Having a Very Challenging Life

Topics Include:
  • Having a very challenging life.
  • Feeling as if God hates you.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

I have had a horrible life since I was born. I think I was born to suffer in every way possible. I think my mom didn’t want us kids. She was never around and rarely did we have a babysitter or food. When we did have babysitters they were ones who were drunks, who molested us and worse. I started taking care of three sisters and one brother by myself at age 7 until the welfare agency took us all away in 1970 when I was ten. I have two sisters and a brother, I have not seen for 35 years now. Somehow I ended back with my mother when I was 13, only to find out that she was pregnant and needed a babysitter again, not because she wanted me. But I still loved her no matter what. But I had to get away from her, so I married an alcoholic husband who beat me for six years. I finally left him because of the three beautiful girls we had. There’s a lot more, but long story short, my two oldest daughters inherited bipolar from their father. My mother was murdered in 1993 by her husband who did not go to jail. My oldest daughter went to prison in 2002 and is still there. My 25 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver 9-18-03 who never went to jail because he is a cop. God hates me. He really does and I don’t know why. I need help. I’ve had custody of three of my grandbabies since they were born and they’re bipolar. I love them so much. If anything happened to them I would die. Please tell me why God hates me? Thank you.

– Marla B.

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  1. Kimberly

    That was such an uplifting , enlightening and beautiful response to such tragic yet common issues many people live through each and everyday. Gods children living in such agony and the feeling of being trapped and alone. We can unite and defeat the troubled souls with the support of other troubled souls who will help guide and mend us through this temporary storm. – Mariah Carey “Through The Rain” – Marla, you are in my prayers

  2. Deborah

    How wonderful the way you reminded her at the beginning of every paragraph that she CHOSE all of the events that took place in her life. She may not be able to see that yet but hopefully in time….

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