Judy for your comment. Imagine God using all for good, and thus what is really happening here is that your co-workers are helping you practice remembering that you should be trusting yourself and your instincts more. The more you practice seeing and noticing that your instincts were right in the first place, the more you will trust yourself, and thus this is the service others are providing you, helping you trust yourself more, and because you deep down know this, you are allowing it to happen. You will see that the more you practice trusting yourself more, the more you will begin to trust yourself. When you are in the present moment, you remember the everything, no matter what it looks like to the ego, is used by God for good, that there are no such things as mistakes, and that you have co-creeated your journey with God, and thus every single step of your journey is sacred, and will be used for your growth, healing and awakening. The understanding of this knowledge will bring you to the state of gratitude, and so when you are grateful for whatever is happening, know that you are in the present moment. Peace. JBC

I understand your explanation and so appreciate you answering my question. Will work on this matter as I believe it is a repeat lesson that I keep missing. Am excited about this new knowledge. Thank You James! <3

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