Daily Inspiration: March 27. Merging into Oneness

Unconscious as it may appear, you have made a spiritual commitment to everyone you are now in contact with, and they have to you. You have chosen to work together, in order to help each other, let go of the ego’s false mindset of judgment, fear and separation, and merge into Oneness, where only Love and Light of God forever resides. Therefore, when interacting with others, do not see their true interests as apart from yours. You and they are One, thus just the honest expression and example of your true loving nature, will help begin to awaken them to theirs. What else but gratitude, would you have, for someone who is part of a process that is helping you recall, awaken to, and merge back into, Oneness? If everyone, is in one form or another, through their participation in your life, helping you to recall that you are in truth only love and light, and that everything else that is in opposition to that, is just a false idea that you have been programmed to believe as true, would you not be grateful to them? Equally so, would they not be grateful to you, for helping them recall, reinforce and strengthen, who in truth they are. This is the opportunity that is being gifted to us in every interaction, in every moment of every single day. In every moment, the opportunity to recall our true nature, by how we see and interact with others, is always there, forever just a choice away. When reality is seen as it truly is, we become a blessing to each other. Today, let us make the conscious choice, to look upon our brothers and sisters as the blessing that they truly are. Because we are all One, when you choose to see others as who they truly are, you will start to recall what a blessing you truly are to all of us. This is the opportunity that your brothers and sisters, in every interaction, offer you, the opportunity to see yourself as you were created to be. You are God’s physical reflection, expression and representative here on Earth, His Love and Light, His healing, peace, hope and happiness, and because we are all One, so to is everyone else.

There is an eternal truth, a boundless loving light within you, but you must allow it to shine outwards for you to truly see, experience, fully understand, and appreciate it. This loving light is a symbol of Oneness, of the sameness in us all. There are many expressions of this loving light such as those of joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness, hope and healing, thus anytime we are aligning with and expressing these energies, we are merging with Oneness, we are being who in truth we are. Today, let us offer gratitude, not judgment, to our sisters and brothers, for they, in their own ways, are assisting us in rediscovering our natural ability, to represent Oneness. The more you practice choosing to merge with your loving nature, because we are all One, the easier it will be for you to see this truth and light reflecting from all others. It is then that our lights will begin to shine brighter together than alone. As you continue to see and reflect this loving light, the joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness, hope and healing, that you represent, the differences between you and “others” will begin to fade away, grow dim and dissolve, and in their place a Oneness, new to you and yet somehow quite familiar, will once again take its proper place. Today, let us consciously become, the light that we came here to be. Let us become that shining example on the top of the hill, that those who have been praying to recall their truth, can see. Others will look to you, because you will be reminding them, of who deep down inside, they already know they are. All that many in this world are, through their actions asking for, is to recall who in truth they are. All that many in this world need. is you for to be that light of the end of their tunnel.

Today, let us recall, that everyone we meet, is asking us to help them see the light in them. Today, instead of focusing on the ego’s false concept of separation, let us represent that we are much more than our bodies, and focus instead on the sameness in our souls. The more we see others as ourselves, as who in truth we are, the more our circle of love, light and compassion, will grow, expand and include more and more people. Then, as we see how natural this feels, let us challenge ourselves to include all those that we interact with or that come to our minds. As we begin including those that we were once told by the ego to exclude, we will start to recognize, that indeed we are all One. What else but gratitude could we have for all those who are helping us expand our circle, recall who in truth we are, and thus escape from the ego’s fear based mindset. When strangers become our brothers and sisters, and foes become our friends, who else is left to fear? When we see others as ourselves, who is left to fight or defend against? What need would we again ever have for judgment, jealousy or anger, when we recall that as One, we are all a perfect reflection of our Creator? What need would we again ever have for resentment and revenge of any kind, when all we are looking upon, is our One Self? Let us today, make the conscious choice to merge once again into Oneness, to become our Creator’s representatives here on Earth. Imagine, how we could begin to transform this world, if we simply chose to awaken to, and become examples of, our true eternal essence. Today, let us become a reminder to others, that the state of Oneness, is our true reflection, is who we are and came here to be.

Today, the choice is between buying into the ego’s false concept of the separate self, or to see ourselves as One. One mindset tries to make you believe that you could be separate from God, Love, All, the other simply helps you become aware of the sameness in us all. It is always, the one we value most and think we are worthy of, that we will choose and thus experience. If you find yourself align with the ego instead of God, do not make yourself wrong for this, simply realize what you are doing, forgive your misperception, correct your thinking, and once again consciously unite with your loving Source. You align with God by choosing love over fear, compassion over condemnation, hope over hopelessness, and trust in the Divine over the ego’s worries and anxieties. As God’s creation, no matter which one of the ego’s dreams you may be participating in, your inheritance simply awaits for you to awaken. Today, when you choose Oneness, and any of its symbols, know that you have awaken, and when you don’t, simply take that as an opportunity, to choose once again.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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That was really good and I for sure will apply it all day, today and hopefully EVERY day. Thanks a lot.

Thank you Barbara for your comment and for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

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