Daily Inspiration: January 25. Returning Home to the State of Peace

Come back, come back home, and return today to the state of peace. You cannot fail when you consciously choose to align with who in truth you are. Who in truth you are not, every one of the ego’s illusionary concepts, every judgment, thought of anger, revenge and fear, that chain you to its world, will begin to break, when in the present moment, you make the conscious choice to value forgiveness more than judgment, compassion more than condemnation, and peace more than pain. How blessed are we, that a simple choice can bring us from a Hell to a Heaven of our own making? How blessed are you, that it is you and no one else who gets to make this choice for yourself? How blessed are we, that the end of all our suffering, anguish, pain and regret, can begin today, in this moment, right now? How blessed are we, that thanks to free will, every single moment allows us to begin anew? All that God is we forever are, and there is nothing that in truth we can be, that God is not. God being Love, and peace being an expression of this Love, is who in truth we forever are. Peace is our true nature, and thus if you are not at peace, then you are simply somewhere that you do not belong. You call the ego’s foreign mindset yours, and then wonder why you feel lost, anxious and confused. You feed this foreign mindset instead of your own light, and still wonder why you feel dissolution and not fulfilled. You keep supporting thoughts that make you feel stressed out and worried, and then wonder why you are not at peace. No longer support, nor choose to live aligned with, the ego’s fear based mindset. You belong, now and forever, in the state of peace, and being an example to all others, that peace, in every moment is available to us, if through free will, we choose it. Yes, peace is always but a choice away, and that choice is yours and yours alone to make. Trust this truth to be true, start supporting and aligning with your peaceful nature, and serve as an example to others, of the truth within us all.

Today, bless the world, that you once had been programmed by the ego to blame, and you will begin to set yourself free from it. Every illusionary iron bar that once held you prisoner within your own mind, will begin to dissolve when you choose to free yourself, and others, from our so-called errors, ‘sins’, or mistakes. What use do we have to continue to carry the ego’s tools of judgment, anger, resentment and revenge around with us? Are we not tired of carrying the ego’s heavy burdens? What love, peace of mind or joy, have the ego’s tools ever offered us? Why continue to support a mindset that has in truth never supported us? When will we finally look deep into the mirror, and say to ourselves: “Enough is enough?” When will we finally decide to place the false grandiosity of our suffering aside, and remember that peace is always and forever, thanks to God’s mercy and grace, through free will, just a simple choice away? Do you truly desire and want to value peace more than your judgment, anger and pain? If so, then through forgiveness, make the conscious choice to let go of the delusions that are chaining you to the ego’s world. It is always, no less and no more than a choice, your choice, to forgive and find peace, or to not forgive and continue to fuel your judgment, anger and pain. Sure, the ego may have programmed you to believe that there are dozens of reasons why you shouldn’t forgive, why your judgments are justified, why God’s creations are not worthy of comfort and peace, but all of them being not true, are all but illusions that you no longer need to sacrifice your own peace of mind and joy to. Today, let us choose to consciously align with our loving nature and peace will result, or choose to align with the ego’s delusional judgment based mindset, and a lack of peace results, it is as simple as that.

Today, let us rejoice that we have become aware enough to consciously practice the choice for peace. The more we get to practice the choice for peace, the more worthy of it we will feel. The more worthy we feel of peace, the more of a natural and logical choice it will become. The more natural and logical the choice for peace becomes, the more others will find peace in our presence. The more comfortable and at peace others feel around us, the more they will desire to follow our example. The more others follow our example, the more peaceful this world will become. The more peaceful this world become, the easier it will be for all of us to choose peace. Today, when the ego once again strikes, demanding that we judge ourselves or others, we instead make the conscious choice to look past every temporal error, sin or mistake, that the ego insist they have committed, and instead focus on our brothers eternal loving essence, who God created them to be. No longer will the ego’s judgment be more real or valuable to us than our peace of mind. Today, let us look deep into our sisters’ and brothers’ eyes, see ourselves reflected in them, and allow this symbolism to remind us, that we are all equally worthy of God’s peace. Today, through forgiveness, we break the chains that hold us captive to a mindset that insists that God’s creations are more worthy of being judged than experiencing peace. Let us recall that peace, being an expression of our Father’s Loving inheritance, is something that we are all equally worthy of. We have been away from our true home, the state of peace, for a while now, but it is now time to return back to where in truth we forever belong. The journey has been long but without distance, from a place of forgetfulness to one of remembrance, from a place of judgment to one of forgiveness, from a place of pain to one of peace.

Today, let us practice, overlooking the ego’s need and addiction to judgment, and instead make the choice, to offer and become, a beacon of peace. Judgment of self and others is an addiction, for what else would you call something that on a daily basis you inject in your life and into the lives of others, that only seems to cause anger, suffering, resentment and pain? And still, although we understand the dark and lonely state of mind that the tools of the ego’s mindset produces, we still keep supporting it. What else but an addiction could that be? And so today, when the ego once again demands we judge and punish ourselves or others, let us, for a moment stop, and recall the pain and anguish that the ego’s so-called advise brings to our lives. Then, let us make the conscious decision, to override the ego’s demands, and offer forgiveness, compassion and understanding, to ourselves and others. Let us continue to react in this manner until forgiveness, compassion and understanding, become our constant companions on the road back to the state of peace.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Chantal Blanchard
    Chantal Blanchard01-25-2016

    Namaste and thank you for your beautiful inspirational quote…

    I “stumbled” on your website while searching the net. We wear the same Blanchard name, so I was curious and started to read today’s quote… “Come back, come back home, and return today to the state of peace. You cannot fail when you consciously choose to align with the truth within.”

    How PERFECT and timely! The mantra ” I AM IN ALIGNMENT TO TRUTH in all my perceptions ” has been dwelling in me these last few days and then I read your quote… Synchronicity at its best! I will soon purchase your book, needles to say. 🙂

    I am writing my own book, with similar intentions as yours – to journal and share my own Ascension process.

    Your story inspires me to the core, and I simply wanted to say thank you!

    🙂 Chantal L. Blanchard

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros01-25-2016

      Thank you Chantal for your kind words and for being a member of this community. Enjoy your writing journey and please do keep me updated as to when I can check out your book on Amazon. Peace. JBC

  2. jacqueline jordan
    jacqueline jordan01-27-2016

    this infomation was inspiring. Thank you,this will help me along my journey. Peace, light and love to you. Thank you so much.

  3. Doug

    Gratefully .
    And With Gratitude There !
    Thanks James . You do great . And Thanks To Everyone Else Too
    And Good Luck , good Fortune , Good Health

    Peace On Earth

    And Especially To God

    What A Wonderful Message for today on
    January 25 .

    I am super glad I got to read it .

    Forgiving often And Always
    When Necessary

    Self and others


    Peace is The Time and The Place


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